Beyond The Veil

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The small town of Westwood hides a generations old secret; many have died here unjustly in the infamous witch trials and where the dead are not in peace, the veil between is thin. It is to here that Edith and her mother relocates. She has left her friends, her home and a terrible secret of her own. Miserable more than ever, she soon gains some new friends. Maybe she will be able to have a home here? That is, until the secrets starts spewing back out. Friendships get broken, some get reforged, and some stay true through thick and thin as a veil of deceit and horror tries to break them apart and Edith realizes that there're some challenges that you have to face alone. Will she be able to succeed in saving the new life she had carved out with her friends, or will her ignorance cause her to lose everything? One thing that Edith won't be able to deny is that she is at the centre of it all and this time, there is no escape. _______________ "We don't fear the dark... Or death. We just fear the unknown, because we don't know what lies beyond it."

Horror / Mystery
crappy blue angel
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1. A New Home

Her vision was periodically blinded by the rays of sunlight falling onto her face as the small car travelled through the tiny path flanked by trees. She blinked once... twice... batting away the tears that keeps trying to form a pool under her eyes.

"Hey honey... holding up in there?"

Slightly startled by the sudden intrusion, she turned forward furiously batting her tears away to face her mom; a weary looking woman with a few crinkles on her face that still failed to hide her youthful beauty.

"Yeah mom, I'm okay," she said trying to conjure up a smile.

Her mom gave a sympathetic smile while she turned back to the window.

"I know it's hard Edith. But I think it's good for both of us to move out of there. Don't worry, you'll soon get used it and you'll have new friends too. Just give it a chance and some time, ok sweetheart?"

Edith didn't respond. Her mom, Johanna was always the optimist, not her. She didn't know what waited her at the new place but making friends wasn't her strong suit. She loved her friends back home nd missed them and she knew they would miss her terribly too. So she tried to focus on the blinking of the sunlight through the gaps in the trees. They were white barked but against the backdrop with the light, they appeared black. Few leaves were falling here and there finally depositing on the mat of grass on the side of the road that bore beautiful flowers. But she didn't find them beautiful, she couldn't find them beautiful. Everything beautiful to her was behind her as she sped forward.

After a while, the outside grew darker and little raindrops started to splatter against the window mimicking her own mood. She watched them flow down making little streaks of water on the glass. The darkness turned the window into a mirror. She was looking at a pale faced girl who looked like she hadn't slept for days. There were slight dark baggages under her eyes. Her eyes were of a brownish green colour and they were slightly bloodshot. Her lips were chapped and dried. Her hair was tied at the top but the free strands fell on her face in all possible ways and looked really fragile. Her button nose kept making sniffing movements making her look like a scared rabbit. It was flanked by an ocean of freckles that extended from ear to ear. The large glasses she wore made her facial features exaggerated and the brown sweater she was wearing added to the gloom atmosphere.

"I think this is it," she heard her mom say and looked forward.

They were reaching the top of a small hill. Edith edged on her seat gripping onto the front one. As they started descending she made out a couple of buildings at the bottom. The town was small or maybe the further ends were hidden in the gloom. They passed a worn down old sign with the words "Westwood".

"Mom are you sure this is the place? This town looks ancient," she asked unsurely. Most of the buildings looked old but interspersed here and there were more modern looking residences.

"Well this was built over a long time ago honey. They say it was built over from one of the first colonies. You like history right?" Johanna asked with a smile, "maybe you can go find out about this town's history. I'm sure there's a library here somewhere." She turned the car into a side road.

It was a small road with a few houses on both sides ending abruptly with a yellow sign stuck on the ground. They stopped in front of one of the last houses on the path.

Edith pressed against the window. It was alright looking was her first thought. A low wooden wall ran from the side to the back which had a gate at the middle. She guessed it surrounded a back garden. It was covered with vines with a few flowers disturbing the green. The house looked a little unkempt but homely enough for a person to want to live there, at least from the outside. She got out from the car, crossing her hands and squeezing them.

"So... what do you think?"

Edith saw her mom was extremely nervous. She decided to keep her own feelings under and gave her a small smile.

"It looks good mom."

Johanna's face changed in a second to a full blown smile. "Oh honey, I knew you would like it. Come on now, let's go inside and you can choose your room first."

Edith gave a nervous laugh, grabbed her bag, closed the car door and followed her mom inside. It was slightly drizzling still and this exaggerated the quietness inside once Johanna closed the door. Edith noticed the sound of her own breath as she looked around.

She was facing a narrow passage with a tiny hobbit size door at the further end. There were several closed doors concealing rooms, that opened onto the passage. At the tiny door, the passage curved ending with a staircase leading to the upper floor.

"Well, this seems ok, doesn't it?" Said Johanna as she flicked on the lights.

