Primordial Soup

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Chapter 5

Looking at his watch Jack moaned. ‘First bloody walk of the night,’ Clipping his keys to his chain he took his torch and key clock from a drawer and walked out from behind the desk. As he walked along the short corridor by the side of the lifts he heard a frantic scratching coming from the emergency stairs.

Jacks nightly round was to ensure the security of the ground floor, in the years that he’d worked here he had never been down to the lower levels or further than the offices on the first floor, he had no idea what they did down there and was quite happy to only have the perimeter to guard.

Putting his ear close to the cold metal door he could hear the scratching noises coming from behind, but it was muffled by the thickness of the fire door.

‘What the bloody hell is that?’

Jack punched in the code on the key panel and pulled the door open sharply...

Sheer terror appeared on his face as he looked down into the pit of Hell. He had only a moment to scream before he was dragged down into the screaming mass of writhing creatures.

It took only seconds for the meat to be stripped from his bones. Jacks empty skull fell over the handrail and smashed to pieces six floors below.

A multitude of creatures of unimaginable horror streamed from the open doorway and into the spacious foyer. Seeing their escape the hoarse rushed towards freedom, biting and tearing at each other, only to smash into the tall plate glass windows fronting the building. The foyer was filled with thousands of Hells spawn intent on only one thing, escape.

Razor sharp talons clawed at the glass until the surface looked like it had been etched with acid. A single sheet of glass finally shattered under the onslaught and the foyer emptied in seconds, releasing the abominations into a night where a population slept soundly, blissfully unaware of the horrors to come.

As the creatures flowed through the opening they scattered in all directions and were lost to the darkness.

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