World Born

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The world is now ending for some unknown reason. Everything is in chaos, strange things are occuring aswell. Why is this all happening?

Horror / Mystery
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A Cruel World

"Hey, wait up!" A voice could be heard screaming from afar, followed by footsteps hitting the hard, concrete path. A man was sprinting towards someone else at full speed.

The man had finally caught up to the person, out of breath and gasping for air. One hand on his knee whilst bent over, the other on the other person's shoulder. After 20 seconds of trying to breathe, he finally began talking. The man had already seemed annoyed at him.

"Hey, Jake." The man looked as if he hadn't spoken to him for ages.
"Do you have a minute? I want to give you something."

Although agitated, the man, Jake, let out a sigh and asked what did he want with him.

"What is it, Blake? If you want to give me something hurry up. Can't you see the planet in the sky? The world is ending, people are crying and panicking, it's a scene from a movie."

Blake replied, looking at Burden Street in a gaze that had fear written all over it. He looked at how everyone was screaming, parents comforting their children as they tell them everything is going to be alright.

"I know that but, I want to give you some money in case we have to live in an apocalypse for a bit. Not that money would matter, it's just in case-"

Jake had interrupted him whilst he was speaking, as he was annoyed at Blake's kind gesture. What would money do now? Truly dumb he was sometimes.

"Look, I know you're trying to help but I don't need it, I'm just gonna go back to my apartment you gave me and live out the rest of the world relaxing."

Blake seemed pretty pissed, he was only trying to help and got a rude response like that. He reached for his wallet that was in a back pocket and began opening it when a gunshot hit him at the back of the head. He fell to the ground with blood gushing out, he was lying in a pool of blood trying to breathe but couldn't. 2 wannabe thugs had shot him on purpose and began stealing all of his belongings and money.

Jake, the whole time, didn't seem bothered, was he perhaps apart of this? He gave a cold stare to Blake as he gasped one last breath and said his final words.


After he said that, he passed away, the thugs had stripped him naked and afterwards ran off carrying a few things. Jake gave that cold stare a little longer before apologising to Blake.

"Sorry, Blake, perhaps you should have stayed home with your family and enjoyed your last few days."

After saying that cruel sentence he stepped over Blake's body and continued walking to his destination.

Continuing along the path he turned and gazed at the chaos, almost seeming like he enjoyed it. No, he was enjoying it, he smirked as he saw stabbing, beating and shooting all take place. The area looked like a gang war was happening.

At last, he had reached home, a small apartment complex with 8 rooms. 4 upstairs and 4 downstairs. He went up the stairs and went to room 6. He reached in his back pockets for his key. He put it in and began turning the doorknob when suddenly, a feeling struck him.
A wave of fear and paralysis had made him feel petrified. Quickly realising his mistake he quickly stopped and locked it. The feeling stopped, but, it wasn't going to last as the doorknob began turning despite being locked. The door slowly opened but, by this time, Jake had begun sprinting to an area deemed safe. To a police station.

Running as fast as he could, he had one and one thing only in mind, to get to the station and get as far away as possible. He continued running at full speed until he turned around and saw a white, pale boney creature running on all fours towards him. His eyes widened, his jaw-dropping a bit, trying not to get killed, he turned back around and focused on getting to safety. He was only 2 minutes away after all, and besides, could that thing catch up that easily? Well, short answer, yes, yes it could. Jake was human so of course, he had limited stamina so due to this he has slowed down by a great amount. The thing chasing him was a mere 5 metres apart, it also didn't seem to look tired.

The thing now was 2 metres away and Jake was completely out of energy, with 100 metres left until the station. He had come this far from sheer willpower alone but, that now wasn't enough, the thing chasing him lunged forward, causing Jake to tumble and hit his head on the concrete ground. A voice said something to Jake, this somehow made him regain consciousness and defend himself against the thing just in time.

With a fierce uppercut, the thing was hit into a brick wall. Seeing this as an opportunity Jake rammed it with his shoulder repeatedly hoping to kill it but, it was no use. The thing kicked him in the stomach causing him to vomit up some blue fluid. Jake became startled from it allowed the thing to use its sharp claws to slash away at his face causing damage to his left eye. There was more blue fluid on his face, was it perhaps poison from the thing?

Jake was still startled and dazed but with his strong urge to live, he finally listened to what the voice had said and yelled out a chant of some sorts.

"dniW nooM." This phrase backwards spells 'Wind Moon' what could it mean? Well, when Jake had said this his left arm glowed a purple colour with purple haze coming out of it. It began lifting all by itself before the palm glowed a light green and then created a shape of a crescent moon. It propelled forwards at the speed of sound, cutting the wind as it flew, it was quiet but loud at the same time. It sliced the thigh into 2 pieces, it's dark blue blood spilled everywhere, onto the wall, in the drain, it looked like a murder scene. Jake was still out of energy and was gasping for air but using willpower he forced himself to head to the police station.
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