Cruel Sacrifices

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Andrea strained her eyes looking at the mirrors and windows. But all she can see was a dark slicker and what look like a ski mask. “The Killer! It’s gotta be the killer,” she replied.

“The one from the news?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, who else,” Maria replied.

Josh struggled to keep on the road, they were almost off the freeway. They were coming to the end of the bridge.

Then at the last minute, the other driver repeatedly slammed into them with so much force it knocked their car into the railing.

Andrea, Josh, and Maria hung on for dear life. The other car reversed and hit them again from the side.

The railing bent back, they all knew another push from the other car will send them flying over the bridge, nose first, straight into the freezing water of the Arkansas River.

“Can you back up and get us out of here?!” Maria choked out in panic.

“The car is dying, it won’t start!” Josh screamed, frantically trying to start the ignition. “The gears are jammed, something’s been knocked loose!” He continued, desperately trying to switch gears.

They all looked behind them. The other driver, the killer, they all knew by now, was reversing backward, tires screeching and flooded forward getting ready to ram them again.

“We have to get out of this car! He’s going to keep trying until he either kills us or knocks us directly into that river below where the cold current will finish us off!” Andrea shouted.

“Are you fucking kidding me?! This is crazy! Where the hell are we going to run to, Andrea? We are in the middle of nowhere!” Maria snapped.

“She’s right, we can’t stay in this damaged car,” Josh agreed with Andrea, giving up trying to start the motor.

“We have to make a run for it!”

“And when we do, the man’s only going to run us down!” Maria cried. “Oh God, this is my worst nightmare come true!” she went on.

“Let’s go, guys! He’s coming right at us again!” Andrea screamed.

They jumped out in time as the killer knocked Josh’s car into the river, as the railing gave away.

Maria screamed.

“Let’s go now! We can’t just stand here!” Andrea hollered.

Maria looked miserable, her face was covered in tears.

“Come on, Maria, let’s go! What are you doing?!” Josh snapped her back to reality. It was like she was in a daze.

Billows of smoke hurried out of their mouths. It was freezing cold. The temperature felt below zero. The three ran to the side of the bridge as the killer took off at them again.

“I told you two, he’s only gonna run us over!” Maria panicked.

“Where are we going?! Anybody got a cell phone? We gotta call the cops,” Josh demanded. “I left my phone at home.”

“Oh shit, I left my phone in my purse in the car,” Maria exclaimed.

Andrea was already reaching for hers. “I got mine!” she cried as they ran from the killer’s car to the other side of the bridge. “It’s almost dead though. The battery is so low,” Andrea muttered as a beeping noise alerted her about the phone’s extremely low battery.

She began to dial 911 but the phone cut off. “Oh shit! Goddammit!” she barked.

“What happened?”

“It went dead!”

“Oh fuck, our only chance gone with that battery!” Josh cried.

The car was speeding toward them again very quickly. They took off together. Maria ran so fast she stepped out of her shoes.

Andrea ran over to the road at the end of the bridge. Maria tripped over some debris in the road and fell down.

“Maria!” Josh yelled. “Get up, run!” Josh pushed her out of the way as the killer ran into him, knocking him over the bridge.

“Josh!!” Maria screamed, her screams matched his, as he dove headfirst into the freezing water below them.

The killer wasted no time advancing on Andrea and Maria.

“Maria, we can’t help him now! We have to leave!” Andrea screamed at her, as Maria stood in the middle of the bridge.

Andrea was already panting on the side of the sidewalk near the bridge.

Maria awoke from her reverie and as she ran toward Andrea, Andrea saw something dark and shiny arise from the killer’s gloved hand as the killer lean out of the window. A pistol!

“Maria, watch out!” she called but it was too late.

The killer pulled the trigger and the suppressed bullet blew through Maria’s head, taking off half of her face.

“Nooo!” Andrea hollered. “Please!” Andrea fell to her knees as the killer turned the gun on her then. “We didn’t mean it! I am sorry!” She shouted at the killer. “Why are you killing us?!” To Andrea’s amazement, the killer leaned back inside the car and close the window. Turning off the headlights, the killer then raced at her.

Oh no, he’s not finished! Duh, Andrea! She berated herself for being so stupid. Obviously, he’s not leaving witnesses. But I still don’t know who it is.

All Andrea saw of the killer, what looked like a dark and silvery grotesque mask on his face and a dark shirt. It was all she could see from where the killer was sitting in the car.

Andrea ran behind some bushes by some now closed businesses. She made a zig-zag turn near a ditch, where she hid from the killer.

From her vantage point, she could see the killer’s car in the middle of the road, seemingly searching for her. Is he getting out? Andrea wondered in terror. He had to have sat there for a full minute.

She couldn’t see the inside interior of the car, but she knew the killer’s eyes were searching for her everywhere. She heard another car driving up recklessly.

She saw the killer slowly sped off as the other car drove by. Andrea almost was about to risk being seen by the killer by flagging down the other vehicle.

But the driver flew by so fast, she didn’t have time to respond. Its headlights now tiny circles in the distance. She now saw the killer’s car drive off.

She heard a low beep coming from her phone, surprised that she still had it from all the running she did and that it came back on briefly.

“I know where you’re hiding, Andrea.” The text simply said before the phone went off again.

July 1, 2018

“Hey, Andrea, you coming over to my house later tonight?” Trish asked her as they shopped at the McCain Mall.

“Yeah, that slumber party, right, Trish!” Andrea laughed.

