Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Six

Cassandra went to the library in the castle. The Keeper of Stories had told her that he was making sure that her story stayed on track and that the blank book was the key to her escaping this place. It was the best place she could think of to hide a book. Her eyes widened when she saw all of the books though in the library. The bookshelves went all the way up to the ceiling and there were rows of books on each one. The tables between some of the shelves had books on them as well.

Cassandra went farther into the library. Her heart sank as she saw more and more books. How was she going to find the blank book with all of these? She saw from several of the titles that quite a few of the books were fairy tales. No doubt the Keeper of Stories had made it that way to try to distract her if she ever tried to find the blank book there. Cassandra shook her head. She couldn’t let herself get distracted by the fairy tales. She was living one and she wanted out of it.

Cassandra went around a corner and stopped. There was a long hallway with two long shelves of books on each side. Cassandra couldn’t see the other end of the hallway. She didn’t know why but part of her wondered if she was on the right track to getting out of there. If the Keeper of Stories wanted to keep her from the book, what better way than making it be at the other end of a very long hallway.

As Cassandra started walking down the hallway, she heard people behind her start to talk. It sounded like whoever they were, they didn’t want her going that way. That just made Cassandra even more determined to go down that way. She still couldn’t see the end of the hallway as she walked but the noise behind her got louder. Cassandra started running. Just as she suspected, the noise got really loud. Whoever was behind her was running as well.

Cassandra smiled when she saw the end of the hallway. There was an old wooden door ahead of her. It looked like no one had opened it for a very long time. She reached the door and tried to open it. To her horror, it wouldn’t open. She started panicking as she tried to shake the door loose. It still wouldn’t open. She could hear whatever was behind her get even closer. Cassandra, freaking out by now, pushed really hard against the door, forcing it open. She fell through the door…

…and landed on a wooden floor. Cassandra groaned as she got up. She then looked behind her. The door wasn’t there anymore. That was good. Now she could find the book.

“Well, well, well.” A female voice said before the sound of crackling could be heard. Cassandra spun around and her eyes widened. Eloise was standing by a fireplace. There was a giant black pot over the fireplace and there was a fire burning brightly under it. Eloise looked horrible. She had warts all over her face. Her hair was a tangled-up mess. Her dress had patches on it. There was a broomstick near the fireplace.

Cassandra realized what was happening. She had ended up in a witch’s house and Eloise was the witch, which somehow seemed appropriate. After all, Eloise had always acted like one around her. Cassandra had a feeling she knew what kind of witch Eloise was. She would most likely pull a Hansel and Gretel and try to cook her before eating her. Cassandra wasn’t planning on letting Eloise do that. She would just have to outwit her.

Eloise smiled, revealing several bad teeth in the process. “You’re just in time for dinner.” Eloise told Cassandra before she licked her lips. “You are perfect for supper.”

Cassandra took a step back. “Sorry but I don’t think so.” She said. She took another step back. “I’m not really hungry and I can’t stay for supper.” Cassandra turned and started running. She smiled when she saw a door ahead of her. Maybe now she would be able to find the blank book. She reached the door and pushed it open before going through…

…only to fall on a carpet. “There you are Dear.” Cassandra looked up. To her surprise, her mother was there. She was wearing a crimson red dress and looked younger despite having the same face. “What have I told you about hiding?” Her mother asked. “There’s no place you can hide from me here in this tower.”

Cassandra stood up and went to a window. To her shock, the ground was very far below her. She realized what fairy tale she had walked into this time. Her mother was supposed to be the witch from Rapunzel. She realized that it was very appropriate. After all, her mother was very controlling in the other world.

Cassandra turned to her mother. “Where’s Dad?” She asked. Surely her father would be able to help her escape this strange place. Most fairy tale princesses had some sort of helpful friend. She hoped that her dad was the helpful one. She just had to find him in this place.

Cassandra’s mother laughed. “What do you mean ‘Dad’?” She asked. “Dear, it’s just been you and me all this time in this tower. That’s the way it will always be.”

Cassandra took a step back from her mother. “I need to get out of here.” She said. “I have to find Dad if I want to escape this strange world.”

Cassandra’s mother raised an eyebrow. “What are you talking about?” She asked. “This is the only life you and I have ever known. Just the two of us forever and ever.”

Cassandra shook her head. “Sorry Mom. I love you but I can’t be here.” She told her mother before she turned to the window. This had to be the door for her to escape through. She jumped through the window…

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