Without waiting for an answer, she trotted off. Edith looked around. In the gleam of the lights, the passage looked far less foreboding. Yet she gripped her bag a little tighter and followed Johanna.

"Oh what on earth is this? Who on earth would put such a ridiculous thing?" Johanna laughed pointing at the hobbit door.

It was so covered in dust and webs and the empty keyhole was filled with the same stuff that concealed it's surroundings.

"Come on darling, let's look at the bedrooms. You get to choose remember?" Johanna said expectantly with her foot on the stair.

"Yeah.. ok mom..." said Edith absent mindedly. She was more intrigued by the tiny door. Why was it there? Toddlers shouldn't be allowed to crawl into dark spaces inside walls. " Mom, do you think there's another room behind this?" She waited but heard only the sound of Johanna's ascending footsteps. She sighed. Her mother wasn't one to play upon their curiosity; she was one of those ordinary people that loved their little schedules.

So Edith knelt down on the floor putting her backpack aside. She reached out to the tiny handle but was hesitant. She had a weird feeling about this door. Maybe it was a little playspace for a baby that lived here before but she didn't think this was the case. She felt a warm feeling in the fingers of her extended hand and got pulled back from her thoughts. She was touching the tiny doorknob... and it was warm- as if she was touching someone else's hand. She quickly unclasped her hand from the handle and ran upstairs flinging her backpack back onto her. The touch of the bag on her back made her feel slightly secure like she was being hugged by an old friend which was the exact opposite feeling she got from touching the doorknob, which was like being exposed.

She reached the landing of the second floor. It would all around the staircase of which the near end had a large window. Large rain drops kept splattering it so Edith couldn't make out anything. There were three rooms leading from the landing and currently Johanna was in the process of trying to unlock the nearest one.

"This confounded door won't open" muttered Johanna with a face filled with exhaustion. "I've tried all the keys."

Edith quickly covered the distance and took the roll of keys from her hand. "Mom, why don't you go downstairs and start unpacking? I'll give it a try."

"You do that honey. I'm not built for that at this age," she replied with gasps as she made her way to the landing.

"Don't worry mom, you'll have a room to sleep tonight," Edith said jokingly. Johanna hated one thing

"Oh I've already got the other bedroom downstairs honey, don't worry. Maybe tomorrow we'll get someone to open that wretched thing."

"Wait mom! Isn't this a bedroom?" Shouted Edith.

"I don't know what that room is honey. But the one who sold this to me said this house only has two bedrooms which I thought was ok for you and me." Johanna's voice came from downstairs.

Edith waited fingering the coil of keys in her hand. Her mother hated feeling physically weak, of feeling old. She had probably used every beauty product in the world, still her eyes had started to procure the beginnings of sags of skin underneath them and she felt joints cracking sometimes when she walked or overexerted. Edith had tried to make her feel beautiful as she is, making complements on her appearance, but she had a feeling that Johanna knew what she is doing. She knew it was shallow to think of staying young forever but her mom was always conscious about her appearance and how others perceived her by her appearance so she just wanted to keep her mother happy. Maybe I'll go to the store tomorrow and look for something for her thought Edith as she turned to the door, key chain in her hand.

She gasped. This door had the same dirty appearance and the cobwebs as the tiny door downstairs. Maybe those two rooms weren't used much; after all the hobbit-door-room (if there was a room in there) was just plain weird, maybe this was just a spare room, thought Edith. There were streakes where her mom had wiped away the dirt in her struggle to open the door and through it parts of the door could be seen clearly. It wasn't much better without the dirt as it looked very faded; light brown colour it had been painted but now it had peeled in some places and in others the wood had been bored so there were slight indentations.

She touched the exposed parts of the wood and to her surprise (or maybe deep down she expected that?) it felt warm. Frustrated she removed her hand and tried the keys one by one, none fit into it, just like Johanna said.

Standing up, Edith went to the big window nearby. The rain had begun to lessen and she could just make the tiniest part of the back garden. Most of the view was taken by a wood surroundings the side street and the house next to theirs. It seemed even more ancient than this, possibly a ruin rather than a living space.

The sound of her mom came floating upstairs indicating her to go and eat, so she closed the curtains and hurried down the stairs.

The kitchen looked a mess as her mom had taken to unpacking their belongings so boxes were strewn everywhere. A warm bowl of porridge was set up on the table; Johanna's miracle food. She had recently taken a liking to them after a tv show showed them to have healing powers which was ridiculous.

Edith started to spoon the food as her mom started arranging things on the various shelves that were to fixed onto the walls. In the silence following after entering the house -broken only by Johanna's arranging which added it's on style of silent rhythm- Edith began to feel forlorn again as she had done on the long ride in the car. Everything she knew was taken from her. She didn't have a grand life back home, but she had a life, things she liked to do, people she cared about. But one of those people are gone now forever. And others she left because her mom wanted to leave everything behind. But for her mom's sake, she was determined to atleast try to be optimistic, or give it a chance. She took a spoonful of the broth and immediately felt warm and full. Johanna had made this to make her feel better, she knew. For her, this was the best thing to give someone to eat.

