Cruel Sacrifices

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Andrea also remembered them freezing. They all looked cold as death. There was a silence that she had never actually listened to.

Then the officials coming to inspect the scene. Cody dying on the operating table later that night. Andrea had heard that Shannon broke down.

She literally went crazy, some folks who witnessed what happen said. Those detectives questioning us for hours. Like they almost didn’t believe our stories. But we were consistent and stuck mainly to parts of the truth, Andrea thought grimly.

Instead of the fight, Cody had slipped when they were dancing around. Being tipsy clouded his vision. And the alcohol in his system added credence to that.

And in the end, the officials let them go, for now. The phone rang. Andrea shot halfway up.

“Hello,” Andrea answered quickly, hoping it was Shannon calling her back but most likely was the police calling for more questions.

It was Lee instead. “Hey, Andrea, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing okay, Lee,” she replied quietly.

“Oh, that’s good to hear. I’m sorry about that guy Cody, that’s messed up.”

“I know.”

“You guys went to the police station too?”

“Yeah, that was something.” Andrea wiped her eyes. Sticky tears began to fall from her brown eyes down her face.

“You know, if you need something I’m here,” he comforted her.

“Uh thanks, Lee. That’s nice of you. Say can I call you back tomorrow? I’m sorry, I am so very tired. I was at the station for hours and this is my first time attempting to get some sleep.”

“Uh yeah, sure, Andrea. Call me back when you’re ready.”

Andrea sense some disappointment in his voice when they hung up.


“...Andie, please, pick up the damn phone! He’s after me!” Rebbie yelled into the receiver.

My mask covered my entire face. I advanced slowly on Rebbie as she lay bleeding heavily from scars all over her body on the ground.

“Michael, please, you’re drunk! Baby don’t...!” she continued.

The screams stopped in mid-air as the blade came down chopping off Rebbie’s head. I smirked. I’ve given Rebbie an ass whooping of her life.

“Poor poor, Rebbie,” I taunted to the now dead girl. I tugged at the phone in Rebbie’s hand and closed it with blood smeared hands. “That’s a message that Andie will remember all the days of her life until she dies which will be pretty soon."


“Have you seen her today? I didn’t see her at school at all,” Andrea asked Michael over the phone.

“Nope, I haven’t, Andrea. The last time that I saw her was last night when she was over my place.”

“She was over your place last night?”

“Yeah, that’s what I said, didn’t I?”

“Okay thanks, anyway. Can you call me if you see her? Tell her it’s very important,” Andrea told him.

“Sure will.”

Andrea breathed deeply. She was walking away from school heading to her car. The bell had rung over an hour ago, but she was just now leaving.

“Yeah, Maria, I got her message yesterday. She was hysterical. She was screaming and crying, from what I could tell. She sounded as if Michael was trying to kill her or something,” Andrea informed Maria over the phone, as she drove back home.

“Really, oh my God! Did you give that info to the police yet?” Maria wanted to know.

“Duh, but do you think they care about that now. They probably already think that Cody’s death was more than an accident. I mean you saw how those cops looked at us last night. They were very suspicious!”

“You’re right about that. But it was an accident! Cody fell on his own.”

“Yeah? After Rebbie gave him a good push. We all saw that, Marie!”

They hesitated for a moment.

“You said she called Michael’s name in the recording?”

“Yeah, she did. She said something like, ‘He’s after me.’ Then said that he was drunk and told him not to do something.”

“So you let the cops listened to the voicemail?”

“I was about to, but it got erased some kind of way. I know I didn’t do it! I had told that lady cop, Langley, about it on the phone. She told me to let her see it. But when I told her somebody erased it, she told me that it was nothing she could do. She needed proof.”

“Anyway, do you know that people are thinking that Rebbie ran away from home? I mean, what in the hell is she going to do on the run? Try to start a new life elsewhere? That’s unique!” Maria scoffed.

“Yeah, I know.” Andrea got a beep on the other end. “Say, Maria, I’m getting a call on the other line. I’ll call you back later.”

“Sure, bye. Talk to you later, Andie.

“Yeah, all right. Hello?”

“Hey, Andie, how are you doing?” Lee asked her.

“Uh not too good, Lee.”

“Yeah, me neither. Andrea, can I meet you somewhere to talk? It’s urgent.”

“Yeah, what’s up? Where to?”

“On Fifth Avenue.”

“Fifth Avenue? That’s a rowdy neighborhood!” she laughed.

“I just want to go talk somewhere that Michael won’t think is suspicious.”

Those words stunned Andrea. What could Lee know about his brother that would make him want to risk going into a bad neighborhood just to talk about it with her?

“What time?”

“How about now? The sooner, the better.”

