Primordial Soup

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Chapter 3

The lab had fallen silent, smoke that had been trapped above the door line glowed with an ethereal light that was coming from the pile of clothes on the floor. Small bright blue slug-like creatures that changed shape as they moved, crept out from under the intense blue light shining through the clothing, leaving thin glistening trails along the floor.

They moved off in all directions, reaching the walls and gliding up to the ceiling. Soon the whole room was covered in thick gelatinous lumps. Some went through the air ducts, others went through the open door to the corridor beyond. As the slugs moved they grew in size until they could no longer fit through the vents and began absorbing their neighbours.

Those that had escaped through the doorway continued to grow as they moved along the corridor. Some grew appendages which quickly turned into crude arms and legs tipped with razor sharp talons. Others sprouted wings and flew about the corridor, crashing into the walls and hitting the floor, only to rise again to hit another wall. The fire door at the end of the corridor held the creatures captive.

The screams from Alan’s lab had filled the underground corridors, drawing the attention of scientists working in adjacent labs. Doors all along the corridors opened and heads appeared through the doorways to see what the commotion was.

A swarm of misshapen creatures streamed through the openings, attacking the occupants inside. Soon the corridor and laboratories echoed with cries of terror as the creatures overwhelmed the staff, devouring their flesh.

A petite girl in a white coat managed to get her door shut. She stood with her back to the door, shaking with fear.

A creature’s claws scraped against the glass, like nails down a blackboard, etching lines in the thick pane. As she turned and backed away from the door, looking for somewhere to hide, the glass imploded.

A loathsome thing with a huge head, its wide dripping mouth full of razor sharp teeth, leapt through the opening and landed on her chest, piercing its claws deep into her body and puncturing her internal organs.

She fell backwards, landing heavily against a desk. The creature sat on her chest, its talons ripping her insides to a pulpy mess. Blood poured from her body, creating a crimson pool around her.

Menacing eyes stared into her terrified face. A wide drooling mouth opened and a sound, never before heard on earth, rose above the victims agonising screams. As it covered the young girls face with its foul breath, it launched a savage attack on her throat, ripping completely through her neck and decapitating her. The severed head rolled across the floor, coming to rest over by the far wall. The eyes glazed over as her brain slowly began to die.

Creatures streamed through the opening in the door and covered her body in a feeding frenzy.

As the creatures fed they continued to grow, their bodies absorbing and restructuring the DNA of their victims to create grotesque mutations.

Once all the human food supply in the labs had been exhausted, the larger creatures turned on the smaller ones, ripping them apart and devouring their newly formed flesh. All that remained in the corridor and laboratories were a multitude of abominations from hell.

Shredded clothes and cleanly stripped white bones and skulls littered the rooms and corridors, like a charnel house.

A large grey bulbous creature, its body shimmering under the flickering fluorescent lights, pushed against the doors leading to the maze of corridors beyond.

Sensing escape the creatures poured through the open doorway. Their next food supply, in corridors that went off like the hub of a wheel, were unaware of the terror heading their way.

What followed left not one soul alive in the underground chambers, all slaughtered in a frenzied bloodbath, their flesh consumed, their bones cleanly stripped.

The bloated mutations ascended the fire staircase, only to become trapped by the heavy door above. Those at the bottom of the pile bit and clawed their way to the top, filling the air with demonic screams, until torrents of blood and globules of flesh covered the walls and floor.

Creatures losing their footing on the slippery viscid mess, slid back down the stairs, to begin again their vicious onslaught to get to the top, and freedom. Some fell over the handrail to hit the ground six floors below, only to be replaced by creatures tearing their way through mountain of flesh to get to the top.

The walls, coated with globules and thick running blood ran slowly down the walls to the remains of dead creatures at the bottom of the shaft. There it coalesced until it had absorbed enough matter to form living creatures again. The abominations at the head of the stairs scraped frantically at the door, their sharp claws tearing at the metal surface that had them trapped.

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