10th Floor

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The most famous yet dangerous game called as“The Elevator Game” is played by a group of youngsters but the real problem starts when one of them broke the rule and got possessed by the evil spirit...Will they survive or die like the other victims who played the game?

Horror / Fantasy
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Floor 01

Y’ALL I’m getting bored. This horror movie is lame.” Zico said as he paused the movie they were watching.

“ You call it lame!? It was scary!!” Yuto shrieked like a girl.

“But anyway, let's do something else,” Felix suggests, trying to divert the topic for he himself is already a little scared from that ouija movie.

“ Let’s have a story time!” Iris suggests as she grins widely.

“Iris, no...” Peony already knew what she has in mind. Iris, of course will tell a scary story that probably can haunt some of them for the longest time.

“Continue, Iris” Aster says, signalling Iris to start her story.

By now, everyone's attention is on her. Whether one is scared or not, all of their eyes are on Iris.

“Have you all heard Ellisa Lam's death?”

“Yeah I have seen it on twitter and it's all around social media and as well the news but I didn't read about it. ” Noah answered while the rest agreed that they have also seen that article maybe once or twice.

“Well she died in a water tank in a hotel. Many people believed that she either because of her bipolar disorder or depression and killed herself or died because of making a MISTAKE in a game.”

“Iris paused for a dramatic effect, The Elevator Game.”

“The Elevator Game?” Zinnia repeated, now becoming interested in the game like everyone else.

By Oma

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