Primordial Soup

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Chapter 9

The platforms and concourse at Kings Cross station were crammed with people trying to escape from the city, as were all the stations around central London. All the major routes were gridlocked, and the underground stations were overflowing from the platforms to the entrances. London had ground to a halt under the exodus.

A thick black cloud flew in under the open roof at the end of the station. Tens of thousands of creatures flew along the platforms and into the concourse, attacking the people who had nowhere to seek safety.

Trains waiting at platforms, already filled to bursting, became temporary sanctuaries as people sought cover from the onslaught, but this was short lived as the birds found the open doorways and flowed into the trains like an oil slick.

As people fled out to the Euston road creatures descended from the rooftops, attacking those who had sought escape from the feeding frenzy taking place inside the station.

The creatures swarmed upon the people seeking refuge down the entrance to the underground station. A woman clinging on to the handrail, as the crowd of terrified people charged by her in blind panic, lost her grip and got carried down the stairs by the crush. Losing her footing she fell and was quickly trampled as the crowd surged forward as one.

Fuelled by the number of people from behind trying to get into the underground, people fell, pushed by the surge of bodies above them. The entrance stairs became filled with crushed and broken bodies, leaving the people upstairs with nowhere to run.

The sky was filled with so many creatures that a twilight descended upon the area.

The underground station, full of people fighting each other to get through the turnstiles and on to the escalators, was added to by the terrified crowd that had made it down the stairs unscathed. They came rushing into the ticket hall followed by a large flock numbering in the thousands. The creatures, flowing over the people like a cloud of bats going home to roost, flew down the escalators killing and feeding on the defenceless trapped people.

People climbed on to the shelf between the escalators and slid down in their terror to get away from the carnage taking place in the ticket hall. Unable to control their descent they shot off at the bottom, landing in heaps and breaking limbs, only to be attacked and devoured.

The Northbound Northern line platform, like all the others, was tightly packed with people fleeing London. They were completely unaware of the annihilation taking place in the station and above ground. As the mob surged on to the platforms, people at the front were crushed against the newly installed glass safety barriers and automatic doors.

The barriers collapsed under the weight of people being pushed against them and exploded, showering the tracks with glass. People fell through the broken barriers and landed on the tracks as the tightly packed platform continued to surge forwards.

High voltage electricity passed through the piles of bodies as they covered the live rail, electrocuting those that hadn’t already been crushed or suffocated.

Those fortunate enough to have chosen to wait at the very end of the platform, smashed the glass safety barriers with extinguishers taken from the fire equipment cupboards, then jumped down to the track and headed into the tunnel.

The platform became a killing ground. Rivers of blood flowed over the edge as thousands of creatures began their feeding frenzy, tearing chunks of flesh from the trapped people.

The tracks, filled with bodies that had fallen through the barriers, was piled higher than the platform. Creatures landing on the mounds of the dead were electrocuted as the high voltage passed through them. The piles of dead and dying that lay the whole length of the platform were not so lucky as the creatures ripped into the flesh of the living bodies on top.

As a train entered the station the driver saw the carnage. He applied the emergency brake and the train screeched to a halt, but not before crashing in to the fallen barriers and the piles of bodies that filled the tracks. A creature smashed through the drivers windscreen followed by others.

On the platform, perched on piles of bodies, the creatures looked greedily at the shocked people staring out the windows of the few carriages that had entered the station. They took flight and crashed through the windows, decimating the passengers trapped in the carriages.

Those that made it through to the tunnel ran for their lives from the creatures flying after them, the rear ones falling victim first.

A young man in a business suit saw a doorway set into the tunnel wall. Desperate and out of breath he forced open the door. He grabbed hold of a young woman and bundled her inside.

The room was lit by a dim bulkhead light on the ceiling, casting the room into deep gloom. He tried to get the door shut but too many people were pushing on it from the outside.

The door flew open, knocking him to the floor as people rushed in, followed by hoards of creatures. Their screams echoed along the tunnel as the creatures devoured them.

The crackle of electricity and the smell of burnt flesh filled the station from the tunnels to the blocked entrances upstairs. The creatures flew through the tunnel and on to the next station, leaving behind not one living human soul.

Above ground, the main flock of creatures had gone, sweeping through London, killing and devouring every man, woman, child and animal that was in their path. The Euston Road, from as far as Marylebone to Old Street, was one long black line of feeding creatures. The whole of Inner London was choked with crashed and burning vehicles blocking every street and main road.

When the creatures had had their fill and twilight descended, they took flight, circling above London like a maelstrom. Joined by other flocks the cloud grew large enough to block out the already setting sun. London was plunged into an early darkness.

Those survivors who had hidden in shops and offices, lucky enough to have escaped the annihilation of their species, ventured cautiously out into a world that would never be the theirs again.

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