Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Three

Cassandra entered her family’s house. “Hello?” She called out. There was no response. “Romeo? Mom? Dad?” Cassandra called out. Still, there was no response. Cassandra decided that she must have been the first one home. She went to the kitchen table to see if there was a note. Her parents would always leave a note if they weren’t home by the time Romeo or she got home, which was usually every day but Cassandra didn’t mind. Her parents trusted her to get done with her homework before she did anything else.

Cassandra picked up the note. Her mom had left it. The note read that both her father and mother wouldn’t be home until six or seven and that Romeo was in charge. Well, Romeo wasn’t there so Cassandra figured she was in charge which was fine with her. Romeo never did really check in on her.

Cassandra went to the dinner table and set her bag down, taking her school books out before she sat down. She opened her history textbook. To her surprise, she saw what looked like medieval text and strange artwork depicting a knight slaying a dragon. She closed her book quickly. That was weird. She could have sworn that she had opened her history book, not a fairy tale book. She opened the book again to the same page. It was now showing text about the American Revolution and a picture of George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

Cassandra took her journal out and started writing the notes down that her history teacher had asked the class to write. If she had noticed though the book that Unate Torfnu had given her, she would have seen it glowing.

That evening, Cassandra was in her room looking at the blank book that Unate Torfnu had given her. She was still wondering how the blank book would make her life a fairy tale. It looked like a normal book to her. Maybe a little battered and worn but still normal. She opened it and looked at the pages. They were still blank. She shook her head. For all she knew, Unate Torfnu was just a crazy homeless guy who wanted to score some money. If anything, he would probably just show up a few days later, claim that she had stolen it and demand compensation for the theft.

Cassandra put the book down on her bedside table right next to her library books before she laid down and closed her eyes. She would just have to wait until the next day to look more into the book.

Cassandra entered the school. As she walked, she saw everyone around her kneel before her. She looked at one of the teachers. “What’s going on?” She asked the teacher.

The teacher looked at her. “They’re showing respect to their new queen.” The teacher replied before he smiled. “After all, you are the ruler of our school.”

Cassandra was about to ask the teacher what they were talking about when she saw David walk up to her. He was wearing the same royal clothes that he had worn when he had woken her up from the sleeping curse she had been placed under. He had a smile on his face. Cassandra felt her heart flutter as David took her hand and kissed it. “My queen.” He said.

Cassandra looked around. She finally had her fairy tale. As she and David walked down the aisle, she saw the entire student body kneeling to them. She even saw her older brother there. To her surprise, he had a staff in his hand and even had a beard. He must have been the royal adviser.

“Is this everything that you wanted my queen?” David asked.

Cassandra looked at him and nodded. “It really is.” She replied. She then leaned over and kissed him. “It’s the best thing ever to have happened to me.”

That was when it happened. The entire look of the school changed into something that looked like a grand hall of a castle. There were tapestries all over the walls and hanging from the ceiling. There were two thrones ahead of David and Cassandra. The teachers’ clothes turned into armor and all of the students’ clothes changed into what peasants and wealthy people would wear.

Cassandra looked down at herself. She was wearing a bright pink dress. She looked at David. He now had a crown on his head. “My dear.” He told Cassandra as he escorted her to her throne.

Cassandra was about to say something when she heard a loud banging noise. She closed her eyes tightly…

…and woke up in her bed, sitting upright after she woke up. Cassandra felt her heart beating quickly. She looked at her window as she heard the loud banging noise. It was a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm had woken her up from the best dream ever.

Cassandra laid back and thought about her dream. It had been an amazing dream. David had kissed her again and she had gotten the chance to kiss him as well. The thing was, the kiss had felt so real, it was almost as if the kiss had happened for real. But how was that possible? David had never kissed her before. She decided not to think about it too much though. Instead, she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

The blank book next to her glowed again, illuminating a shadow on the wall that seemed to be looking at Cassandra before it left, the sound of the door opening and closing could be heard in the process.

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