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Nicholas Nathanael is my brother. He's good and wise boy, but he has an enemy, my cousin, Jun. I have matched him with Lucy to get along and forget Enso, Jun's girlfriend he loves. Jun decide to kill him by stabbing him during his trip to Shanghai. Nicholas doesn't die at all, he's half died. He lives, but struggling avenge to the Aunty Elsa family. He kills Jun and becomes more wicked than I know. I have my own world, he tries to separate me from my friend. But then, I realize my friend's not longer best friend anymore. What happened to me? Nicholas takes role of all my life by his marriage to Cecilia, he treats me like a bird in golden cage. His eyes like a killer and doesn't like to make a joke with everyone. I know his past is terrible. What happened to the real Nicholas? My true story, Nathania Stella

Horror / Thriller
Stella Yuliani
Age Rating:

My Little Past Story

Hi! My name is Nathania, you can call me Nia. I have my brother, Nicholas Nathanael. We are siblings born from Setiawan Njoo and Henny Kok. We live in Hongkong. I have happy day because my brother, Nic, always cook for my meal to school. I am 17 years old, he is 27 years old, we have 10 years gap.

Every day, my father, Njoo, drives me to school. Nic has his own school in chef. I ask myself, ‘Wanna won't to be a chef? I just want to be just a pianist. I have my own lecture schedule in piano.’ My friends just laugh at me everyday, ‘Jerk, your brother is a chef, and you wanna be a pianist?’ I have experienced some bully from them. ‘Girl, you can't handle your fucking ass in school subjects, just cook at home, till you bored. You can follow your brother to be a chef like a servant. Don't you realize, stupid?’ I don't think about them.

I go to church every Saturday evening, but Nic goes every Sunday morning. ‘Are you still kidding me, God is affair, I still bullied?’ I argued with him. Nic says, ‘No, God is good, He wants us to be stronger than before. You can't judge His temptation to us, is for our belief. You still a strong girl, you can defeat them wisely by advicing them.’ I grab my hands and throw my conditioner through to the mirror, ‘Damn! Why am I always be fucking bullied?’

Nic always accompanies me to the mall every weekends. We go to vacation every holiday in a summer. We can go to the Jakarta, or last Washington DC.

The final exam will come. ‘I hate Physics, I hate fucking damn formula, it's creeping out my brain!’ Nic teaches me about it, ‘Isn't difficult, haha? Creeping you outta brain, it's tricking us to think about how formula work in a case!’ I dingle my face, ‘Mr. Wong, our teacher, is such a creepy psycho man, he always makes some difficult exams for us!’ Nic laughes at me thoroughly.

This summer, I go to Jakarta, my mother hometown. ‘We'll visit Aunty Mira! She is very kind to bring you cookies every Christmas, now in her Lebaran Day, let we celebrate this for them. We'll take one week there!’ I feel rather bored, ‘Jakarta is crowded and polluted, no like Hongkong, with no MRT and shuttle bus stop. Crack on fucking holiday!’ Nic always points me and laughes at my silly face expression.

Aunty Mira loves to play with me and Nicholas. She says to us lovely, ‘I glad to be here for you all. You don't celebrate Lebaran, but you still take care of silaturahim between us!’

Aunty Mira lets us to the Dufan, a world of thousand games. ‘In Indonesia, is Dufan. In Hongkong, there are Ocean Park, and Disneyland!’ My father replies, ‘Love Indonesia, we have ever experienced them every weekends, and get bored!’ I grumpy. ‘What's wrong with this place, many trashes? Why don't people put the trash into garbage? Like in my place in Kowloon City, do they do like this, of course damn ass not for being fee?’

'Crak!' I have sent through the jet coaster with Irya, her son. I shout. ‘Why you put me in this ass coaster, no, damn you?’ I get pucked my stomach. ‘Why you love jet coaster?’ Irya laughes at me. ‘You don't have to worry, there is a safety belt there. I don't know you have a phobia of highness.’ I argue with him, ‘I don't even know that is so high. I never put myself into damn in Hongkong.’

Happiness flows passing me. My mother passes away from lever cancer. ‘God, damn you, take my Mom!’ Nic hugs me, ‘Do you know, God still loves our Mom, but if she still alive, is she will be happy?’ Father adds, ‘If she doesn't pass, she'll suffer forever with some medical plantations. She is well now there!’

