Cruel Sacrifices

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“Ma’am, is that gunshots I hear?” the woman’s voice went up a notch.

“Yes, it is! Like I said, send the cops quick! Somebody, that killer from the news is trying to kill me!” Andrea screamed with all of her might.

“Of course, we’re sending help right away, ma’am. Just stay put, they’re on they’re way.”

Andrea drop down to the floor in the car when she saw the masked killer again. The phone fell from her grasp, she didn’t bother to pick it up.

“Get out of the fucking car!” Freddy screamed at her, aiming the gun at her face. “Right now. I see you ducking inside that car!” He rushed at her and dragged her out, as she started to get up. “You called the cops, didn’t you?” he spat at her.

Andrea gulp loudly.

“Stupid bitch!” he slapped her across her face.

Then out of nowhere, at the corner of her peripheral vision, Andrea saw a flash of movement. A person rammed into her from behind, knocking the wind out of her.

What is this now?! Andrea thought in panic. Both Andrea and the person behind her fell to the ground.

A few feet from her, she saw the killer take off his mask. She turned around and look into Shannon’s enraged-filled eyes.

Andrea gasp out loud. “Shannon, you’re alive?!” she exclaimed.

“Duh, of course, I’m alive!” Shannon raised her tone.

Andrea now saw the gleaming black pistol in her hands. It was a Glock. She saw Freddy held the .375 Magnum in his hands.

They both got up. She saw Shannon waved at Freddy. Then in an instant, Shannon pulled the trigger, shooting Freddy in the heart.

He fell down, clutching his chest. He could barely get out the word why before he choked on his own blood and died. The weapon fell from his hands.

Andrea turned to look at Shannon. She began to understand what was going on now. She realized what was happening.

“You killed him,” Andrea said quietly.

“That’s right, I did. I had to,” Shannon answered her.

“But I still don’t get it? Why-” Andrea started but Shannon cut her off.

“You and your friends killed my brother, Andrea. I couldn’t let y’all get away with that,” Shannon replied quietly. “So I got my stupid boyfriend, Justin, to throw you guys off. I planned this revenge. I was the mastermind for it all,” she explained.

“You mean you killed all those people? You threatened us?” Andrea was shocked.

“Hell yes! As if you guys were so innocent! I was there, you bitch when y’all killed my brother! Oh, maybe Rebbie didn’t intentionally kill him, but she pushed Cody. And their little tussle cause my brother to fall and crack his skull! And if that wasn’t enough, your so-called friends lied to the police about what exactly happened!”

“I am so sorry, Shannon. We didn’t mean it-”

“Shut up!” Shannon screamed. “I’m still talking! You don’t interrupt when I’m speaking!” Shannon wagged her finger at Andrea. “And then how could anyone forget the dare! That selfish dare! Y’all planning those awful dates, taping those sexual encounters and uploading that filth to the internet for the whole world to see!′

’Everyone watching my poor shy brother lose his virginity because of a game! You know, the last I checked, those videos have gotten over a hundred million views!” Shannon chuckled. “You were never any friend of mine! None of you were! Real friends don’t play each other like that, Andrea,” Shannon’s voice dropped off again.

Where were those cops at?! Andrea thought desperately. I hope they don’t think I’m playing ‘cry wolf’ again.

Shannon started talking again. Andrea remained silent, letting her speak. She deserved it after all, after everything she did. Every tragic thing.

“I had loved you like a friend, Andrea. We probably could have been really good friends. But your weakness and stubbornness is going to cost you your life.” Shannon raised the weapon in her hands.

Andrea now spoke. “You didn’t have to kill all of those people, Shannon. Did you kill your own parents too? And those folks in Louisiana?”

“Yeah, I always hated my mother. So I killed the bitch and her boyfriend. I didn’t kill my dad. His drinking did that. He killed his own self over her. The poor bastard just drank himself to death. And those people here and in Louisiana, those kids made fun of my brother. Played him like you and your friends did. That girl Amanda, you heard of her?”

“Yes, I heard about her death on the news.”

“That ho was another Rebbie. She didn’t go as far as Rebbie, but the bitch went far enough and so she had to die. They all did.”

