Primordial Soup

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Four Months Later

Above ground, Britain was hardly recognisable, as was most of the northern hemisphere. Huge snow drifts covered the landscape, burying towns and cities. Tall buildings, covered in ice projected skywards from a stark white landscape, like frozen sentinels witnessing the final death throes of a doomed race.

All animal life ceased to exist, humans froze to death in homes buried deep in snow, the weight of which caused roofs to collapse around the frozen corpses. Food was scarce and fighting broke out over the smallest morsel. Those that had sought refuge in the giant supermarkets where a supply of food was available, soon found they were no better off. Roofs, not designed to support the weight of tons of snow collapsed, filling the stores with huge drifts. Icy winds and sub-zero temperatures froze everything edible.

People sought survival in the deepest places they could find, away from the blood chilling temperatures and perpetual darkness. Disused mines, caves, and in London, the dark underground tube network - already full of decomposing bodies - where people filled the platforms and tunnels, fighting each other for what little space that wasn’t taken up by piles of rotting corpses, and slowly they froze to death.

Humanity, in a short space of time, had been reduced to tens of thousands - less than when our ancestors lived in caves because they knew no better - but without their survival skills.

As the temperature dropped further, only those who had sought refuge in the deepest mines and caves had any chance of surviving the sub-zero temperatures.

Cannibalism soon became an accepted necessity for survival, though starvation and disease would take them all in time.

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