Cruel Sacrifices

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She spotted them about twenty yards away. They waved as they came closer.

“That’s them,” Cody turned to look at them.


“Wow,” he looked impressed.

“Hey, girl, we were looking for you, where you go?” Maria asked.

“I was walking around and talking to my twin brother here, his name is Cody,” Shannon introduced them.

“Hi, Cody,” Andrea smiled.


“Hey, there,” Maria winked at him.

He nodded.

“Well, you ready for the tour?” Andrea asked.

“Yeah sure, say, Cody, you wanna hang out with us. I could drive you back home after we finished,” Shannon replied.

“Uh OK.” Cody blushed a deep red. He stuck his hands into his pockets.

Then the four began the tour around the high school. Andrea and Maria show them the football and basketball fields, the auditorium, the lounge, student body office, and a host of other important rooms. After what seemed like an hour, the teens split up and went their separate ways.

“Thanks for everything! See you all tomorrow!” Shannon waved to them.

“Yeah see you,” Andrea hollered.

“Hasta luego,” Maria called.

Shannon and Cody hopped inside their father’s beat-up BMW. They fastened the seat-belts as Shannon started the ignition.

“You were right. They seemed like cool kids,” Cody comment.

“Yeah, but as you know, we got to be careful. We can’t let anyone get too close to us,” Shannon said sternly.

They drove off through the town of Summerville heading for home.

“Eric, you screw-up! You clown!” Andrea scolded her kid brother.

“What I’ll do this time!” he yelled back.

“You know what you did!”

“No, I don’t!”

“God, I swear! You are so freaking annoying! You do too know, you ate up the last Magnum ice cream bar, you twit!”

“I was hungry. Mom had a late start on dinner, twerp!” he criticized her back.

“You are fifteen years old but you act like a little kid! You could have fix yourself a snack until dinner instead of eating up all of my treats!” she groaned. “I could strangle you, you creep!”

“There you go threatening me again! Dad, did you hear Andrea?” Eric’s voice boom through the house.

Andrea closed the open fridge. Her iPhone rang, playing the ringtone of Kelly Clarkson’s “Low.” She turned to it and picked it up and saw that it was Maria calling her.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Hey, Andie,” Maria crooned.

“Oh, hey, girl. I was getting ready to call you in a little bit.”

“Uh-huh, have you eaten already?”

“Yeah, I have. I was about to eat some ice cream until I found the empty box in the freezer, Eric ate the last bar.”

“That sounds just like Eric. Josh, Rebbie, Pete, and I are getting ready to go to the Cafe Classic and the lake tonight, you and Tony wanna come along?”

“Uh yeah, sure that sounds like fun. Let me call Tony and ask him if he wants to come along.”

“Pete and Josh probably already asked him but you can still check to see if he wanna come. We’ll swing by about seven; guess this will be like a triple date.”

They hung up.

“Mom, Dad, I’m going out with friends!” Andrea yelled up the stairs.

“All right honey,” her mom’s muffled voice, answered back.

“Be in about midnight,” her dad called back.

“Yeah, I won’t be gone that long,” she replied. She passed by Eric talking on his smartphone and surfing on the web at the same time.

“You going out with them losers again!” Eric squeezed out before she left out the door.


“Man, I was talking to my crabby sister, she complains like a baby over some ice cream that she did not even buy!”

Andrea heard him say through the closed door. Andrea called Tony about the outing as she stood on the front porch.

“Yeah, they told me. I’m with them now,” he told her.

A moment later, a dark Cadillac Escalade honked around the corner heading for her house. She jogged to it and got in.

“Whoa, it’s cozy in here,” she murmured as she sat at the very back beside Tony.

Everybody was dressed according to the weather. Especially with the warmer than average temperatures. Andrea had changed into her slides when she came home from school.

Tony French kissed her as Josh pulled away. They passed through other small towns such as the Hollingsgrove, the Horizon, Meadows, and now they arrived at Summerville.

Later, they pulled up at the very popular Cafe Classic restaurant that a lot of the high school and college students hung around at.

It was one of the main go-to places in Summerville. The three couples got out and went inside the crowded restaurant. Even though it was a Monday, the place was packed. Adolescents were everywhere.

They stood for a minute before a hostess led them to a table in the back. The place was loud as different conversations took place overlapping each other.

Andrea observed the scene. She enjoyed looking at hot and sexy hunks even though she had a fine ass boyfriend. But that didn’t stop her from looking cause a girl’s gonna look, right?

And she bet Tony got his kicks for looking at babes as well. Her eyes met a smoking hot guy. His hair was designed in elaborate braids. He looked college-age. Designer gear.

Wow! She licked her lips. Their eyes lingered for a moment until she broke the stare. The guy-babe had a date too. It was only a few seconds more when her eyes met another guy, a sunny blond. His piercing eyes gave her a thorough check-out.

He smiled at her. He was more gorgeous than the other hunk. Mm-mm. She was the first to break eye contact again. Now, what is this? Is it something in the air tonight? She thought to herself, secretly enjoying the attention.

Why do I have to be the first to break eye contact, what might happen if I don’t? She didn’t want to give any guy a hint. The blond was with a crowd too.

She couldn’t tell if he was high school or college. She glanced back at him and saw that he was still sneaking glances at her. She turned away from him again.

She didn’t want to make Tony jealous. But when she saw him joking with their group, she noticed that he wasn’t paying attention at all.

“Ya know, if we ran out of chairs, the girls could all sit on my lap,” Tony cracked.