I live only with Nicholas and my Father. ‘Is so silent, why?’ Nicholas smiles at me, ‘There are me and Daddy, you don't feel insecure like that. I still love you, I'll cook every day for your meal. We can take still vacation together with our 3 team.’ I still don't have spirit to stay alive. My Mom always keeps supporting me. ‘God, let me see my Mom at last time!’ Nic accompanies me slept. ‘Mom now is a star for us, look at stars, there are many, one of them is Mom!’

Nicholas has his birthday party at 29, now I turn to 19. Nicholas smiles at me happily. ‘Why are you crying, this is my birthday party? Come on, let's move on!’ I tell my feeling. ‘One is loss, Mom, she can make cake for you every birthday party. I don't wanna she gone fast like it now. Doctor says she will cure from cancer, but now, she dies.’ Nic hugs me, ‘Don't you happy in my birthday, why don't you move on? You still keep moving on, mother is now happy with Jesus there, despite life sorrow with some medicine in this home. Isn't God very kind of our Mom?’

In the end of first semester, I have an assignment to conduct the Style and Period of music. I ask my teacher, Lin, in my music course. ‘I don't know how to analyze the style and period, I decide to take Fantasia in C minor, from Bach. Through the second, I'll take the Novellete in E minor, by Poulenc. Through the third, I'll take Snow, Moon, and Flower, by Patz. The last, I'll take Mazurka in C Minor by Chopin. I need to submit this analyze and perform next 3 months.’ Ms. Lin answers, ‘You can search the characteristics of each period, then the composer biography. I'll help you to raise the criteria marked by your university. There's some fee to get an additional course with me!’

One middle of course, I get phoned by Father. Father worries, ‘Go home now, your brother has quarreling with Jun, Aunty Elsa's son, because of Enso, my friend's daughter, Mr.Song!’ I get home and see my brother quarrels, ‘Nic, stop, why are you quarreling? It's because of wedding fate, you should give way to Jun. You can find another girlfriend like Lucy, my onestep senior.’ Nicholas doesn't stop quarreling. ‘Damn you, dare you call yourself my cousin, you made me drunk last night for this hell. Get rid of Enso, I'll be his boyfriend. My hands can kill you now on!’

In the middle of Valentine Day, I get chocolates and flowers from my friends. ‘You all my friends forever, I never get such friend in my past school, I only get you all here. Do you still love me? Do you still want to be paid for lunch from me? Get some nearby cafe, I'll pay for all your dishes!’ All of my friends shout, ‘Nia, you're such a good girl, let us kiss you. We can make proud of your faith in promise us. Let's go with us, Nia!’

I get closer through the IFC Mall in Crystal Jade. I spend 555 dollar in there. ‘Next year, I'll pay for you again. Let me take this bouquets get home. Dolls, chocolates, and flowers. Heavy at all!’ Father angers at my credit card bill. ‘CCB, 555 dollar, crazy on you.’

I cry to the warm and charm Nicholas hug. ‘Why Daddy anger at me, I don't get fault to make charm party with my friends? Do you know, I still have lots friends in this university, not in my past? Damn Daddy, fuck yourself!’ Nicholas charms me. ‘You don't have to say that, he's our Daddy, he's a kind, but sometimes anger at our faulty, that's common. When we make fault, yeah, we get anger, see.’ I confuse, ‘Past, Mom didn't get angry with my fault, why Dad is so sensitive? Damn, I don't catch the difference characters!’ Nicholas smiles. ‘Dad and Mom use feeling differently, both of them are in different gender!’

Jun calls Nicholas away in our dinner at weekdays. ‘Why damn you call me?’ Jun says through the phone. ‘If you don't stay away from Enso, I'll make you regretted. I can kill you but later on, Nic. Hope you have your bless tonight!’ Nicholas angers on his call. ‘I'll kill you first, then you can kill me, we can die together. I don't make joke, we can fight until we die. You such a gigolo, don't you know, Enso feels disgusted with you and near you.’

Every day, I just wander my brother really doesn't have enemy. Jun is the real enemy because he is trying to get Enso rid from my brother. Will it take to be longlasting war between family? I don't think so!

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