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Fiery Mary & the Dog Days of Summer (Short Story)

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They say Fiery Mary walks the land during the Dog Days of Summer looking to strike down the devil. If she sees you out in the day's heat, she may think you're conspiring with the devil and strike you down with her sledge hammer. Inspired by Slavic mythology and superstition.

Horror / Thriller
Valerie Willis
Age Rating:

The Legend

They say the devil hides behind people, running from Fiery Mary and her brother St. Elijah. Homes, crops, and the hills of this region run risk of burning under Mary’s warpath. Many have had St. Elijah strike at their feet and say they have seen the Devil fleeing from behind them. Ognjena Marija, Fiery Mary, has always walked this land before Christianity, before the conquerors, and long before the ancestors of the people who still live there. Even today, descendants fear invoking Mary’s Wrath during the Dog Days of Summer.

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