The others laughed. A waitress took their orders. The others at the table ordered cheeseburgers, fries, milkshakes, and chili cheese hot dogs and sodas while Andrea only ordered a drink and a sundae. Several long minutes later, the waitress brought their food to them.

“I can’t believe how crowded it is here tonight!” Tony exclaimed.

“Me neither, man. There are a lot of hot babes too!” Pete remarked.

Rebbie hit his arm. “Whatever, I can say the same thing about the fellas,” she scolded.

The six were piled up together around the narrow table.

“How’s Coach Simmons treating y’all?” Maria asked.

“He’s been okay so far. Just don’t get on his bad side then watch out!” Tony laughed.

“He’s a good coach. But the basketball team, I mean without the few good players that we have, we would be losing badly to a bunch of schools,” Rebbie said.

“My solution is this: kick the bad apples off the team. Then recruit better players,” Maria comment.

“Then that’ll be half the team! The season is almost over!” Tony replied.

“I guess that can happen next year,” Andrea added.

“Are we going to the lake tonight?” Rebbie asked.

“You know what, I still want to. The lake is one of the most haunted places in Summerville. We should tell some creepy ghost stories while we’re there,” Maria announced.

“Lord, that sounds so not awesome,” Josh said.

“Hey look, I sure as hell don’t want to hear about some fishy ghost tale!” Andrea remarked.

“Then don’t listen, clogged your ears up,” Rebbie laughed.

“Man, I know you brought some beer tonight, didn’t you?” Josh asked.

“Yep, it’s in the trunk,” Pete replied.

“What, are we just itching to get stop by the cops?!” Rebbie exclaimed.

“I don’t get caught! I’m too smart for that!”

They chuckled. Maria got up to use the restroom.

“Don’t get your ass raped in there!” Josh yelled.

“You are so dirty, you need that mouth washed out,” Maria called back.

Tony began to text as they finished their food.

“I see you all got a new addition to your little clique,” Josh remarked.

“Oh Shannon, she’s cool,” Andrea answered.

“Her brother is the biggest nerd on campus,” Pete replied.

“I know isn’t he,” Rebbie agreed.

“Y’all stop talking about people. He is a friend’s brother,” Andrea scolded them.

“So, that’s the big idea,” Josh said.

“Do you think dude might be gay?”

“Shit, I don’t know. That’s usually how it goes if an ugly guy can’t get a girl.”

Andrea rolled her eyes. “Guys, you don’t know if he has a girlfriend or not. And he’s not ugly, I think he looks okay.”

Rebbie snickered.

“I know that is very funny,” Pete and Josh burst out laughing.

Maria made it back to the table at that point. Snatching up the last of her coffee cake as she settled into her seat. The others had just finished their food. Rebbie was slurping on the last of her soda.

“I got it. Let’s play a game. Why don’t one of you girls come on to dude and pretend to be his girlfriend!” Pete suggested excitedly.

“What?! Are you fucking kidding me? No way!” Andrea quickly replied.

“Come on, it will be fun. It’s only a joke,” he replied back.

“I’m with Andie, Pete. That is mean. I don’t want to break somebody’s heart like that,” Maria said.

“What are you scared? Chicken?” he barked nastily.

Josh laughed.

“I don’t get it, what’s so funny?” Andrea asked.

“What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of pissing off his sister Shannon?” Josh played along.

“Get real! I’m not afraid of that! It just seems not right. I mean, he’s a new kid. Why do you want to mess with him like that?” Maria questioned.

“I see it as tons of fun. Why not? I bet the kid’s a virgin. It’ll probably be the best fun of the kid’s life!” Rebbie joked.

“Come on, that’s not nice. I don’t want to participate in this crazy...” Andrea began but Tony cut in, putting his phone on the table.

“I like it too. One of you girls can pretend to date dude. Get him to give up his virginity and everything. You can act like he set you on fire!” Tony blurted, while the other boys and Rebbie burst out laughing.

Maria and Andrea didn’t laugh.

“You people are so fucking cruel!” Maria snapped.

“I know. How the hell do you even know that Cody is still a virgin?” Andrea demanded.

“Is that a rhetorical question?” Pete joked.

The others laughed even harder.

“Girls, cheer up, they’re just playing. It’s just a joke. What are you two, the moral police or something?” Rebbie remarked.

“No, it’s just that I don’t want to see anyone get hurt by a joke, that’s all,” Andrea answered.

“Get real, no one is gonna get hurt. Nobody is gonna get their heart broken,” Pete replied, still laughing. “It’ll only be a prank. A good one at that,” he finished.

Andrea rolled her eyes and exchanged glances with Maria. “It’s like you guys have got nothing better to do with your time,” Andrea muttered.

She tuned out their conversations. She drifted in and out of words about school, sex, and celebrities.

Andrea turned her profile away from them briefly, her eyes again met the blond over by the door. He gave her a sexy grin.

She turned back to her friends’ table to see if anyone caught it. She saw Maria bite her lip and give her a knowing look. Andrea played it off as if she wasn’t bothered.

“Y’all ready to head out on the lake?” Tony asked.

“Hell yeah, let’s get the fuck out of here!” Josh exclaimed loudly. So loud that some kids turn in their direction.

They began to get up, walking to the door. They had to squeeze along the pathway because it seemed like the place got even fuller.

Andrea had made it to the door when all of a sudden she stopped and looked behind her.

“Hey, guys, I gotta go use the restroom all right, so wait on me,” she called to them, taking off in a sprint.

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