Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter One

Princess Cassandra woke up to see a boy standing over her. The boy was handsome and clearly looked like a prince. He was smiling down at her. “I have freed you from the sleeping curse Princess.” The boy was told her.

Princess Cassandra sat up and gazed at the boy. “My prince.” She said before she smiled. “You’ve come for me at last.” She leaned over and was about to kiss him but when the boy leaned over to kiss her, his mouth opened and all Princess Cassandra could hear was a loud and annoying beeping sound.

Cassandra woke up and sat up in her bed before she slapped the snooze button on her alarm clock. She then rubbed her eyes and groaned. Her dream was just getting good. The prince, played by David, the boy she was crushing on, was going to kiss her again and she wanted to enjoy it. She had thought about David a lot since she had first seen him on the first day of sixth grade. She knew though that she didn’t stand a chance with him though. David was popular, captain of the middle school football team and dating Eloise, the middle school cheerleading captain and the most popular girl.

Cassandra looked down at herself. She was the shy bookworm who loved reading books, especially fairy tales. She had been reading fairy tales for as long as she could remember. She had gone to the ball with Cinderella, cleaned the castle with Snow White, had been a mermaid and even fought the evil Snow Queen.

Her mousy curly brown hair looked like a mess, only to be expected since she had just woken up. Her left foot felt cold. She frowned and looked down. The slipper that was supposed to be on her left foot wasn’t there. She looked over the edge of her bed before she smiled. Her slipper was there. She picked it up and looked at it. “I don’t suppose a prince brought you here.” She told it, thinking of David.

“Talking to your footwear again?” Cassandra quickly turned to her bedroom door. Standing there was her older brother, geeky Romeo. He was already dressed in khaki pants and a button-up shirt. His glasses screamed nerd alert. Romeo shook his head. “It’s reasons like this that I’m relieved that I’m the normal child.” He told her.

Cassandra quickly put her slipper down. “Get out of my room Romeo!” She shouted. She knew that her older brother knew that she hated it when he came in without permission.

Romeo laughed. “Whatever you say Cindy.” He said. “Or were you Briar Rose in your dream.” He continued to laugh. “My prince. You’ve come for me at last.” Romeo laughed as he walked out of the room.

Cassandra blushed a bright red. She hadn’t realized that she had been talking out loud in her sleep. She laid back on her back and groaned. Maybe if she closed her eyes tight enough, she would wake up and Romeo taunting her would turn out to be just a bad dream. She opened her eyes when she heard her alarm clock go off again. So much for it just being a bad dream.

Cassandra turned her alarm clock off before getting out of bed. She went to the closet and looked at the different outfits that she could choose for the day. Cassandra was a girly girl so most of her outfits were dresses or had skirts. She liked being a girly-girl bookworm. Her room was bright pink. She had sheet-like curtains hanging from the ceiling around her bed. Her bookshelf had several fairy tales on it. It made her feel more like the princesses she would read about in her fairy tales. After having a dream about David though, Cassandra wanted to pick an outfit that would make David notice her at last.

Cassandra smiled as she picked out what she thought would be the perfect outfit. A blue simple skirt and a black and white long sleeve shirt. She put the outfit on, brushed her hair and looked at her reflection. “This worked for Briar Rose and she wasn’t even trying.” Cassandra said to her reflection. “So this should work for me.” She couldn’t help but notice that she looked like Sleeping Beauty. She just hoped that she didn’t fall asleep in class.

As Cassandra left her room, she heard her parents talking downstairs. “I’m worried about Cassandra.” That was her mother. “I thought she would grow out of the fairy tale obsession by now.” Cassandra frowned. She knew what her mother was talking about. Back at the beginning of the school year, her mother had wanted to take out all of the curtains and fairy tale stuff, claiming it was childish of Cassandra to have and that she needed to grow up.

“Dear, I know you are worried but we can’t force her to change as quickly as you want her to.” That was her dad. Cassandra smiled. Her father was more sympathetic to her. Cassandra knew that if she had to pick a parent she was more like, it would obviously be her father. She was a bookworm, just like him. He had three bookshelves full of books in the living room. “Just give Cassandra time. You know she is still a young girl.”

Cassandra entered the kitchen where her parents were. “Hi Dad! Hi Mom!” She cried excitedly as she put bread in the toaster.

Her parents looked at her. “How did you sleep Sweetie?” Cassandra’s dad asked her.

“I slept really well.” Cassandra replied.

“She was dreaming about a prince again.” Romeo said as he entered the kitchen. “Apparently her prince finally came for her.” Romeo opened the refrigerator door. “If he does come and take you away, it’ll be a miracle for me. Means I will finally have a normal home.”

Cassandra stuck her tongue out at her brother.

“Dreaming about boys?” Cassandra’s dad asked before he smiled. “So who caught your fancy?” He chuckled as he said that. He liked to playfully give his daughter a bad time and using old fashion language was one of his favorite methods.

“David.” Cassandra replied, sitting next to her dad at the table. “He goes to the same school as me.”

Cassandra’s mother raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t he dating Mrs. Filch’s daughter, Eloise?” She asked before she shook her head. “Cassandra, if you’re going to date someone, please make sure that they’re single. You wouldn’t want to cause trouble now, would you?”

Cassandra looked away. It stung how her mother seemed so heartless at times. “Of course I don’t want to cause trouble Mother.” She said before she took a few pancakes from the stack of pancakes on the breakfast table. She took a seat at the table and started eating.

Cassandra’s mother smiled like Cassandra’s answer pleased her. “Good.” She said. “Now I want you to get some real books from the library at school today. No fairy tales.”

Cassandra looked up at her mother in disbelief.

“What?” Cassandra’s mother asked in a very strict voice. “Do you think I want you growing up on silly children’s books? No, you need to read books that are appropriate for your age.”

Cassandra didn’t reply. She had a feeling that if she did, she would start crying at the table and that was the last thing she wanted. Instead, she finished eating her breakfast and left the room quickly.

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