Primordial Soup

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Chapter 7

The Prime Minister, Henry Robertson, in a private meeting with Charles Burbridge, Secretary of State for Defence, sat stone-faced as he watched a video of the attack on the South Bank.

‘Turn it off. I’ve seen enough.’ He got up from his desk and walked over to the window. ‘It’s like a bloody slaughterhouse. How could this happen in the centre of London? I was told the threat had been dealt with.’

‘This is not the same thing Prime Minister. The creatures from the first infection were completely wiped out. This is something very different.’

‘Then how is this happening if they were all wiped out?’

‘It appears these creatures rise from what is left after they’re sprayed with the diesel. They begin as flying bugs and attack in swarms. Their growth rate and reproduction is phenomenal.’

Robertson sat back down at the desk. ’But how have they spread so fast?

It’s not just London. Most of the major cities have come under attack. Nottingham is practically wiped out. Over thirty-thousand people were slaughtered at one football match alone. There was only one survivor, a cameraman, and he kept the camera rolling and broadcast it all over the country and Europe before we could pull the plug. There have been attacks right across London and we have no way of stopping it. We’ve had to declare a state of emergency. Marshal law is coming into force in all cities, however with over thirteen-million people in London on a working day it’s going to take time. We’re keeping all transport links open so that commuters can get home. The emergency broadcast is going out on all forms of media.

‘I’ve been inundated with calls from heads of state from all over. Europe. America. The Russians are demanding to know what the hell this is. The whole world is looking at us, and not with friendly eyes.’

‘The US has offered unlimited assistance Prime Minister. I think we should accept their offer. The situation is grave.’

‘So they should bloody help. It was their research centre that was the cause of all this.’

‘They’re denying all knowledge of that and I think they’re being honest for once.’

‘But how will we ever defeat the creatures, their numbers must be huge.’

‘We estimate them to be in the tens of millions. There are six separate flocks in London alone. I’m afraid the population are on their own on this one.’

‘What! That’s not good enough. We can’t just leave over seventy-million people to die. I need options Charles. What do we have that we can use against them.’

’Professor Stanton and his team are working on it now, but anything we use against them will also kill the population. There’s too many to kill by conventional means and the creatures are spreading fast and their numbers are growing exponetially.

‘There has to be something we can do. We can’t just hand the bloody country over to them.’

‘It’s not just Britain Prime Minister, flocks have been seen over the North Sea heading for Europe. We’ve lost containment this time.’

‘What about evacuation? The cities.’

‘Where would we evacuate to? Professor Stanton has run the numbers. He estimates that at the current rate of growth of the flocks, Britain will fall in a matter of ten days, and Europe in not more than a month. From there it’s anybody’s guess how far this will spread.’

‘We can’t just give up. The Americans won’t sit by while the world is taken over by these creatures. They’ll order an air strike against us, so will Russia and China. They would rather see us obliterated than risk the creatures getting to their shores.’

‘That’s why we need to get the Royal Family and the government to safety now. C.O.B.R.A. is notifying and collecting all persons on the list. It’s being arranged as we speak.’

The Prime Minister slumped down into his seat, his face showing utter defeat. ‘We can’t just leave. What about the people?’

‘With the greatest respect Henry you don’t seem to have grasped the enormity of the situation. Most of our highly populated areas are under attack. Now the creatures have reached London, we don’t have much time before the capital falls. We have to leave before it’s too late. We can coordinate any attack on the creatures from a safer place with the help of America and NATO.’

‘I have to address the nation. I will not just leave the people defenceless. We have to inform them of the danger so they can protect themselves.’

‘That will only cause widespread panic.’

‘We’ve already got that Charles. Just arrange it.’

‘As you wish.’

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