Primordial Soup

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Chapter 22

Bill, Mike and Jenny were sitting in a Jeep waiting for the driver to take them to Middleton.

‘Why don’t you two come and stay with me and my brother for a couple of days,’ Bill offered. ‘Just until you get yourselves sorted out.’

‘You don’t think he’ll mind?’

‘He’s got loads of room and I’m sure he won’t mind a couple of house guests for a while, he’ll probably enjoy the company.’

‘What do you think Jen?’

‘Yeah, I’d like that.’

‘Thanks Bill, it’ll give me a chance to get us some new clothes before we head down to Brighton.’

‘That’s settled then,’ Bill chuckled, ruffling Jenny’s hair.

Sergeant Gallagher returned to the Jeep. ‘I’m afraid you won’t be able to go to Middleton. It’s already been evacuated. I have orders to take you to Nottingham.’

‘Looks like we’ll have to postpone that visit Mike,’ Bill said. ‘I hope my brother Frank got out.’

Gallagher started the engine and drove through the gates.

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