Primordial Soup

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Chapter 21

It took only a few days for the cities of Britain to be free of the creatures at ground level. Transmitters had been set up in every corner of the country, on buildings and lampposts in every street, and left operating twenty four hours a day. The creatures took to the skies, forced up to an elevation of thousands of feet to escape from the ultrasonic sound.

Emergency rationing centres were set up all over the country to feed the survivors. Hospitals were re-opened with what medical staff had survived, supplemented by the army medical corps and foreign aid.

The government returned to Westminster and the House of Commons sat for the first time in two months. The Royal family returned to their palaces, the Queen preferring to stay at Balmoral until all the remains of the victims had been cleared from London.

Dogs that had not been abandoned by their owners had to be put down, the ultrasonic sound was driving them mad. Throughout the cities all that could be heard by human ears was a soft hissing sound.

Europe followed soon after. Then every country in the world, leaving the creatures nowhere to land. All ships were equipped with transmitters and those aircraft that were allowed into the skies were limited to a ceiling of five-thousand feet, commercial flights worldwide were suspended until further notice. The sea became the safest way to travel, given that all ships were fitted with transmitters.

The plan to drive the creatures into areas where they could be netted and destroyed never materialised. They seemed happy to stay permanently air-borne.


It was expected that the creatures would eventually die out, either through exhaustion or hunger, but the skies were so thick with billions of them that they blocked out the sun as they circled the earth. They quickly adapted to life on the wing, feeding on their fellow creatures and procreating thousands of feet above the earth, their offspring being born with the ability to fly the moment they entered the world. Their numbers grew so rapidly that in a few months they were hundreds of feet deep and spreading outwards north and south of the equator. The earth slowly began to cool as sunlight was blocked from reaching the earth’s surface.

Every type of armament, including nuclear, was used against them, but the effect was negligible, their rate of reproduction was phenomenal. The creatures now circled the globe. Above the cloud base their numbers were swelling

Life on earth was quickly becoming impossible. Most of the planet was in perpetual darkness. Weather systems around the globe were irreparably altered and snow blizzards were continuous; the northern hemisphere now lay under a thick blanket of snow and ice. Farming had ground to a halt as nothing would grow in the darkness, livestock perished and were buried where they dropped, under deep snow drifts. People all over the world were dying in their millions, through frostbite, disease and starvation. Humanity was utterly powerless against such a formidable enemy.

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