Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Two

At Cassandra’s school, Cassandra was in the library looking at the different fairy tale books. She knew that her mother wouldn’t approve of her checking any of them out but Cassandra didn’t really care. She wanted to reread them. She took out A Collection Of Grimm Fairy Tales and Han’s Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina. Those were her two favorites from the school’s library. She had read them so many times in the past before but she still loved reading them.

She looked at the cover of Thumbelina. She felt a strong connection to Thumbelina. The little girl from the story and she were stuck in a place where neither of them really belonged. The only difference was, Thumbelina found her place whereas she didn’t yet. “I hope I find the place where I belong one day.” Cassandra said quietly to the cover of the book. She knew it was silly to talk to a book but she felt a strong connection to Thumbelina.

Cassandra heard someone laughing. She turned around and saw Eloise with her friends. “Look what we have here girls.” Eloise said. “Little Princess Cassandra reading her fairy tales.” Eloise’s friends laughed as Eloise said that. Without warning, Eloise took Cassandra’s books. “So what book were you just now talking to?” Eloise asked in a mean voice.

Eloise looked at the cover of the book. “Thumblina?” She laughed. “Does someone really think she’s Thumblina?” Eloise’s friends laughed. Cassandra looked down as she felt tears come to her eyes. “Awww, is the little princess going to cry now?” Eloise asked mockingly.

That was all it took. Cassandra took off running away from Eloise and her friends towards another part of the library where no one would be able to see her. She didn’t want anyone to see her cry. The last thing she needed was to be called a cry baby. Cassandra rushed to an empty table and sat down before she tried to calm herself down. As she counted to ten, she took deep breaths and wiped her tears away.

“Are you okay?” Cassandra looked up and her eyes widened. It was her crush, David. He had a worried look on his face and a few books in his one hand held against him. “Are you okay?” David asked again.

Cassandra forced a smile and stood up. “Yeah.” She lied. She was far from okay though. Part of it was because she was still upset, the other part was because the cutest boy in the entire school was talking to her and it was causing her heart to flutter.

David smiled a little. “You’re Cassandra, right?” He asked.

Cassandra couldn’t speak. David knew who she was? She wanted to pinch herself to make sure that she wasn’t asleep but she didn’t want to risk looking like a fool or waking up from the dream if it was one.

“I hope Eloise isn’t being too mean to you.” David continued. “I’ve told her to be nicer to other students here but she insists on being a queen.” He hoped that Cassandra understood what he was saying. Besides, there was something about Cassandra that drew him to her. It was like she was the exact opposite of Eloise but in a good way.

David then took two of the books from his stack and gave them to Cassandra. Cassandra noticed they were the library books she had wanted to check out before Eloise had taken them. She smiled a little. “Thanks.” She said softly.

David smiled. “You like fairy tales too?” He asked.

“Yeah. I know they’re childish but…” Cassandra stopped herself and looked at David. “You like fairy tales?” She asked. She couldn’t believe it. She had thought that David, the captain of the middle school football team, didn’t like fairy tales. That was a certain surprise.

David laughed a little. “Of course I do.” He replied. “I read them to my little sister all the time.” He looked at Cassandra’s two books. “Thumblina is my little sister’s favorite book too.” He added. “She loves to pretend to be a little fairy and run around the house and the frog pond in the back yard.”

Cassandra couldn’t believe that she was finally having a conversation with her crush. She had thought about doing that for so long. What was more, they both loved fairy tales. “I really love fairy tales.” Cassandra said. “I sometimes wish that life could be like one. That way, everyone gets a happy ending.”

David smiled. “I hope you get one.” He told her before his watch started beeping. He looked at his watch. “It’s Eloise.” He said. “She’ll keep calling if I don’t go back to her.” He looked at Cassandra. “I hope I can talk to you again.” He then left.

After school that day, Cassandra was walking home. Her thoughts were just on David. She still couldn’t believe that he had talked to her. She had pinched herself a few times after the conversation that they had had just to make sure that she hadn’t been dreaming. She had wanted to talk to him again but every time she saw him, Eloise had been right there, making it clear that David belonged to her.

Cassandra walked past the entrance to the park on her street before she stopped, turned and entered the park. She saw the giant fountain in the center of the park. She couldn’t help but smile as she went to it. She took out a penny before she closed her eyes. “Please make my life a fairy tale.” She whispered. “I really want a happy ending.” Her thoughts went to David as she spoke. She really wanted a happy ending with him. She tossed her penny into the fountain.

“I can make your wish come true.” Cassandra spun around before her eyes widened. It was a strange looking man. He had his black hair slicked back and had streaks of gray in it. He had a sly smile on his face. His fancy clothes looked like something out of Thumbelina or King Arthur. “I can make your life a fairy tale so you can get your happy ending.” The man told Cassandra in a velvety voice.

“Who are you?” Cassandra asked.

“My name is Unate Torfnu.” The man told her. Cassandra couldn’t help but notice it was a strange name. Then again, everything about the man was strange.

“How can you help me make my life a fairy tale?” Cassandra asked. She didn’t believe the strange man but she wanted to know how he could do it.

Unate Torfnu took out a small book and held it out towards Cassandra. “With this book.” He replied.

Cassandra frowned and took it before she opened it. To her surprise, the pages were blank. She flipped through the pages. All of them were blank. She looked back at Unate Torfnu. “I don’t understand.” She said. “How will a blank book make my life a fairy tale?”

“Keep the book on you at all times.” Unate Torfnu told Cassandra. “Just keep it with you at all times and I guarantee the book will make your life a fairy tale.”

Cassandra wasn’t sure if she believed Unate Torfnu but she wanted her life to be a fairy tale and if this was the way to do it, she would do it. “What do you want in return?” She asked.

Unate Torfnu smiled. “I’ll come around at a later date to pick up what you owe me.” He told her. The way he said it made Cassandra worried. The last thing she wanted to do was to explain to her parents why a strange-looking man wanted money from them for giving her a wish. “I don’t want any money. Just know I’ll come by to collect what you owe me when this is all over.”

Cassandra looked back at the blank book. “If this works, then I’ll take it.” She said, before she looked back at Unate Torfnu. To her surprise, the man was gone. She frowned and looked around. Where did the strange man go?

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