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Snake Whisperer

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Her life changes when she gets chased out of her home in the middle of the night. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers she has a rare gift. She can communicate with snakes.

Horror / Adventure
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Her: “get out you stupid girl! You are useless like your mother! Get out of my house and never come back! If I ever see you back here again I will kill you!”

Me: “please MaLuthuli I beg you. I have nowhere else to go. Please let me stay. I will do anything you want. Wash your clothes, clean your house, cook for you and do anything you want. Just please don’t chase me out. Where will I go? It is nightfall. I don’t know anybody who will take me in.”

Her: “your father is dead now. If I had enough power I would kill you but I am not that evil. LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK!” she said throwing my clothes at me. I had no other choice but to leave.

I took my clothes and exited the gate. My home was near a forest and there were no neighboring houses. I started my path. We have heard many rumors that the forest have so many wild animals lurking in the trees and around the forest. I took careful steps not to wake the monsters in the forest. I knew that there is a lake in the heart of the forest. I kept walking and that’s when I heard hisses.

I was sure that those hisses are made by snakes. I couldn’t even look around because it was too dark. I was deep inside the forest. My breath hitched and I was shaking like a leaf. I took careful and calculated steps, thinking I wasn’t alerting the snakes, unfortunately for me, they had already marked me.

“Humans can be fools. Why the hell would you walk at a forest alone at night? She has some balls.” I heard that voice in her head. It was a manly voice. I looked around but didn’t see anything.

“Look at her looking so delicious. It has been so long since I have had a meal like her.” A female voice said.

“I can hear you and please stop talking behind my back because you are making me think I am crazy.” I thought bravely. Sounds of things falling from the tree were heard. I ran, scared for my life but the snakes caught up with me.

“You aren’t going anywhere without telling us how you can actually hear us.” the female voice spoke again.

“You are crazy. No human can hear or understand us. There is no exception to this one. Kori I thought your mother taught you not to play with your food.” The male voice also spoke again. To a normal person, they could only hear hisses but I heard what they were saying loud and clear.

“Oww come on Jaxon. You don’t have to bring my mother into this.” The female voice spoke once again.

“Kori and Jaxon. Those are wonderful names. I am Sibekezelo by the way.” I thought.

“Holy shit she can hear us. Wait how is that possible? This is strange.” Kori said.

“Wow I really can hear you. I am not being paranoid or going crazy. Wait, if I can hear and communicate with snakes, which must mean I really am crazy. You guys can curse?” I said.

“This is new to us. As much as we won’t harm you because we still want answers as to how you can hear and understand us.” Jaxon said. “This forest is very dangerous. There are many wild animals like us who are looking for crazy humans like you who walk in the wild this late at night. Let’s lead her to that hut by the river.”

“I will lead the way. You will follow.” Kori said.
“Can’t believe I am trusting two snakes to lead me to safety.” I thought to myself.

“We can hear you and we also can’t believe that you are stupid enough to walk in the darkest forest at night. But hey, who is counting?” Jaxon said sarcastically.
“Didn’t know snakes can be sarcastic.” I said as I followed Kori.

They lead me to a hut that looked abandoned. The dark was better now because there was some light that was provided for by the moon. I went inside and looked around. There was a little candle on the table in what I assumed was the lounge. I took it and then looked for a box of matches. When I found it in the kitchen, I lit it up. I was glad that Kori and Jaxon chose to stay outside because seeing them and actually talking to them live would give me nightmares. I found the bedroom and then went to sleep.

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