True Haunt

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A 1970´s Family move into a Southern Plantation House with Paranormal and Physical Manifestations as seen through the eyes of a suburbanite unsuspecting Mom. “TRUE HAUNT” is written along the lines of Hills have eyes, The Amityville horror, and Woman in Black. TRUE HAUNT is based upon a true story and is about a 1970s family who move into a very disheveled and over 40 years long uninhabited plantation house which was built in 1822. The inhabitants of the Plantation house experience death and destruction during and after it is completed because the ground was cursed by the first Americans long before. The first owner who is a confederate general must defend his property as he experiences a Civil War battle in front of the house. After he wins, he goes crazy in a terrible rage and he hangs and murders all of the occupants inside which unleashes terrible consequences upon all who live there later. After the War it is sold and is turned into a stage coach resting house but all who stay their face terrible paranormal manifestations and then the house is left empty for years. Then new occupants move into the home not knowing what faces them inside.

Horror / Thriller
Wally Wu
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