Andrea now heard a faint police siren in the distance. Shannon heard it too. But she didn’t turn around.

“I knew you called the cops. But I don’t care, Andrea. I never did. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of playing God.” Shannon yawned loudly, still holding the pistol steady in her hand. She brought her hand down to her waist.

Andrea saw Officers Langley and Davis along with the Swat team began to assemble in the clearing of the woods.

“Drop the gun now! Put it on the ground and put your hands above your head where we can see them!” shouted one of the officers.

Shannon instead kept the gun poised, she was still facing Andrea. She slowly turned toward the cops, the gun was pointing to her own face now. Andrea thought for a moment that Shannon was going to commit suicide by police.

She put the gun inside her mouth.

“Please don’t, Shannon!” Andrea protested. “They’ll get you the help you need. You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to go out this way!”

“What do you care, Andrea! You want me to shoot you instead. You not even worth it! I murdered dozens of people, I ain’t going to the penitentiary, dammit! Or I’m not going to get the lethal injection, I’m not going to let them kill me, I rather kill myself instead!” Shannon cocked the gun inside her mouth.

“You don’t want to do this! Put down the gun, let us talk to you!” Officer Davis remarked.

The other officers snuck closer, with their pistols drawn.

Shannon turned back to Andrea. “When men who stand by and don’t do anything, they become as bad as the ones who cause trouble,” Shannon, the killer, said her last line to Andrea before she pulled the trigger and killed herself.

Andrea blinked rapidly as Shannon’s blood flashed on her. She watched Shannon fall lifelessly to the ground. The gun fell to the ground with a clang.

Andrea watched the cops work their way all around her. Red and blue lights illuminating the entire woods.

Officer Langley took her by the shoulders. “Let’s go, Andrea, I’m going to take you to the hospital to get that bump check out then I’m going to take you home. You’ve seen enough for today. We’ll get that statement from you later, dear.”

Andrea nodded, letting the officer lead her to the cruiser.

Four weeks later

Andrea sat on top of her car eating Kiwi. She was wearing a short, sleek summer dress and sandals. Her long hair was flowing in the breeze. She saw few vehicles pass by in her neighborhood.

She saw a car come roaring around the corner and pulled into her driveway. She saw a tall guy with blond hair get out of the car, a white Lexus. She smiled as Lee came closer to her. He sat on the hood with her.

“Hi, babe,” he spoke to her.

“Hi,” she replied.

“You look good today, as always,” he commented.

She grinned wider.

They hesitated for a minute.

“I’m sorry after everything that’s happened over the months. I have been wanting to talk to you but I haven’t had the chance. You’ve been pushing me away, sweetie,” Lee replied quietly. He went on. “I haven’t seen you in weeks. It’s always one excuse after another that you and your parents give me.”

“I know,” Andrea finally spoke. “I don’t mean any harm, Lee. It’s been kind of rough these last few weeks. The police wrapping up their investigation recently. I just want to be left alone for now, sweetie. I love you and all. But I want to start back over again. We should give each other distance, space, for now.”

Lee shook his head. “Was it something I said, did?” he asked.

“No, just me living. All of the murders. Everything that’s happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if you fell for someone else now.”

“No, I want you. I’ll wait. I’ll see you again sometime, Andrea.”

“Yeah, and that may be a long wait. Like I said, I’m not going to be dating for a while. I’ve been celibate for some time now. And if you love me and want to be with me in the future, then you’ll respect my wishes,” Andrea replied.

Lee nodded again. “Well, until we meet again. Bye, Andrea.”

“Yeah, bye, Lee. See you some other time.”

Andrea didn’t even watch him leave this time. She barely heard the motor of his car when he drove off. She slowly began to count the clouds in the sky as Lee quickly took off. She could tell that she had disappointed him. She didn’t mean it. She also wondered if she’ll ever see him again. Maybe. She had a feeling that she would.

Because she didn’t feel that was the end of their romance yet. But she did know for a fact that she would never see her friends again. Her cell snapped her out of her trance. She looked down to see Trish’s number calling her.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Oh hey, girl, do you wanna come hang out at the Regal Cinemas?”

“Look not right now, Trish, maybe some other day, I just wanna keep to myself for a while and...”

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