Cruel Sacrifices

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“Was that what that look was about in there?” Andrea pointed toward Kip’s.


Andrea swung herself over to Lee’s side and brushed her lips against his. “I hope that makes you feel better.”

He caught her arms before she headed back over to her side. He massaged her back and kissed her all over her face.

Andrea look around at all the other vehicles park everywhere she could look. They saw kids hanging by the door smoking.

“You’re looking everywhere but my eyes,” he spoke to her softly.

That’s when she saw his eyes. A tenderness mixed with an evil glint. She ignored the sight and went on making out with him.


Late one winter night, Rebbie and Cody were inside her bedroom again. Rebbie had positioned cameras all across her room. She had the best and latest technology.

She had them propped up in places that Cody wouldn’t notice. Like in her old teddy bears and dolls. Poking out from the computer and the entertainment stand.

Josh, Pete, Maria, Tony, Andrea, and Joyce were inside Pete’s house, watching and listening on the computer and camera monitors. They were zooming in so close they could see the freckles on Cody’s cheeks.

“I betcha can’t wait huh?” Rebbie playfully teased Cody.

He smiled at her. He seemed happy, Andrea thought. Oh my God, this is so wrong. Why are we doing this?

“I sure can’t,” Cody replied back.

“Do you love me, Cody?” Rebbie caressed his jaw.


Andrea thought he sounded like a snake when he said that. She looked around at the others laughing their heads off. They all had frozen smiles plastered across their faces.

“Man, we are some fucking voyeurs!” Joyce joked.

“Look the creep is starting to take off his clothes,” Josh remarked.

Both Rebbie and Cody were in their underclothes. Within minutes, they both were naked and having sex on digital cameras throughout the room.

The cameras were zooming in on them and taking still shots, recording everything they did.

“Dammmn, now that’s what I’m talking about!” Tony laughed even harder than before.

Teasing was followed by foreplay then that was followed by exotic lovemaking.

“Rebbie is like a man! Go, girl!” Joyce joked.

“Slow down, Rebbie, the boy is still a virgin!” Pete remarked.

Pete’s bedroom filled with raucous laughter and talking.

“Now that’s enough! This crap is so wrong!” Andrea spoke up.

“Andie, come on. It’s only a prank,” Joyce replied.

“Yeah, a cruel prank,” Andrea muttered. She not only felt guilty but miserable. What would Shannon think of us now? Later, the cameras showed Rebbie and Cody putting their clothes back on.

Pete was wrapping up the “show,” he started putting everything back in its place. “Next stop, the internet!” he boasted.

“No, hell no! Are you crazy?!” Andrea scolded him. “You are not going to upload this shit to YouTube where everybody can see this video when it was supposed to be private between them two!”

“Andrea, this was the plans all along. Where were you?” Pete laughed.

“I mean, do you guys have any decency at all? Invading his privacy like that. And what about Shannon?”

Tony cut in. “Get real. This could make Cody a star. I mean do you even know how many people became overnight sensations doing this?”

That really got them laughing then. On the screens, Cody and Rebbie kissed some more.

“I had a fun time tonight,” Cody replied quietly to Rebbie.

“I did too,” she perked up.

That caused another round of laughter from them.

“So you really enjoyed your first sexual experience, huh?” she smiled at him.

“Yeah, I did. Can we do it again some other time?”

The friends burst out in commotion again.

“Dang, dude is desperate!” Josh hollered.

“Sure, anytime you like, honey. Just give me a call,”

They continued to smooch each other. The friends saw tongue.

“I have to get my stuff. I got to head home. I’m alone tonight,” Cody informed her.


“Uh-oh!” Tony cried.

The others laughed even harder.

“Down, Rebbie, down,” Maria remarked.

“Yep, I know what you are getting at,” Cody chuckled.

Rebbie’s grin grew bigger.

“I got a lot of homework to do. It’s late. Shannon’s gonna be getting back from her date with Freddy soon.”

Rebbie made a face. “Okay, next time then.”

Cody headed to the bathroom, taking a canvass bag with him.

Rebbie’s smile faded away instantly. She stalked up to the video monitors and made a face.

“That Rebbie is crazy!” Pete comment.

“Y’all do know that was hard-core porn we just watch!” Joyce fell on Josh’s bed laughing.

“You know, that gives me an idea. What should we call this video?” Josh asked.

“Hey, what about, Sweet Loving in Rebbieland!” Tony suggested.

“I got one! What about when hot broads do dweebs!” Joyce joked.

Cody came back on the monitor. He was prepared to leave.

“Ready, sweetie?” Rebbie swooned.

“Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be,” Cody grinned.

Andrea just now noticed a small gap between his two front teeth because she rarely saw him smile before. Rebbie threw one last evil smirk at them before she turned out the lights as they headed out.


“I know that was the best pep rally ever at Riverdale! Now let them fools try to top that!” Tony gloated.

“Patterson High ain’t got nothing on Riverdale!” Rebbie raised a toast.

Tony, Rebbie, Pete, Josh, Andrea, Joyce, Maria, Cody, and Shannon were lounging at the Cafe Classic later that evening.