“.... I know he did it, Andrea. Michael told me last night that he jumped on Rebbie. He hit her pretty bad. The same way he jumped on Kylie and she ended up dead. And now Rebbie’s missing. I bet sooner or later, they are going to find her dead body in an abandoned shed or lake somewhere too!” Lee remarked.

Andrea had to catch her breath. She wasn’t expecting this from Lee. “Ya know, when Rebbie call me and left a message, she mentioned Michael. She had said that he was drunk and told him not to do something. She also said that he was after her. The girl was in a panic. Man, how I wish I answered that call! I might have saved her! But I forgot and left my phone at the house when I was hanging out with Trish and Joyce. I still don’t know why she called me and not 911?”

“How do you know she didn’t? She could have.”

“She didn’t. The cops told me they check with dispatcher around that time and there were no calls from that phone number.”

“How do you know she wasn’t using another phone?”

“I don’t, but Reb always has her phone on her. It’s like a lifeline, ya know nowadays who don’t have their own phone? I bet our generation can’t remember when cell phones did not exist!”

Lee looked at her thoughtfully for a split second. “You’re right, Andrea. It does seem weird that she would call you and not 911 if she was being attacked. But what if it wasn’t her?”

They both gave each other questionable looks.

“Wow! That sound eerie! And that only begs another question. If it wasn’t her, then who was it?”


“Hey, Mom,” Andrea called when she came inside her house that evening.

“Hey, back sweetie,” Dana said.

“What’s for supper?” Andrea asked.

“What you think? Your favorite dish.”

“Dressing, that’s great!”

“Uh-huh, that’s right. Your father and I are cooking everyone’s favorites tonight.”

“That’s good,” Andrea comment as she walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

“Don’t be late for dinner again, honey!”

“I won’t, Mom!” Andrea took off her shoes. Slung her book bag on her desk. She placed her cell phone on her pillow and bop down. She felt so lazy today.

She yawned loudly as she stretched her arms above her head. She heard a metallic ching. She glanced at her laptop. She realized she had an instant message.

Curious, she got up and sat at her desk. She saw a message asking whether or not to approve an IM from a new user. She rarely approved IM’ing people that she didn’t know.

But this time felt different for some reason. She saw the user name, RiverdaleHeightsAlumi, and figured that it must be a student from the school.

She reviewed their profile, which was almost blank and approved the user. Within seconds some text popped up on the screen.

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: Hi andie

Andie: uh hi, who’s dis

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: a friend

Andie: ok. what friend? what’s your name?

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: An old friend.

Oh Lord, Andrea thought. This person with their games. Maybe this was a mistake after all.

Andie: I see. U go 2 Riverdale?

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: dat’s right

Andie: and U say dat U R 1 of my friends?

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: Right again!

Andie: Hmm, ok, what do U want

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: just checking 2 C how U R doing

Andie: i’m ok now. Thanks 4 asking

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: uh-huh. So Riverdale is having a memorial 4 Cody tomorrow?

Andie: Uh yeah, dat’s what I heard today in Mr. White’s class.

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: U coming?

Andie: Uh yeah, I guess. It’s da least I can do.

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: What actually happened that night?

Andrea paused for a moment. She wondered who in the hell was she talking to! She didn’t want to reveal any information online. This might be an undercover officer or something.

Andrea thought about those cops going undercover to catch a pedophile on those undercover sex stings from Dateline.

She definitely wasn’t going to reveal any information online to this person or anyone else. Especially since she didn’t know who she was talking to.

This person may not be who they claim to be. And she didn’t know who that was. And besides this user acted very strange.

Andie: Uh, I can’t reveal anything specific because it’s still under investigation but it was an accident. We did nothing wrong. Andrea typed.

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: Dat’s not what I heard

Andrea trembled slightly. She watched the cursor blink rapidly on the screen for a long minute.

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: U still there, Andrea?

Andie: What did U hear

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: I heard someone pushed Cody

Andie: dat’s a lie

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: oh, is it

Andie: yes. That’s a rumor and it’s wrong

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: hmm, we’ll see about dat, want we

Andie: what do you mean about that

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: like I just said, you’ll see

Andie: how do you know my name

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: like I told U earlier Andrea, I’m an old friend of yours. I know everything about you. Your bra size, what kind of thong you like to wear, how big your tits are, I remembered what kind of freak you were in bed. sound familiar now? lol

Andie: but what’s your name?

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: Ha ha, it’s not that simple sweetheart.

Andie: Sweetheart?

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: Yes, we used to date. I guess I can tell U, we used to fuck back in the day

This was beginning to sound very creepy to Andrea. Very scary indeed. This person is an old boyfriend of mine?

She strained her mind, trying to remember any boyfriend that was psychotic back in the day. There were a few maybe, but not as twisted as this person seemed.

Andie: Tony is that U?

RiverdaleHeightsAlumi: What, who da hell is dat?

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