The Monitor

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Well, I was right about that. After we all stood silently around the nursery for at least a half hour, I made the call to Bryce. He was helping his parents load up the car with things from Claudia’s house.

With every ring, I felt the nervousness, anxiety and panic setting in again. How would I even begin to tell him about this without sounding like a crazy person? He picked up on the third ring. I tried to tell him what I had just witnessed, but all I could seem to get out were incoherent words and phrases in between him saying, “Wait...what?!” and “Quinn, slow down! I can’t understand what you’re saying!”

He must have gotten the drift that it was important though because within ten minutes of hanging up with him, he was bursting through our front door.

Tessa and I took turns filling him in on details and trying to best explain what we had seen. I could tell Bryce was aggitated and wasn’t wanting to hear any of it. I finally brought out the monitor and replayed the entire thing so he could see for himself. I watched his expressions carefully. He started out with his brow furrowed, lips pursed (obviously unwillingly) staring down at the screen. He was just starting to say “Cut the crap” when he finally saw the dark shadow appear in the image. “What the...” he muttered under his breath as he brought the monitor closer for a better view. And just a few short seconds later, we again heard the familiar, faint whisper of the voices. I saw Bryce’s face change from disdain to horror and finally to grief as it finally sunk in that he was seeing his grandma's spirit protecting our babies from the evil that had been trying to take them from us.

After the video ended, he stared at the blank screen for a while before looking up at me; tears filling his eyes. “How is this possible?” he whispered. “Quinn, I...I should’ve listened to you. I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you.”

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he broke down into silent sobs. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Tessa, smiling thoughtfully at me. She placed her other hand carefully on Bryce’s shoulder and spoke to us quietly.

“Bryce, your grandmother knew her time on Earth was coming to an end. And when she sensed the danger around the children, she knew she couldn’t protect them while she was alive. She wants you to know that joining with Quinn’s grandfather on the other side to save your babies has fulfilled her unfinished business here. And she can pass over peacefully now. But please know that she won’t be far if you ever need her. She has made it her mission to see that her family continues to be safe and taken care. She and Everett say there is no reason to fear any longer.” With that, she gave me a quick hug, waved goodbye to my mother, and disappeared out our front door.

Other than a few calls over the years to check in, that was the last time we saw Tessa.


Besides my mom, none of our other family members ever knew the details of what happened that day. We knew and we understood...and that’s all that mattered to us.

Claudia’s funeral service was beautiful. The church aisles were lined with her two favorite flowers; Lillies and Roses. Bryce and I stayed up at the casket after all the visitors had left the visitation. She was dressed in a beautiful lavendar silk dress. And she had a smile on her face. We didn’t know how to begin to thank her, but even in our grief of losing her, we were so grateful for what she had done for our family; both when she was living and especially after she left us. We knew she was happy, safe and at peace. And so were we. Finally.

After our experience, we kept the video monitor for a little while before trading it in for a traditional one. After all, we figured our babies had the best monitors we could ever ask for!

Only handful of times after that day would I catch anything strange, like the rocking chair moving in the nursery on its own. And every time I would just smile and say, “Goodnight, Claudia. We love you.”

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