“So Tony, I’m guessing that the rally was off the chain because you were performing,” Shannon comment.

“You most definitely know it,” Tony boasted.

The others shook their heads and laughed.

“In the yearbook, the person who should be voted for biggest ego-Tony! Riverdale’s own!” Josh cracked.

“That is so on the money,” Andrea muttered.

Tony didn’t even look in her direction.

“Cody, before you started hanging out with us, who was that kid you were with?” Maria asked him.

“A guy named Steve, we go way back. We went to middle school together.”

“Hmm, I had so many friends in middle school, I can’t remember any of their names,” Pete replied.

“What’s up with you and that new cat?” Tony piped up.

“Who you talking to?” Pete asked.

“She knows who I’m talking about?”

Andrea sigh deeply. It was Tony first time speaking to her all evening. “You mean Lee?” she replied.

Tony said nothing.

“Oh, the dude you cheated on homeboy with!” Josh cracked.

“Whatever, I don’t cheat on anybody. And I don’t do open relationships like some people do.”

“Ooh, Rebbie she’s talking about you,” Pete joked.

Rebbie licked her lips. Her lips glistened heavily with lip gloss. “And she could be talking about you too, Pete,” Rebbie responded.

Some of the others laughed.

“Did y’all hear what Marcus and Lisa were discussing on Twitter today?” Joyce remarked.

They finished their meals they ordered.

“You mean about Mark getting that scalding grease thrown in his face at work,” Tony said.

“Yep, he and Curtis were going at it. Curtis is in jail now, charged with assault and battery,” Joyce informed them.

“Wait, ain’t Mark going to jail too?” Rebbie asked.

“Yeah, after he gets treated for his burns. I mean, the dude messed him up. But since they were both fighting at work they both got to pay the consequences,” Joyce finished.

“Man, that’s tough. If somebody does me like that, I’ll kill him,” Shannon remarked.

Andrea looked at her when she said that. She saw a hard expression in her eyes. Shannon turned to look at Andrea too. The expression remained.

This time she didn’t try to change it. For some odd reason, Andrea picked up that Shannon was trying to send her a message. But what kind of message? Andrea didn’t know.

“I don’t blame you, that’ll be the last thing dude will regret,” Pete laughed.

Shannon held Andrea’s stare a little bit longer before she took her time looking away.

Does she know about the pranks that we played on her brother? If so, she sure hasn’t mentioned it. We really don’t know much about Shannon, do we? The bad things didn’t start happening until we met Shannon, Andrea thought.

Oh cripes, what am I doing?! Why am I becoming suspicious of my friend Shannon? Now that I think about it, the same thing could go for Lee and his brother Michael. The threats didn’t start until we have gotten to know them too. So what does that mean?

“So Shannon, Cody, tell us about your lives in Baton Rouge?” Maria asked.

“Um, nothing much to tell really. We lost our parents at an early age. Cody and I live alone. I loved my mom and dad. We were extremely close with our mother. Our dad was cool but he was distant. They never cheated or had many problems like most. They were married over twenty years,” Shannon told them.

“Really, that’s sad,” Maria commented.

“Not to get in your business, how did they die?” Andrea asked her.

She saw Shannon swallowed hard. She seemed to hold back tears. “They, uh, died in a meth explosion. A neighbor was cooking it and their house, ya know, was right beside it and both houses blew up. Cody and I were away visiting relatives. A bunch of folks was injured and stuff. When the medics came, it was too late. The house and our parents were gone,” Shannon replied quietly.

“Damn, sorry to hear that. That was rough,” Tony comment.

“God, that was horrible, Shannon! How did you and Cody pull through? I would have been a nervous wreck!” Andrea replied.

“I guess time. Though they say as time passes, some of the sadness and anger let go. But I don’t know...” Shannon’s tears streaked her face.

Andrea felt guilty for suspecting her a minute ago.

“We were only teenagers back then. I believe we were around thirteen. I still can’t get over it sometimes. It is difficult,” Cody added.

“Yeah, it’s like bittersweet memories. We remember the good about our parents. And the bad when it came to those addicts taking them away from us. But you know, times changed and we with time,” Shannon finished.

“That is so true. Wow, I’m sorry I asked. I didn’t mean to pry-” Andrea started.

“No, it’s all right. We’re friends, right. I don’t mind telling you about our family. It’s good to talk about it with others, you know. To get it out of our system.”

They were quiet for a long moment before they resumed talking about their plans for college, movies, and shows they’ve seen, parties they planned to go to, and vacations they wanted to take.


"Bitch, how does it feel now to be the center of attention?” I asked the girl that was on all fours on the ground.

“Please, I’m sorry! Don’t...”

“Shut up! Shut the fuck up! You stupid whore! You and your kind,” I rasp, breathing hard. I put the tape back over the girl’s mouth. I had dragged the girl in the middle of nowhere. We were in the isolated countryside of Marianna, Arkansas.

It was pitch black all around us. I had on all dark clothes. Ditching the usual hooded robe.

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