Cruel Sacrifices

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Everybody laughed but Andrea.

“You’re going to record the date too, I mean humiliating him is not enough but it’s going to be on tape,” Andrea skeptically remarked.

“Yeah, what good is a prank if it’s not recorded live for all to hear? And it’s not just one date that’s going to be recorded and videotaped but all of them,” Pete slyly replied.

At seven o’clock, Rebbie and Cody were sitting inside a booth for their date at the Cafe Classic.

“You like it here?” Rebbie asked Cody.

“Uh, yeah it’s p-pretty good,” he stammered nervously.

“There’s no need to be nervous, baby,” Rebbie smiled brightly.

Cody gave her a half-smile. The waiter came and they ordered their food. They sat quietly for a few minutes. Rebbie played with her hair, sneaking quick looks at him.

“You come here often?” Cody asked quietly.

She shook her head and sipped her water.

“I never come here,” he said.

Then the waiter brought their food. They dug in immediately. Cody acted like he was starving. He didn’t seem to have any manners at all.

Rebbie ate her food delicately. She tried to hide her disgust when she saw crumbs fall out of his mouth and onto his plate, table, and floor.

He eats like a pig, she thought. She shuddered. She watched the recorder spin around and around from inside her pocket. They didn’t say another word to each other until their meals were finished. They wiped their mouths with the handkerchiefs.

Cody seemed to relax for the first time since they came there.

Rebbie cracked her knuckles. “So, aren’t you gonna tell me about yourself?” She asked him.

He gulped. “Yeah, uh I’m eighteen. Oh yeah, I already told you that huh,” he laughed.

She nodded her head and smiled sweetly at him.

“Well, I like to read. I love water. Plus, I enjoy cereal.”

Rebbie tried to keep from yawning. This is starting off as a boring night, she thought. She glanced at her watch. It was seven-thirty. Only thirty more minutes to go, she sighed.

“What about you?” he asked her, after finish naming his favorite cereal brands.

“I love swimming. I like the fair and six flags, the beach. Have you ever been to Miami or Hawaii?”

He shook his head no.

“You should go cause you’ll love it!”

“What interested you in me, Rebbie?” he asked her.

Now, this was starting to pique her interest. “You seemed different. You are smart. I bet you get good grades huh?”

He nodded again, this time yes.

“You are a cutie, I mean what else!” she exclaimed. She saw him smirk. “Are you close with your sister Shannon?”

“Yeah, sometimes. I mean, she’s okay. But she keeps to herself a lot. Like I do. I don’t know, it’s like she’s in her private world at times.”


“Yeah, do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“No, I’m an only child in my family. I’m not close with either parent. They think money solves all of their problems,” she scoffed.

“I see. You like school?”

She blew a raspberry and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I like it the same as having diarrhea and stuck on the toilet,” she laughed.

He laughed along with her. “Now, that’s funny,” he agreed.

Rebbie thought the date was looking up. “What was your sister doing before you left?”

“She was blogging on her website. She loves blogging and surfing the web.”

“Oh for real, I do too. What about you, do you like computers?”

“Yeah, I love exploring my tablet. I have so much fun on it!”

“Have you ever went on a date before this one?” she wanted to know.

“Uh nope, this is my first.”

“Oh okay,” she chuckled lightly. “Well, our date’s almost over,” Rebbie informed him.

He pouted some. He looked disappointed for a moment. “Aw, already!”

She laughed. “Yeah, hey there’s a next time! I really enjoyed myself, Cody.” Yeah, towards the end of the date, she thought.

They got up. She left a tip for the both of them. Waved him off as he was about to pull a bill from his wallet.

“It’s on me,” she said.

“Thanks,” he blushed.

They walked out to the entrance. The restaurant wasn’t too crowded this time, almost the same as when they first came in.

They walked out to Rebbie’s ride. She roared off as a rap song played over SiriusXM. She dropped Cody off at his house and rode along to Josh’s house, where she met the rest of their bunch.

Tony and Pete were sitting on the porch smoking. Josh was pacing back and forth, talking on his cell phone. She saw Andrea, Maria, and Joyce at the windows, drinking ice tea and laughing crazily at something.

“There she goes, the woman of the hour!” Pete stood up, wrestling her. She broke loose.

“So how the disaster go?”

“Who said it was a disaster?”

“Don’t tell me you had a fun time?!” Tony joked.

“It was all right, during the second half of it, anyway.”

They went inside the house. Joyce blew out smoke. They all went to the living room to talk.

“Let’s hear it. I almost can’t wait!” Josh cried.

