Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter One

Danny looked up at the hotel as he got out of the car. “Dad, are you sure that this is the right place?” He asked. Sure it was very tall and looked big but there was no way that this was the right place. It looked so old and a bit creepy. The hotel had a giant center with two wings that went in opposite directions. There were two large stone statues by the entrance. Danny didn’t like the way they seemed to be staring at him.

Danny’s dad looked at the hotel sign. “The Grimoir Hotel.” He said. “Yep. This is the right place.” Danny’s dad looked at the hotel. “They had the best prices despite being one of the closest hotels to the ocean.”

Danny’s mom looked at the hotel. “It looks beautiful John.” She said. “So old fashion with the architect.” She couldn’t help but smile as she looked at Danny. “I bet the view of the ocean from their hotel rooms are amazing.” She added.

Danny looked at the Grimoire Hotel. He still wasn’t convinced that this was the best hotel to stay at. He could see the Western Inn and even a Holiday Inn across the road. Why couldn’t they stay at a normal looking hotel like one of them? He was willing to bet that the Grimoire Hotel didn’t have Wi-Fi or even a swimming pool. He would be surprised if there was even a television in their room.

“Come on Danny.” Danny looked to see that his parents were walking into the Grimoire Hotel. “Let’s go check in before we bring our stuff in.” Danny’s dad was saying. Danny sighed and followed his parents into the building.

Danny’s eyes widened as he entered the Grimoire Hotel. The outside looked old fashion but the inside looked like it belonged to a whole different time. There was a giant chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling, lighting the room and casting shadows at the same time. The center of the floor had a large round red carpet. There was a small wooden table on it with a couch right next to it.

Danny noticed that there were more statues in the main room. It looked like they were from different eras in time and ranged from child to adult. All of the statues looked creepy to him. Maybe it was because some of them looked angry and others looked sad.

There was a large fireplace in the one wall but it didn’t have a fire in it. Across from the fireplace was a counter. A hotel concierge was standing behind the counter.

Danny’s dad smiled and went up to the counter. “The Jones Family has arrived.” He told the concierge.

The concierge simply looked at Danny’s dad before he looked down at a large book. “Here we are.” The concierge said in what sounded like a lifeless voice. “The Jones Family.” The concierge looked back up at Danny’s dad. “You are in room F-Thirteen.” He continued before he lifted a key. Danny couldn’t believe it. The key looked really old and the handle was in the shape of a skull. He looked at his dad and wondered if his dad would take the key or just cancel their stay.

Danny’s dad smiled and took the key. “Thank you.” He said before he turned to his family. “Okay everyone, let’s go see our room.” He led his family to their room. “F-thirteen.” He unlocked the door and they went into the room.

Danny looked around. The room wasn’t that big. There were two beds, two dressers, old-looking lamps on a wooden table between the beds and what looked like black and white photos on the wooden table. He went up to the pictures and looked at them. They were black and white and they were pictures of a couple with two kids. The family looked sad in the pictures and the one kid looked like he was terrified. There was something familiar about the family but Danny just couldn’t figure it out.

Danny looked at his dad. “How did you find this place again?” He asked.

Danny’s dad looked at him. “My boss from work recommended this place.” He replied. “You remember Mr. Fortunu, don’t you?”

Danny nodded. He remembered his dad’s boss. Aten Fortunu was one of the strangest names he had ever heard of. He had wondered how the man had ended up with that name but he had never asked. He didn’t want to risk his dad losing his job. “Did he stay here at all?” Danny asked instead.

Danny’s dad nodded. “He had stayed here a few years back apparently.” He replied. Danny’s dad then looked at his wife. “Danny and I will go get the luggage.” He told her. “Can you go ask the concierge which door leads to the ocean?”

Danny’s mom nodded. “Of course I can.” She replied. The three of them left their hotel room.

As they were walking, Danny couldn’t help but get the feeling like someone was watching them. He turned around. To his surprise, twin girls were walking behind them. They were both wearing dresses and looked somewhat creepy. Probably because they were staring at him with either a dead look or a hungry look on their faces.

“Hi.” Danny said and he waved a little at them. The twin girls didn’t wave back. They just kept staring at him. Danny quickly looked away. Maybe if he ignored them they would walk off or go into another room. He couldn’t shake the feeling though that they were still watching him. His parents and he reached the door to the lobby. As they went through, Danny looked over his shoulders. The twins were just standing in the middle of the hallway but they were still staring at him. Now though they had a creepy little smile on their faces like they knew something he didn’t. Danny quickly went through the door.

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