Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Two

Danny looked around the lobby as his dad and he went to the entrance of the hotel. He couldn’t help but notice that, besides the concierge and the creepy twins, there was no one else there. “I wonder where everyone else is.” He said. He figured that with the hotel being right next to the ocean, that there would be more families there.

His dad looked around as well. “Probably in their rooms or at the ocean.” He replied before he smiled. “With how nice it is today, I bet everyone is already down at the ocean.” He added.

Danny wasn’t sure if that’s where everyone else was but he wasn’t about to say that out loud. The last thing he wanted was for his dad to think he was scared. Besides, there was no way that Mr. Fortunu would try to hurt them or send them to a bad place.

As the two left the Grimoire Hotel, Danny looked over his shoulder through the entrance to the lobby. He didn’t see the twins there but he did see what looked like a creepy janitor pushing a large broom around. Danny frowned. He could have sworn that there hadn’t been a janitor there a few minutes ago and there was no way he could have missed seeing the guy even with how dark the lobby was.

Danny’s eyes widened when the janitor looked up right at him and gave him a creepy smile. Danny quickly looked away from the janitor. “Dad, I don’t suppose we could go to another hotel.” He said. “This place doesn’t seem normal.”

Danny’s dad laughed. “Of course it isn’t a normal place Danny.” He replied, giving Danny goosebumps. “The Hotel Grimoir, according to my boss, was opened on Halloween a hundred years ago. The owner back then wanted to give the place as much of a scary theme to it. It’s why it looks the way it does.”

The two reached the car. Danny looked at the hotel as he got his luggage out of the trunk. So that explained the way it looked but it didn’t explain why the workers there or the twins looked so creepy and like they were dead. He then looked at the statues by the entrance. He frowned. They looked like they were in different positions now. Weren’t their hands by their sides before? He was certain that they weren’t pointing in his direction. He shook his head. He was just letting his imagination get the best of him.

Danny’s dad got his luggage and his wife’s luggage out as well. “I’m sure that you’ll get use to it while we’re here for our vacation.” He told his son. “After all, it does have five star reviews.”

Danny had a hard time believing that. Mainly because, as far as he could tell, their car was the only one in the parking lot. He wondered who had given the place five stars. He had a feeling that his dad would say that Mr. Fortunu had been one of the five-star reviewers. He wasn’t about to say that though. His dad would just reply with something like he wasn’t being grateful for Mr. Fortunu’s advice.

As they went back into the lobby, Danny saw that the janitor wasn’t there. That was scary. There was no telling when he would pop back up again. Danny looked towards the counter. The concierge wasn’t there. Danny wondered where the concierge had gone off to.

“Great news boys.” Danny turned to see his mom walking towards him and his dad. “The concierge was able to tell me which door to go through to get to the ocean.” His mom continued. “So once we get changed, we can go to the ocean.”

Danny was relieved to hear that. He didn’t want to spend any more time in the hotel than needed. The place was already giving him a bad vibe.

That was when it happened. As Danny and his parents went to the door to head into the hallway, it suddenly became dark and the sound of thunder could be heard.

Danny’s dad looked up at the ceiling as the rumbling thunder got louder. “That came out of nowhere real quick.” He said before he looked at his wife and son. “I guess we won’t be going to the beach for now.” He told them.

Danny looked around them. He was very nervous all of a sudden as he thought of the creepy people in the hotel that he had seen so far. He wouldn’t be surprised if there was an ax killer in the place. He followed his parents into the hallway. There was no sign of the twins. Danny wasn’t sure if he was relieved about that. He looked over his shoulders quickly. The twins weren’t behind him.

The three reached their hotel room. “I guess we’ll just have to wait in here for the storm to end.” Danny’s mom said.

Danny sighed and went to the window. He pulled back the curtain and his eyes widened. There was a girl out there that looked like she had drowned. The creepy part, she was staring right at him with a creepy smile on her face. She pointed at Danny before sliding a finger across her throat.

Danny quickly closed the curtains and closed his eyes. There was no way that was real. He had to be imagining things. He looked at his parents. They were on their phones trying to decide what to order for their supper. They didn’t see what he had seen. Danny pulled the curtain back. The girl was gone.

Danny looked at his parents. “I’m going to the lobby to see if they have a vending machine.” He told them. He also planned on finding out everything he could about the hotel because it was becoming way too creepy for him and he needed answers as to why that was.

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