Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Four

As Danny walked back to his family’s hotel room, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread. It was like something bad had already happened. He looked around him as he started to walk quickly. There was no sign of any of the dead people he had come across before. He ran to a door and went through it to the lobby. His eyes widened. There were several more people in there now. He recognized them all from the book. They were all the people who had died in the hotel.

The drowned girl he had seen outside stood up and pointed at him. “Join us.” She told him. To Danny’s horror, the other ghosts all stood up and looked at him as well. “Join us.” The drowned girl said again.

Danny backed away from them. “No!” He shouted. “I’m still alive! You’re all dead!” He refused to die there. He didn’t belong there. He backed into the door. Danny watched as the ghosts all started walking towards him. “You’ll never catch me.” Danny told them before he ran back through the door.

Danny ran as fast as he could. He could hear the ghosts following him. He wondered if they were walking through the walls or if they all had to go through the doors. He didn’t want to wait to find out. He ran to the staircase. If he could just get around the ghosts by going upstairs, he could get to his family’s room and get his parents to escape with him.

Danny heard the ghosts get closer and closer. He didn’t have much time left. He had to get away from the ghosts. As he reached the second floor, he could hear the drowned girl laughing maniacally. It really scared him. He had a feeling he knew what the drowned girl would do to him if she caught him.

Danny looked at the other end of the very long hallway. He had a long way to go. That was when one of the hotel doors opened. His eyes widened as he saw a crazy-looking man come out of the room. He had an ax in his hand. The man looked at Danny with a sadistic grin. “Come here Boy.” He said before he started laughing.

Like that was going to happen. Danny refused to let the man kill him. Instead, he ran into the room to his right. He slammed the door shut and locked it before running to the other end of the guest room. He heard a pounding on the door. Danny looked out the window and gasped. He saw hundreds of people walking all around the hotel in the rain. The way they were walking through cars told Danny that he was seeing ghosts everywhere. Why was that though?

There was more pounding at the door before there was a strange chopping sound. Danny turned around and saw the ax cutting its way through the door. It then pulled back and the crazy man’s face appeared. “Come here Boy.” He said before he started laughing.

Danny opened the window. He didn’t care if it was raining or not. He refused to let these ghosts get him. He was going to escape and then get his parents out. He crawled out the window and let himself fall to the ground. He coughed as he hit the ground hard but he got back up. He wasn’t about to let the fall stop him. He took off running to the lobby. He hoped that he was fast enough to get to his parents.

Danny ran into the lobby. To his relief, his parents were right there. They were sitting by the fireplace reading calmly. “Mom! Dad! We have to get out of here!” Danny shouted. “This place is haunted! There are ghosts and a psycho killer here!” He reached his parents as they looked at him.

“Danny, what are you talking about?” His dad asked. Before Danny could respond, his dad stood up. “This place is our home. We’ve been coming here for years.”

Danny frowned. Something was wrong. He knew that he had never been here before. What was going on?

Danny’s mom stood up and looked at her husband. “Oh dear.” She said. “We’ve been interacting with the living for too long. Our son has forgotten the truth.”

Danny looked at his mom. “What are you talking about Mom?” He asked. “What truth?” His parents were freaking him out.

Danny’s dad sighed. “Son, we died here years ago.” He told Danny. “Our death was because we came here to look for the truth about this place.” He took out a paper from his pocket. “I believe you tried to read a certain book that was missing the last page.”

Danny was surprised that his dad knew that. He took the page from his dad and read it.

…the death of his wife, son and himself. Mr. John Anderson and his family are buried behind the hotel with the other victims of the haunted hotel. It is believed that the Andersons can be seen each year on the date of their deaths.

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