Primordial Soup

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Chapter 27

Charles Burbridge sat at his desk looking through a folder containing photos of the creatures. The door opened and the secretary’s aide walked in. Burbridge quickly closed the folder and put it in a desk drawer.

‘Professor Stanton, secretary.’

‘Thank you Clive. Show him in.’

Burbridge got up from his desk as Stanton entered the office. ‘Peter, good to see you. Take a seat. Scotch?’

‘Yes, thanks,’ replied Stanton, sitting down in front of the desk.

Burbridge poured out measures into two crystal tumblers. He put one on the desk in front of Stanton and resumed his seat.

Stanton opened his briefcase, took out a folder and placed it on the desk. ‘The preliminary report.’

‘How is the clean-up going?’

‘We have teams combing the countryside. We should have cleared any remaining creatures in a few days. We’re also moving the cordon back to take in a larger area. It’s unlikely that any will escape and at least we can stop it before it spreads this time.’

Burbridge settled himself in his chair. He leaned back and swallowed half his scotch. ‘Good. Good.’

Professor Stanton sat forward. ‘We were lucky this time Charles. If it hadn’t been for the milkman and his group we would never have known about the effect diesel fuel had on the creatures. This country would have been lost in a matter of weeks.’

‘Yes, we were very lucky.’ He swallowed the rest of his scotch and placed the tumbler on a silver coaster. ‘The bloody press are having a field day. Still, blaming the Americans gives the people someone to vent their anger on. The PM took a lot of flak over this one, so we’re tightening up on all research carried out on our soil by foreign companies, but all in all we’ve come out of it looking more than competent.’

The secretary stood up, ending the meeting. ‘Well, thanks for dropping by.’

Stanton finished his drink and put the glass on the desk. ‘I still think we should destroy them all. If...’

‘Peter, we have an opportunity here to study a completely new life form. The more we learn about them the better we can protect ourselves should it ever happen again.’

‘But if this ever got out, we...’

‘Let me worry about that,’ said Burbridge, pressing a button under the desk. ‘You just find out everything you can about them. Now. I have a meeting with the PM shortly. Keep me up to speed.’

Stanton rose from his chair. Clive stood by the open door. ‘Your car is waiting, secretary.’

‘Thank you Clive. Would you see the Professor out?’

Stanton walked through to the outer office. He turned back to face Burbridge, shook his head and walked out. The aide closed the door behind them.

Burbridge returned to his desk, picked up Stanton’s glass with a tissue and dropped it in the waste-basket. He smiled as he sat in his chair and picked up a folder marked ‘TOP SECRET’

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