Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Nine

At the local church, Alex sat down in a pew and looked up towards the cross. “Please Lord, please help me get back the life I had. I don’t want to be old like this.” She begged in her prayer. She wasn’t sure if her prayer would work or not but she had nowhere else to go.

That was when she heard a burst of laughter from behind her. Alex slowly turned around. It was Nick Goldsten. He was wearing his black fancy suit. “You can pray to him all you want kiddo. Your soul belongs to me.” Nick Goldsten told her before he stood up and walked over to her. “After all, you signed your name on the dotted line.” He took the contract out as he said that.

Alex shook her head. “You did this? But how?” She asked. She had to know how a man could do this to her and then somehow make everyone forget about him ever existing. It didn’t make any sense.

Nick Goldsten sat down next to her. “Because my name has my real name hidden in it.” He told her. “I’m not Nick Goldsten. I’m the devil.”

Alex shook her head. “Nick Goldsten isn’t a name of the devil.” She said. She had gone to church several times and she knew it wasn’t one. So how could Nick Goldsten be the devil?

Nick Goldsten wrote his name on the contract. Alex noticed though that he wrote it ‘Nick Galdstan’. “It’s amazing how a typo can work for me.” Nick Galdstan said. “No one thought that the ‘o’ was really an ‘a’.” He laughed and crossed out several letters until there was only ‘astan’. He then switched the first ‘a’ and the ‘s’.

Alex’s eyes widened. She had made a deal with the devil and didn’t realize it. No wonder he had told her to put her heart and soul into her song. He owned her songs and by having her do that, he took her soul for good.

Nick Galdstan, Satan, laughed and stood up again. “Enjoy whatever short life you have left and...see you in Hell.” With that, the devil walked out of the church.

Outside the church, Satan went up to a black car and was about to get into it when he saw Nate Funortu. Nate Funortu’s head was covered with slick black hair though this time. In his hand was a bald head covering. “It was nice doing business with you Doctor.” Satan told Nate Funortu before he got into his car and it drove off.

“It was nice to do business with you too.” Nate Funortu said before he walked away.

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