Primordial Soup

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Squads of soldiers were sent out all over the Midlands and the north of England to search for and destroy the last of the creatures.

The creatures had been defeated and life in the towns and cities surrounding the fall out zone was slowly returning to normal. The death toll had been enormous, in both human, livestock and indigenous wildlife, but it would have been far higher if not for the discovery and effect of such an innocuous liquid as Diesel fuel.

The creatures within the ring of steel, set up to enclose the whole county, had been destroyed, their offspring dissolved into a thick black sludge. The scientists were of one mind; that the natural weather patterns of the Midlands and the north would quickly wash away any residues, causing no harm to agricultural land, the water table, and that the food grown there would be quite safe to eat.

The great clean-up operation had been hailed a complete success.

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