Rebbie played the recorder. For the last hour, they heard what she experienced.

“Not bad.”

“And not good neither!”

They laughed.

Joyce spoke up. “Did the nerd enjoy his time, Rebbie?”

“I guess. He seems to. He didn’t catch on.”

“That’s cool. Before you got here the others were telling me about the dare. I’ll love to come with y’all when y’all go on the group date,” Joyce replied.

“Sure why not, let’s all go to the Hot Spot next time. Then Rebbie and dude can hit the dance floor!” Tony joked.

They all laugh loudly. Everyone except Andrea, who just shook her head. “I gotta go to the restroom, be back in a bit.”

When she was coming back from the john, her cell phone rang. She could guess that it probably was Lee calling or texting her. She was right. She saw a text message from him.

Hi andrea wht u doin

nothin much. I’m over a friend’s boyfriend house

oh you & him r alone

no, silly. She and sum more friends r with us

oh ok, I wanna c u

u do, now

wht’s da matter, u sound like u don’t wana c me

how u know how I sound, wen we jus textin

da way u phrase your text, dat’s y

anyway, u hav 2 pic me up, i rode over here wit a friend

dats all right, i’ll b over in 20 mins

i’ll b waitin 4 u den

Andrea went back into the dining room and joked around with her friends. They cracked silly jokes, dance, and snack on junk food.

When Andrea got ready to leave to meet Lee outside, Joyce mentioned that she would like for the girls to hang out together tomorrow night. They agreed.

“You got a date with your new boyfriend?” Tony pestered her as she walked outside to Lee’s car.

She ignored him and kept walking. Andrea hopped into Lee’s ride. He checked her out. His eyes prancing up and down, she could tell that he was exploring every inch of her body.

She glanced at the new suede jacket and cotton shirt he was wearing over designer gray jeans and Nikes. Andrea wore a tight jumpsuit and slippers, with her purse dangling from her side. Lee pulled off.

The stereo blared out some heavy metal music that Andrea was unfamiliar with.

“So, where are we headed?” she asked, leaning back in the passenger seat, adjusting the controls.

“Duh, my crib!” Lee laughed.

He gave her a mischievous glance. She playfully pushed his shoulder. They blew by other drivers on the road, kids on scooters, people sitting outside and flocks of birds flying overhead.

They were in Lee’s driveway in no time. They got out, clutching each other’s hands. Lee smooched her on her lips. Andrea smiled.

They went inside his house. Lee locked the door behind them. As the time went by, they enjoyed some take-out, watched TV shows and a movie, and cuddled after making out. A loud knock sounded on Lee’s back door. He got up startled.

“Who is that? Are you expecting company tonight?” Andrea asked him, surprised.

“No, I wonder who the hell that is at my door?” he replied. He looked through the peephole. “Oh crap, man what you want?” Lee opened the door as Michael came inside.

“I came to see you. Oh, I can tell you don’t want me here. And you have company! You must be Andrea?” Michael grinned at her.

“Yeah,” Andrea answered but Lee interrupted.

“I guess I’ll lead the introductions. Michael, this is Andrea Smith. Andrea, my younger brother, Michael Robertson.”

“Nice to meet you, Andrea.”

“Uh, same here.”

Michael sat down in an armchair across from them.

“What brings you by, Michael?” Lee gave him an annoying look.

Michael smiled in return. “I was bored and I wanted to hang out. Just checked to see if you were home.”

“Yeah, as you noted before, I have company.”

“Yeah, am I interrupting something? I’m sorry.”

Lee rolled his eyes. “Yeah right, as if you care.”

“You got anything to drink? Cuz man, I am thirsty!” Michael hooted.

“Yeah, some fresh water and tea.”

“Not that thirsty. I mean you got any beer or wine?”

“This is not some liquor store, man. You want liquor, head over to Eighth Avenue. You’ll have plenty of choices there.”

“Ouch, I’ll settle for Budweiser. I know you got some.”

Lee took his time getting up. “I’ll be back, Andrea.” Lee walked into the kitchen.

Michael was still smiling at Andrea. To Andrea, the smile seemed fake or not as pleasant as she would like it to be. She thought about Lee’s conversation about Michael’s past troubles.

“You like my brother?”

“Yeah, he seems like a great guy. He seems really nice.”

“Hmm, yeah you’re right. He seems nice,” Michael laughed.

Lee came striding back into the dining room. “Y’all talking about me?” Lee joked.

“Yep,” Michael teased him.

Lee handed him a beer. Offered Andrea one, and took one for himself. Lee popped the top for himself and Andrea. Michael down the beer.

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