Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Three

In the lobby, Danny went straight to the concierge counter and tapped the bell on it. He looked around. Where was the concierge at? Wasn’t it his job to be there at all times? He saw a bookshelf by the fire place. He ran over to it. Maybe there was a book that had the history of the hotel in it. He skimmed through the titles, only stopping when he saw a book with the title: Hotel Grimoir’s Dark Past. He took the book off of the shelf. It was thin with a black hard cover. He opened the book and started reading.

As he read, Danny was becoming surprised that the place was still opened. There had been so many deaths in the place. He flipped the page. The next page had several pictures. By each picture was the date of when the person died there. His eyes widened when he saw the drowned girl, the twins and…he dropped the book and looked at the concierge counter.

The concierge was there. “Is something wrong Sir?” The concierge asked in his lifeless voice.

Danny shook his head and picked up the book. “Uh…no.” He replied in a shaky voice. “Nothing is wrong.” He quickly left the lobby. He had to read the rest of the book by himself. He ran to a large empty room. His eyes rested on a table with a large table cloth on it. Perfect. He could hide under it and no one would be able to see him. He ran to the table and hid under it. He opened the book. According to it, the concierge was dead. That was impossible.

Danny flipped to the next page and started reading:

The Hotel Grimoir was built in Eighteen-Eighty-Five On October Thirty-First. The owner of the place at the time, Mr. Un F, never had the chance to live in it though as he disappeared without a trace. The hotel was sold to his close friend, Reginald Krystal. Mr. Krystal died a year after moving into the hotel. Mr. Krystal’s death was the first of many over the years that plagued the Hotel Grimoir.

Despite many people demanding that it be closed down, the Hotel Grimoir stayed open to the public. The deaths over the years slowing down but still happening. Despite the number of people who have come over the years to try to find out the truth, the mystery of the Hotel Grimoir has stayed just that.

The last one to come to the hotel discovered a terrible secret. A secret that caused…

Danny frowned as he saw that the page just ended there and that there wasn’t a next page. He looked closely at the binding. It looked like someone had torn out the page. That was weird. Why would someone want to tear out the last page? Was it to keep what had happened there a secret? Was it to keep the place mysterious? Danny flipped to the beginning of the book and checked to see who had written it. It just read Doctor Unfortunate. That was a weird name.

Danny closed the book. So nearly every single person he had seen there so far was a ghost. Either none of them realized it or they did and were just pretending to be alive just to keep people coming to the place. Danny thought about his dad’s boss. He had been to this place before. He must have survived whatever had happened there. If that was true, Danny realized that he could also survive the hotel until his family left.

Danny’s ears perked up. He could have just sworn he had heard something move. He stayed very quiet so he could hear whatever it was that was out there. It sounded like someone was walking. He crawled out from under the table before looking around. He didn’t see anyone out there. The noise was getting louder though.

Danny saw a door near him. He ran to it. The noise behind him was getting louder. He opened the door. It was storming outside but he didn’t really care. He just wanted to get away from whatever it was that was making the noise. He ran outside, closing the door behind him. He turned around just in time to see something make the door shake. It also looked like there were two hand prints on the window panels of the door.

Danny stepped back before he turned around. He thought that he had been safe outside of the hotel. Now he wasn’t so sure. He was standing by the entrance to what looked like a cemetery. There were gravestones all around him. They were all blank. Danny could tell though that the ground here had been dug up a lot to bury people. He felt sick just being there. No doubt this is where all of the people who died in the hotel had been buried.

Danny saw three grave stones behind the farther ones. He wanted to go back there but it was like there was something preventing him from going. He shook his head. He would just have to go back there some other time if he wanted to find out what was back there. Maybe if he could find the missing page to the book, he could find out what was back there.

He looked at the door leading into the hotel. He was nervous about going back in but he knew that he didn’t have a choice. His parents would be looking for him if he didn’t return soon. Besides, he had to show them what he had found. Once they saw it, he hoped that they would agree with him about leaving the creepy place. He went back inside of the hotel.

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