Trish laughed along with her. “I know, I know. We haven’t had one since we were little girls. It should take your mind off of everything that’s happened over the year.”

Andrea thought back to that horrific night. That psychopathic killer chasing her and mowing down her friends.

Cody’s accidental death, Rebbie and Pete’s unsolved disappearances, the killer had sent her another text message the following morning, informing her about Rebbie and Pete’s deaths.

She didn’t know what to believe at first. But this killer has kept their word so far, right? She couldn’t call the police because of the so-called “boy who cried wolf theme.”

The cops only believe that she was making it up, besides none of her friends’ bodies showed up. But she had seen Josh and Maria dying with her own eyes. Now, she was in a state of misery all these months past.

“Yeah, I guess. If that’s even possible. If anything is possible, hopefully, fun should do it.”

Andrea and Trish were driving over to Trish’s house. They had their shopping bags in the trunk of Trish’s car.

A brand-new tan Cadillac. The girls stepped out with the bags and headed into the house.

“I feel so good today, girl!” Trish exclaimed. “Cause you know I’m going away this Fourth of July!”

“Really, that’s cool!”

“Yeah, I know. My boyfriend’s parents and my parents are going to Canada for vacation. My parents and his are very close business partners, it’s a lot of stuff they got to take care of, so why not have fun while we’re up there!”

“Again, that’s great, Trish! I’m happy for you. Y’all need a vacation. What’s it been like almost three years since the last one?” Andrea chuckled.

“Probably, something like that.”

The girls bopped down on the couch.

“We’re all alone. We need men to come over here and keep us company,” Trish purred.

“Hey, now, you said nothing about men coming over here tonight for the slumber party!” Andrea scolded her.

“Get real, sweetie! This is not your grandmother’s old-fashioned slumber party! This is 2018 now! The twenty-first century. We’re not little girls anymore, Andrea. We are all grown up. Man, it’s been a blast I tell ya! After the senior prom, graduation, planning for college and all, high school is in the rear-view mirror and college is coming up in the next lane!” Trish exclaimed.

“You got that right!”

The girls were toasting to their accomplishments, each with a can of beer.

“But I wish the others were here with us, you know,” Andrea replied absentmindedly.

“They are in spirit. They are looking down on us right now, Andie.”

At ten p.m., the girls invited their boyfriends Lee and Dean over to the house. Trish went upstairs with Dean. While Andrea and Lee took a walk around the block. The two held hands and shared small talk.

“I just feel so, I don’t know, like this mess with this killer is not over. He’s not finished with us yet, Lee. I mean the man could have killed me but he chose not to for some odd reason. I could be like my friends are now, rotting away in some unmarked grave,” Andrea shuddered.

“But you’re not. Don’t let it get to you,” Lee reassured her. “Ya know, the night is still young. You’re still gorgeous. You are so assertive. Your willpower to stay alive is going to beat this killer in the end, Andrea.”

What a weird thing to say, Andrea thought to herself. An odd line to say to someone. Andrea shrugged off the strange wording like she did the rest of the night and the days that led up to this one.

This evil, cold-blooded, sadistic murderer was still on the loose, the police were still investigating the crime sprees in his path and turning over every rock to try to capture him. But could the killer be somebody close to me?

He had said in cyberworld that he had been close to me. That we had slept together in the past, Andrea began thinking. He said he knew my bra size and other personal things about me. But I was never any freak in any bedroom!

Andrea thought skeptically. Maybe I was to him if he’s even telling the truth. Is he that bitter about our relationship? What did I ever do to him that was so bad?

If the killer is an ex-boyfriend of mine, who is it? I don’t remember any psychos or nut-jobs that I dated before. He doesn’t sound like anybody I ever dated.

He sounded so angry, so bitter, hateful, creepy, and so cold, like a sociopath. I wonder what happened to him to make him this way.

Who was the person that set him off? What was it that made him do these despicable things? Is this show of his even real or is it all an act? If any guy I dated before acted like he did, he would have stood out to me, I would have remembered.

This person seemed so angry with me. Seemed to hate me so much. But I wonder now that it might not be my past that this killer is from. What if he’s from my present?

What if whoever is doing these horrible crimes is one of the new people I recently met or became friends with. Like Lee or Michael or Shannon or maybe even Tony. I haven’t heard from Shannon or Tony in a while.

I don’t even know if Rebbie or Pete is dead, I only have the killer’s word that they are, the police never recovered their bodies, what if one of them faked their deaths or what if they were working together.

Andrea shook her head. No, I can’t imagine that. The killer got to be somebody I really don’t know.

“Hey, you have been awfully quiet this evening. You want to go back inside to chill, hang out?” Lee suggested.

“Uh, sure. Why not,” Andrea said quickly.

They began to walk back to Trish’s condo. They locked the door once they were inside. As Andrea sat down, Lee almost sat on top of her. Damn, the man is horny! She thought.

Lee French-kissed the living daylights out of her. She returned the passion with pleasure. They were both all over each other, making out like crazy as the night went on.

Fourth of July

“That sounds great!” Andrea exclaimed over the phone with Shannon.

It was the wee hours of the next morning.

“We can call it Our Fourth of July Summer party!” Shannon suggested.

“Yeah, Tony already got the fireworks. But with the drought and everything across the country-” Andrea started.

“It’ll be okay. We’ll be safe and having some ecstatic fun at the same time!”

“So is Freddy coming tonight?”

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