Cruel Sacrifices

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Andrea laid on her back, staring up at the ceiling. It was after midnight. She was dressed in a thin, silky nightgown.

The gown hugged her curvaceous body. She had just finished applying cocoa butter creme to her cocoa skin tone.

Her slippers kick off on the floor. She blinked a couple of times. She was reminiscing about her life. She thought of her parents, her obnoxious brother Eric, her friends Maria and Rebbie, her new friend Shannon, and her boyfriend Tony.

She also thought about that stupid dare that the others wanted to play on Shannon’s brother Cody. Her thoughts were beginning to run to Lee when her cell rang. She answered it. It was him, the new guy. What am I doing! She dreaded to herself.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hello, is Andrea there,” Lee asked.

“Yeah, this is she.”

“Hey, Andrea, I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“No, I was already up. What’s up?”

“Nothing much. I wanted to talk to you, that’s all.”


“What school you go to?”

“I go to Riverdale.”

“The high school?”


“Oh okay.”

“What school you go to, Lee?”

“I go to UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) I’m a senior there.”

“What’s your major there?”

“Business Administration.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m twenty-five.”

“Wow, you’re a grown man! I’m only seventeen,” Andrea exclaimed.

“Well, I hope we can continue to talk to each other. Age difference means nothing to me. Have you ever talk to older guys before?”

“Not really, they tried to come on to me but I rejected them,” she laughed.

“Oh. I’ve been so bored lately. I broke up with a girlfriend about eight months ago. And I want to talk to somebody.”

“Don’t you have buddies for that,” Andrea teased.

“You know what I mean, Andrea!” he playfully scolded.

“But as I told you earlier tonight I already have a boyfriend, his name is Tony.”

“Yeah, I remembered. But college guys are wiser.”

“Oh, are they now,” she laughed.


Now they both laughed.

“What do you like to do for fun,” she teased.

“You mean besides having sex?” he teased back.

They both burst out laughing again.

“You know what I mean, Lee.”

“Well, I like to watch TV. I like sports. I like to go on Facebook and Twitter. I like to blog. Post shit on Instagram. I have my journal online that I post stuff like blogs and pictures on every day. I detailed my kills there,” he whispered.

“What, what did you just say?” she almost thought she didn’t hear him correctly.

“Oh nothing, I said nothing.”

“No, you said something all right. Something about detailing kills.”

“Oh, I was seeing if you were paying attention,” he laughed. “I like to hunt and fish. That’s what I meant. I’m a sharpshooter. I always hit my target,” he confided to her.

She had an odd feeling that he meant a little more than what he was telling her.

“What about yourself? What do you like to do for fun?” he went on.

“I love to eat and drink. Post my favorite things on Pinterest. I like to post updates on social networking sites like Twitter and Tumblr. I enjoy my Kindle Fire and going out having fun,” she told him.

“I enjoy going out too. Maybe we should go out sometime, to a movie or game, anything you like.”

“Why do I get the feeling that sounds like a date,” she joked.

“That’s because it is one. A friendly date. Have you ever been to The Hilltop?”

“Uh, who haven’t?”

“We can hang out there sometime?”

“Uh-huh, where all our generation makes out at,” she replied.

They laughed again.

Andrea yawned loudly.

“Am I boring you or something?” he pouted.

“No, not at all. But it is after one now,” she said.

“And you’re getting sleepy.”

“Maybe we could check out that Hilltop place you were talking about,” she teased.

“I’ll love that,” he comments.

“What kind of car you drive?” she asked him.

“Now, I know you’re out of it,” he chuckled. “I drive a Ferrari. Sky tone,” he answered.

She yawned again. “Same as your eyes.”


“I drive a Bentley.”

They hesitated a long moment.

“Can we go out this weekend?” he asked.

“Like when?”

“I don’t know, a Saturday. I know, I know about the boyfriend thing, but it’ll just be a friend thing. I mean what the guy doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right?”

“Uh, um, I guess. Talk to you later.”

“Yeah, same here.”

The next morning, Andrea was skimming through the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette before she headed off to school. She was scanning headline to headline when one caught her attention. Andrea read it in its entirety.

Serial Killer on the Loose

Police officials are investigating a stream of murders that have taken place across Arkansas and Louisiana. Investigators believe the murders may be linked because ballistics from the same gun a .375 Magnum was found at each crime scene.

The FBI has been called into the cases because it is now a federal case. The most recent murder happened a couple of days ago in Pulaski County. A couple was found shot to death in their home. The man and woman had been shot in the head while in their bed. The man also was shot in the arm.

