Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Four

The next day, as Cassandra walked to school, she couldn’t help but keep looking around her. It wasn’t her fault. She could swear she was hearing music around her. It wasn’t like normal music. What she was hearing reminded her of the minstrels she had seen in some of her childhood movies that had to do with fairy tales. The thing was, there was no sign of what was making the music. She was quite certain that it wasn’t coming from any of the cars but those were the only things she saw on the street.

She then heard what sounded like neighing. She looked over her shoulder and her eyes widened. There was a man in shiny armor on a horse that was galloping right towards her, his one hand held out towards her as if he intended to grab her. Cassandra stumbled back, falling over her feet in the process and hitting the ground. As her head hit the sidewalk, she lost consciousness.

“Oh good, she’s waking up.”

Cassandra groaned as she woke up. “I just had the weirdest dream.” She said as she rubbed her head. She wondered what she had hit her head on. Was the pain she had felt in her dream so painful that she could actually feel it? “I was on my way to school when some dude and his horse nearly ran me over.”

“That will teach you for trying to sneak off into the village your highness.” The voice said. Cassandra opened her eyes in alarm and looked at who the speaker was. To her surprise, it was her brother. Romeo though was strangely dressed. He looked exactly the way he did in her dream about being in a castle with David. Romeo shook his head. “What have I told you about sneaking out to the village Princess?” He asked her.

Cassandra sat up. “Why are you calling me Princess?” She asked. “Is this some sort of twisted way to make fun of me Romeo?” Her brother was being mean if it was. Sure Cassandra didn’t know how Romeo had set this all up but she knew it was an all new low for him.

Romeo raised an eyebrow. “What else would I call you Princess?” He asked. “You are the princess of this kingdom.” He gestured to the woman who was standing by them. “She is your servant, the one we call when you get hurt.” He continued.

Cassandra looked at the woman. It was one of her teachers but the teacher looked worn and older. This was becoming too much for Cassandra. She jumped off of the bed and looked at them. “What is going on here?” She demanded. “I am not this princess that you think I am. My name is Cassandra. You are my brother Romeo and this woman is one of my teachers at school.” Cassandra backed away from the two. “What is going on here?” She cried before she ran out of the room.

Cassandra looked around as she ran through the stone corridor. There were men in metal suits and people wearing old worn-out-looking clothes. The people in the worn-out clothes stumbled to the sides of the corridor as Cassandra ran but Cassandra didn’t care. She had to get out of there. She needed to get back to her home and her real life.

Cassandra reached a large wooden door. She pushed it open and ran out right into a courtyard. There were high stone walls all around the courtyard and there were several men in metal suits at the only way out of the courtyard. Cassandra looked around. “Where am I?” She cried out, silencing the entire courtyard.

“You’re at the castle where you are safe Your Highness.” Romeo told her as he caught up to her. “One of your knights had to go after you after you had run off towards the village.” He nodded to the men by the exit. They closed the only exit with two large wooden doors. “This is to keep you safe until your prince comes back for you and our people.”

Cassandra frowned. “What prince are you talking about?” She asked. Was her brother really telling her that she was betrothed or something? There was no way she was okay with that.

“Prince David, your True Love.” Romeo replied.

Cassandra’s ears perked up when she heard that. David was her prince and True Love in this strange place? Maybe this place wouldn’t be too bad after all. After all, she could wake up with a simple pinch if she needed one. Not like there was much for her back in her real life. No one understood her love for fairy tales and here, Romeo was her, sorcerer or advisor. She wasn’t sure which one yet.

She looked down at herself. She was wearing a bright red dress. The bottom of it was dirty. She looked at Romeo. “I need to change my dress to something more appropriate.” She told Romeo. “This one has dirty on it.” She then walked off without another word.

As soon as Cassandra was by herself, she pinched herself. She felt the pain but she didn’t wake up. Strange. That would usually work. She tried it again but she didn’t wake up. So much for being able to wake up whenever she wanted. She wondered how she ended up there if it wasn’t a dream. Something was off. She thought of the book that the strange man had given her. Her eyes widened. Where was it? She hoped that whoever had brought her there had remembered the book.

Cassandra ran to the room she had woken in. The room was now empty. That was good. It meant less chance of being interrupted while she looked for the one thing that might be able to help her understand what was going on. Cassandra went to the bed and started removing the sheets. She had to find the book. To her dismay, the book wasn’t anywhere on the bed. She went to the small case by the bed and looked through each shelf. There was still no sign of the book.

Cassandra sat on the bed. She had no idea what had happened to the book or who had it now. She decided not to let it worry her right away. She would be able to find it with David’s help.

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