Everyone hates me

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Hates me

Every hates me like a idiot my day at school sucked people bullied me like they said I hope you die look at you I mean and she throwd up and everyone laughed I’m in a school with haters but I am lot better because haters know the pain they felt and I haven’t done bad now I’m planning on to so don’t go on my bad side I swear I will murder you Hehe:chapter 1 learning everyone. Hello it’s me I’m Madison I felt a lot of pain in high school when my sister says this idiot. We used to be like fun today everyone since 1 month: hey sis want to play! That’s what I said she said: sister: No sorry I’m way to cool for noobs like you. My blood is gonna murder her no matter what I have to get my life back she done this until she heard something :chapter be soon

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