Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Seven

…and landed on a hard stone floor. “There you are Cassandra.” Cassandra looked up. She smiled when she saw her father. He was sitting on an armchair. He had a smile on his face. “I was wondering when you were going to show up.” He continued.

Cassandra stood up before she went to her father. “You were expecting me?” She asked in a hesitant voice. She wondered if her father was under the same illusion that the rest of her family.

Her father nodded. “Of course.” He replied. “I’ve been here waiting for you for quite a while. I wasn’t sure if you were going to come here at all. I figured you would be very happy with being with David here.”

Cassandra shook her head. “It’s terrible.” She told her dad. “David is acting like such a guy. He thinks that I’m being silly for looking for a certain book and just thinks I’m a pretty face.” She sat down by her dad. “I was blinded by my crush on him.”

“David isn’t entirely himself.” Cassandra’s dad told him, causing Cassandra to look up at him. “David, everyone for that fact, is acting the way he is just because of the wish you had made.” Cassandra wondered how her dad knew about her wish but she decided to keep quiet so her dad could explain what was going on. “The wish you made for life to be like a fairy tale has turned nearly everyone into a fairy tale character and to act the proper way they would have acted during the time setting of this fairy tale.” Cassandra thought about what her dad was saying. “So if I somehow undid my wish, everyone would return to normal?” She asked. Part of her didn’t want to leave this life. Sure David was acting like a boy but they were together and didn’t have to worry about Eloise getting in the way. Heck, Eloise was just a little old witch and she was a princess. At the same time though, Cassandra wanted the David that she was crushing on to be the way he was when she was crushing on him.

“How do I undo my wish?” Cassandra asked her father. “How do I return everything to the way it once was?”

Cassandra’s father leaned towards her. “Find the blank book you were given.” He told her. “Write in it and the story shall be undone.” As he spoke, everything around them began to shake. Her father looked around them. “We don’t have much time. The Keeper of Stories knows what we’re doing and he’s on his way to stop you.”

Cassandra stood up. “Where is the book though?” She asked. “How can I undo all of this if I can’t find the book?” All of this depended on finding the book.

“Think hard about where you would want the book to be if you wanted to keep it a secret from those searching for it.” Cassandra’s dad told her. “Go to that spot and you’ll find the book.” It became dark in the room. “Hurry Cassandra. Find the book, write in it and all of this shall be undone.”

Cassandra closed her eyes and focused on where she would hide the book. That was when she realized her mistake. She wouldn’t want to hide the book but the Keeper of Stories would want to hide the book from her. Where would he hide it though? What place would be perfect to hide it? Cassandra thought about all the places she had gone to. Each place was connected to her. That was when she realized where the book was. It was the last place she had thought it would be. She closed her eyes and held her hands out in front of her. She smiled as she felt something appear in her hands. She opened her eyes and looked down at her hands. Sure enough, the book was there.

She looked at her father as the room began to shake. “I had it all along. The Keeper of Stories hid it with me but it was invisible the entire time.” The wind began to howl. It sounded like a man screaming angrily. Cassandra opened the book. Her eyes widened as she saw that there were now pictures and writing in it. She flipped through the pages. It was of her life in the medieval fairy tale. She flipped to the first blank page she could. “I need something to write with!” She cried.

Her father handed her a quill. Cassandra saw someone coming towards her. She started to write quickly. “Cassandra, determined not to be blinded by the Keeper of Stories, undid her wish. She wished to be back with her family in the life she had always known.” Cassandra said as she wrote it down. There was another angry scream as she closed the book.

Cassandra looked at her father. “I love you Dad.” She told her as she smiled. “See you in the real world soon.” She then vanished…

…and woke up before she sat up. “She’s awake.” Cassandra looked around her. Her older brother, her dad, her mom and, to her surprise, David were around her. That was when she saw that she was in a hospital room.

“What happened to me?” Cassandra asked. “I had such a strange dream.” She shook her head as she thought about the dream. It was strange but she found that she had a hard time remembering what it had even been about.

“You were nearly hit by a speeding car.” Her mother replied. It was quite clear her mother had been crying “You hit your head though when you backed into a wall before hitting the ground.”

“None of the doctors were sure when you would wake up from the coma.” Romeo explained. “You’ve been out for nearly three days.”

Cassandra looked at David. “Your older brother called me to tell me what was going on.” David told her before he took his hand. “I came here to show my support.”

Cassandra smiled. “Thank you.” She replied. She had her David back. That was when she remembered the book that Unate Tornfu had given her. “Where is the book I had with me?” She asked. “I had a book with me when I had my accident.” She had to check it to see if it was blank or not.

“I’m sorry but the doctors who brought you here didn’t bring a book with them.” Cassandra’s mother told her.

Cassandra shook her head. She had to find the book. She needed to return it to Unate Tornfu. She didn’t want it any longer. Whatever it was that Unate Tornfu had hoped to have from her, he would just have to accept the book.

“There’s our patient.” A male voice said. Cassandra looked towards the new speaker. He was wearing a doctor’s uniform. His name tag read: Dr. K. Stories. Cassandra looked at the doctor’s face and her eyes widened with fright. It was the Keeper of Stories. He had a sinister smile on his face. “For a minute there, I thought we had lost you.” He told her.

Prince David looked at his sleeping princess. The girl looked so peaceful in her sleep. He couldn’t believe that he had lost Princess Cassandra again. He looked at Romeo. “Is there anyway to wake her up again?” He asked.

Romeo shook his head. “She chose to live her life in the other world.” He replied. “There’s nothing we can do about it now. She might very well be stuck in that other reality until she decides to return to us.”

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