Primordial Soup

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The Prime Minister’s Public Address.

People of Britain. We as a nation are facing the gravest threat to our very existence that we have ever faced before. I want to assure you that your government is doing everything in its power to eradicate this threat.

We will not shrink from our responsibility to this country or its people. Our top scientists are working night and day to find a solution. Until then I ask you to remain safe, to stay in your homes and to make your property as secure as you can.

Board up any windows and ensure all doors are secure. If you have a basement, seek refuge there. Help your neighbours if they are unable to help themselves. Our allies and friends across the world have offered their assistance, but we all need to pull together if we are to survive. Stay tuned to this channel for updates on the situation.

I promise you. We will overcome this. I will speak to you again soon. God be with us all.’

Robertson sat staring at the camera, poker-faced. When the red light went off showing they were no longer on air he got up from his chair looking ten years older.

Burbridge stepped forward. ‘The transports ready Prime Minister.’

‘Where are my wife and children?’

‘They’re already on board.’

The Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Defence, and their aides filed down a staircase to a secret tunnel that led to a small railway and boarded the waiting train. The train departed into the tunnel leaving an eerie empty silence in its wake.

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