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Chapter 2

February 13,

Friday 1945

Dear Diary, I’m 18! And I’ve read the letter, what I’m going to reveal now will definitely shock you. The writing in the letter is swirly and seems to be written in some black liquid. My grandfather has written:

Dear Lauren,

We are terribly sorry for leaving you alone and in the dark for so long. But we had to. We knew that this would happen. But I cannot bare to tell you, the shame will haunt you more than… will. So, go to our mansion, the doors will open when you approach it, don’t be afraid. Proceed up to the roof, up there, there are 3 doors. Choose one, inside one there are our secrets. Touch the mirror of the door that you wish to open, it will reveal its contents to you. Choose wisely my dear. If you find our secrets in your hands, firstly, do forgive us. And secondly, you will have to, either choose to help your family or become an outsider.


Your Grandfather.

This letter brought up more questions than the ones it answered. Tomorrow I’m going to visit our mansion. Wish me luck and pray that I choose right.


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