Primordial Soup

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The Beginning of the End

The burnt-out wreckage of a Jeep sat rusting on the still empty stretch of motorway. The sticky black liquid lay like a limpid pool, the sun reflecting off its smooth glassy surface. Small bubbles began to form then swelled and popped, each one releasing a tiny glowing bug that hesitated on the surface, extended tiny blue veined wings and then took flight.

The bugs landing on the wreckage of the Jeep flexed their wings as though drying them in the sunshine. Soon the Jeep was so covered in bugs that the whole mound glowed like a blue neon boulder.

The bugs took off as one in a large glowing swarm. They flew across the motorway and into the fields, zooming down on to a herd of grazing cows.

The cows panicked and stampeded across the field as the swarm hovered above them, then settled on a trailing cow, completely covering it. Within seconds the running animal crashed heavily to the ground.

As the swarm fed the whole carcase undulated and became a seething mass of blue glowing mutating bugs. The cow thrashed about as the bugs crawled over and inside it, absorbing its DNA. The more flesh they devoured the more they swelled and mutated.

When the swarm took flight, all that remained of the cow was a pile of clean dry white bones, its carcase stripped clean of flesh, like a desert sun-bleached skeleton.

The bugs, pulsating a vivid blue light began to mutate, growing thick dense fur and larger wings that could support their their swollen bodies, swooped like a flock of birds across the field, heading towards the rest of the terrified herd that were trapped against a wire fence.

Cows dropped to the ground under the sheer numbers of the mutated creatures. The feeding frenzy that followed quickly saw the herd reduced to piles of bones. When no more meat was to be had a large flock of monstrous creatures took to the skies in search of new prey.

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