She looked at her mom and waited her for to finish.

"Mom aren't you gonna eat?" Questioned Edith after waiting awhile.

Johanna turned around. " You eat darling." She waited. "I still have some unpacking to do. I'll eat after."

"No mom that won't do. You look like you're about to collapse. Come on, let's eat and then I'll help you too !"

Edith urged. She knew her mom was trying to keep her mind from thinking. But she seriously needed to eat and Edith would make sure of that. Johanna came, smiled a little and they started to eat.


It was almost midnight by the time they finished unpacking all the kitchen ware and arranging them on the shelves. Johanna said she was going to sleep straight away and Edith didn't have the heart to argue; she was almost sleepless for three days- crying, changing her mind about going, crying again and changing her mind to going and on and on. So she tucked her mother in, said goodnight and went upstairs.

The first door she tried opened onto the bathroom which had a narrow passage -with the washing sink latched onto the wall- before widening onto the shower area with the bathtub. She closed it and tried the last one, which was situated directly opposite it. She turned on the lights. It was a cozy little room with a little fluffy bed with a nightstand beside it and a table adjacent to the wardrobe. The window above the table showed her that the rain had finally subsided. She smiled. Maybe this wasn't a bad place after all.

She went downstairs and got her little belongings and brought them to the room. That's when She noticed the circular little windowpane directly above her bed. It was closed by a wooden patch. She dropped her backpack onto the bed and got on it. Lifting herself onto her toes, she slid the patch and gasped.

The small window overlooked The back garden which was a beauty. The rain had brought out fireflies which made it look like straight out of a fairy tale because it was also filled various types of colourful flowers. There was a little lantern hung on a little pole around which most of the fireflies seem to be segregating and little circles of white mushroom were growing at multiple spots. At the centre of the of the place was a little spring which spewed out it's water onto the surrounding pond bordered by smooth glistening rocks and between them tufts of grasses and sedges and beautiful white flowers seem to be sprouting.

Her eyes darted this way and that as Edith tried to take in everything. She had a mind to go there immediately. Though she was shy and timid except with her friends, she was know to be quite rebellious at times. She looked at the only other window in the room, the one above the table. With quick strides, she crossed the room, opened it and looked outside. She was directly above the wooden wall with the greenery running around the house. If she wanted to, she could jump down onto the top of it, which is exactly what she wanted. So the next moment, she was balancing herself on top of the wall, catching her breath from the drop. Down she went again landing on the soft springy heather that carpeted the garden.

She walked out into the light at the centre of the garden, the pond illuminated by the overhead moonlight. Edith felt at peace here, the sound of fireflies were like lullabies, the gurgling of water from the stream soothing, and so she sat down in the grass curling her fingers through the moist leaves and the soil. She felt her touch the ground. wrapped in the embrace of those little leaves, she closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she was back at the house, at her real house, and on that night it happened. There was bright flashes of light going everywhere, making horrible sounds as the flames cut off her every escape. She felt like she was being suffocated, looking frantically for an opening to escape those horrid flames. She could hear someone calling out her name but couldn't see anything except orange and red and thick black smoke. She tried to take a step and cracks appeared on the floor increasing with every shift of her weight. Her breath heaved as she knew what would happen next and it did. The next step she took was onto thin air as the floor collapsed, and down she fell screaming.

Edith sat up suddenly. She was lying on the grass not on the broken fragments of the floor like before. She was drenched in sweat and shaking. She got up shakingly and made her back to the wall. Her hands trembled as she pushed her body up onto the wall. Another heave, and she stumbled through the window onto the floor of her room. She fell into the bed, took off her shirt and wrapped the bedsheets tightly around her. She didn't want to sleep as she knew where it would take her and so kept staring at the big white orb in the sky illuminating her room. She felt herself slipping again, willed herself not to but her body battled against her and the world turned black.


Author's note:

Hey guys!

What are your thoughts on this chapter and the story? I'd love to hear your thoughts. This is my first time writing a multi chapter story (a novel?) and I'm very nervous AND excited!

This is gonna be a multi-character- point-of-view-story (I don't know a single word for that. If you do know, please let me know :) ). You'll meet the other characters' views in the coming chapters. I've already roughly carved out a few further chapters so I won't make contradictions to the story.

Oh and the main thing I wanna ask is, is this chapter long or short? I've got this rough idea of what should be in each chapter and I think some will become longer than this one.

I'll try to update within 5 days or so but definitely within a week (I hope :O )

Finally thank you guys for reading this story and if you like it (or you think you might like it later on ;) ) please press that little star and make my day shine.

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