Their names were Nicole Peters, 40, and Donathan “Davey” Forest, 38. Police found very little evidence or DNA that turn up nothing. Also, the other cases included a young woman named Amanda Rivers, 18, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, whose head was nearly decapitated by a bullet who police believe was by the same killer.

The woman had been murdered during a Fireworks party last Fourth of July. A teenage couple, Mark Williams, 16, and Sally Denver, also 16, were found shot to death and their bodies hacked to pieces afterward in a neighbor’s backyard, a group of teens found shot execution-style in a car a year ago.

Their names were Mary Reilly, 18, Barry Thompson, 19, Leen McScott, 18, and Abigail Land, 17. All were natives of Louisiana.

Investigators have no motive for the deaths. They are warning citizens to be on alert and if they see anything suspicious to call the police. Residents have been shaken up across both communities in Arkansas and Louisiana.

Detectives from both states along with the FBI is revealing little about why they believe the murders might be related other than the ballistics from the same weapon.

“We just hope we can finally nail this murderer. So far, this person hasn’t left any good clues for us to figure out who they are. We don’t know if it’s one person or more. We don’t even have a detailed description of the killer. But we don’t want residents to panic or become vigilantes. If they see any criminal activity, they should not hesitate to call us,” says Police Chief Daryl Winters in Arkansas.

The only thing each case has in common is that there were no witnesses. Officials currently have no leads.

“Andrea, you still here?” her mother, Dana called. Dana looked like an older version of Andrea.

“Yeah, I’m getting ready to leave now, Mom,” she called back, putting the paper down.

“OK, don’t be late dear.”

“I won’t.”

Dana came down the stairs and kissed Andrea on the cheek. “Your brother already left,” she scoffed.

“Oh yeah, he left about twenty minutes ago. He ate his Pop-Tarts and ran out,” Andrea said.

“Usually, that’s the other way around. I’m used to Eric dragging his feet and you already gone. Well, ciao,” her mother called, grabbing her purse from the counter and jogging out the door. Her mother wore a conservative business suit and low heels.

“Bye, Mom.”

About fifteen minutes later, Andrea locked the door and got in her Bentley. Usually, she was the next to last to leave before her brother. First, her father Benny, next her mother, then she and last Eric. She locked her car doors and put on her safety belt.

She cranked the ignition as a loud, pop-rock video blurted out on the TV screen. She moved the visor down to block out the early sun.

She back out of the driveway and headed out on the road through Summerville. She drove fast to the school. Even though she hated getting tickets for speeding, she received two the past year, but she found it hard to break the habit.

Hell, everybody at school drove fast and drank and smoke, and listen to loud music.

She drank liquor but she never did it while driving. She did not smoke either, even though most of her friends did. As she drove, she listened to different artists from Tupac to Cyndi Luper.

She had a very diverse playlist. Her iPhone rang loudly, Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” startling her from her reverie. She saw a text from Lee.

What R U doin’ now?

She text back I’m at school.

Can u talk 4 a bit

sure wht up

what r u wearin’

do u ask yo buddies dat same?

Ha ha

dbl ha ha

wnt 2 go 2 da cafe classic saturday

uh I dnt know lets go 2 the Hot Spot instead

wht d’ya know bout da hot spot lol

lol I like it, I got in wit my friends a year ago

wen u wer 16, u hav a fake id

yeah lol

wow can I see u 2 nite

I dnt know

com on



I guess

i’ll drive over 2 c u

i’ll b waitin’

c u den

yeah c u

They disconnected. Minutes later she arrived at the school. After homeroom, she met up with Shannon and Rebbie.

“So it’s set! I can’t wait for the end of this week,” Rebbie exclaimed.

“You’re not alone in that regard,” Andrea agreed.

“Tyler Perry is so funny! Madea is way awesome! Cody and I are crazy about her!” Shannon comment.

“I know right. That’s the way I enjoy my comedies. I gotta keep laughing all the way through the picture,” Andrea remarked.

They saw Maria running along with the throng of students.

“I can’t freaking believe that woman, Mrs. Raul, gave us homework last night, and on the first day back at school!” Maria sighed when she caught up to them.

The girls walked into Mrs. Pinkston’s class.

“You won’t believe that Pete is planning on singing for the dance,” Rebbie informed them.

“What, can he even sing?” Maria asked.

“Can he ever do anything right, besides kiss?”

The girls snickered. They sat down in their seats. Andrea pulled down her white sweater over her blue jeans, it had been hitch up on her back.

She crossed her legs and tied her boot’s shoestring. This morning air was colder. She looked at the other girls. Checking out what they wore.

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