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Lauren Wren is an orphan living with her adoptive parents. She has inherited a Family curse. How will she find out her truth? What will she do??

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Chapter 1

This story was written by my best friend. When I asked her if I could share it here she said Yes. She is a fabulous writer and I hope you like the story.

February 12, Thursday 1945

Dear Diary,

My name is Lauren Wren. I am an orphan. I live with the Thomas family. My birth family were mysteriously murdered when I was only 6. I don’t know why I survived, why the murderer didn’t kill me, but I know that my grandfather had written a letter. Though I’ve never read it, I know that it contains the secret of their death. My adoptive parents, Melisa and Jack have raised me with a lot of love and never let me feel my family’s absence. But, they have also told me that once I’m 18 I must choose, either a dangerous social life or a quiet hidden one. They never told me why but, they kept saying I would know once I’m 18. And, I say this with unease that tomorrow I’m turning 18. For some reason, I don’t want to know how they died, I have this feeling that whatever killed them was not human, but as the past can’t be undone, I can’t bring my family back to life. Wish me luck!

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