Cruel Sacrifices

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“Wonderful, then that means nobody will get in the way,” Rebbie remarked.

The girls finished homework and ate dinner. They all help make some salad and lamb chops, washing it down with fruit juice.

Later, they told horror stories, watch blue ray discs, told more tales, this time about their lives and school.

“So are you thinking about fucking with Lee, Andrea?” Rebbie asked.

“What come on, it’s not like that. I am interested in him but I don’t know.”

“I say go for it. The man is hott! With that physique and those mesmerizing eyes!” Maria comments.

“Come on, girls, I got better class than that. I’m still with Tony! We’re only friends,” Andrea warned.

“I agree with Andrea. She doesn’t want to break anybody’s heart. Ya know, it is better to be off with the old love before you are on with the new,” Shannon informed them.

“I supposed you’re right,” Andrea agreed.

Later, after her friends left for their destinations, Andrea waited for Tony downstairs. She saw him through the window and ran to open the door for him.

Why I am running like a schoolgirl, like this is my first boyfriend or something, she thought. Tony came in, shivering from the cold.

“Whew, it’s cold out there. The temperature is dropping like a mother!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know. Baby, you want some hot chocolate?” she asked him.

“Hell yeah, maybe I should have stayed under the covers, warming my butt by the fire!”

“Hey, now, ain’t my love for you deeper than that,” she cooed. He laughed, not responding.

He followed her into the gigantic kitchen. It was a mixture of black on black stone. A bar table not far from the dining area. The floor was of porcelain tile. All up-to-date appliances. It was clean with dishes, pots, pans, knives in its places.

Andrea made the drinks, adding a handful of marshmallows in both mugs. She handed Tony his steaming cup of hot chocolate and began to drink from hers. They each sat at the bar table.

“So, what you been up to lately?” he asked.

“Nothing much. The girls were over here earlier hanging out with me. We had a lot of fun. You should have been here,” she laughed.

“Uh-huh. Just what I needed, to be getting teased with a bunch of girls!”

“Where are the other boys?”

“Josh is at his house. I don’t know where Pete’s at. Hell, I don’t keep up with people. This is delicious.”

“I know, right. The football team was good today. I bet the pep rally is gonna be off the chain!”

“Yeah, I know. That’s because I’m in it!”

She reached over and hit him. “Whatever.”

“And so you know, it’s not going to start until I get there!”

“What did I ever see in you, Tony, you are so stuck up on yourself,” Andrea comments.

“Nah, but I’m modest about it.”

She rolled her eyes.

He continued on. “Rebbie gonna ask Cody out on a date tomorrow.”

“What, why?” Andrea looked stunned.

“Duh, stupid, the prank. She’s gonna get Cody to give it up to her. She got less than a month.”

“Oh my God, what in the hell is wrong with her and y’all! So y’all are still going through with it?”

“Uh, yeah. It’s going to be a riot.”

“Somewhere along the way, I heard about this before. But it was almost always on the other foot. It was the nerdy girl who was played out.”

“Yep, that’s right. Man, we gonna have so much fun with dude! We are going to be setting updates, planning sleepovers, you know it,” Tony remarked.

“I don’t like it. You guys should not play with him like that. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves! I mean, we are cool with his sister Shannon. She seems like a cool girl. They both seem like good kids. I don’t believe you should play a prank like that on him.”

Now it was Tony’s time to roll his eyes. “Get over it, Andrea. It’s only a game, man. Why are you so concerned with him all of a sudden? You know the boy is weird too. The whole school knows it! He finally gets to go on a date with one of the finest girls at Riverdale.”

“Oh, so Rebbie is fine to you?” Andrea questioned.

Tony blushed lightly and chuckled. “Next to you, that is.”

“Anyway, I like Shannon and I like Cody too. I don’t think you guys should play with his heart like that. Do you even remember the golden rule?”

“Don’t get all biblical on me now. I hate it when you preach. It’s not like you are an innocent victim in all of this. Remember that girl back in third grade, the one that you and Maria bullied. Man, y’all were some mean girls back in the day!” Tony laughed and continued on. “I still remembered when the nurse had to cut all that bubble gum out of her hair. She looked like a bald eagle for weeks!”

Andrea vaguely remembered the episode. She hated herself for how she treated that girl. It was one of those life experiences that made her change for the better. Maria and Rebbie could care less about that girl’s feelings but Andrea not so much.

She had feelings now and she grew extra sensitive to bullying. Andrea shook her head. She changed the subject.

“When did you guys pick tomorrow for this jive with Cody?”

“Today, Rebbie didn’t tell you about it?”

“No, we were here for hours. I don’t see why she keeping secrets, oh that’s right! Shannon was here with us the whole time. Maybe she didn’t want Shannon to find out.”

“But she’s gonna find out regardless when Cody starts dating Rebbie.”

They finished the drinks.

“You want to go upstairs and hang out?” he suggested.

“You mean like lay down.”

They snickered.

“Yeah, you know what I mean.”

The two went upstairs to Andrea’s room. She turned the light back on. Her entertainment system was slowly churning out Martina McBride’s “Anyway.” They laid down on top of the bed.

The flat screen in front of them looked like a pitch of darkness. The fish swam like Olympic gold medalists in the aquarium.

Andrea’s curtains were pulled tightly back. The beige carpet looked soft and spec less. Her Chester and cabinet drawer made shadows across the wall. They whispered petite things in each other’s ears.

They French kissed and cuddle on top of each other. Tony pulled off her clothes and Andrea did the same to him. They slowly but passionately made love.

Lee: I love it big time

Andie: u do, lee

Lee: yes

Andie: hmm I luv cookouts 2 but strip poker its ok

Lee: so wen r u gona visit me

Andie: I dnt know

Lee: how about tomorrow nite

Andie: i’ll think bout it

Lee: r u & your brother close

Andie: uh, not really. I mean we r sometimes but other times it’s like he’s in his own world. I try 2 reach him but u know, I guess I just let him b.

Lee: oh ok. I’m not close at all with mine either. It’s like we got different genes or something

Andie: wht high school did u go 2

Lee: hall

Andie: I know a bunch of folks dat went der

Lee: u know wendy simpson

Andie: I heard of her

Lee: dane williams

Andie: no

Lee: deshawn mcVane

Andie: yes don’t he play football 4 the Razorbacks

Lee: dats right

Andie: my boyfriend and his friends know him. Wen they wer freshman @ Riverdale, he was a senior der back in 2012.

Lee: he’s a good player. There’s talk dat he might get drafted 2 the NFL, whoops sorry I know u can’t stand sports so let’s move on, u & da boyfriend close

Andie: yeah

Lee: how close? U guys have sex a lot

Andie: haha, yeah

Lee: how much

Andie: we match da stats

Lee: lol ok

Andie: wht bout u & your exes

Lee: bout da same, u in 2, hell how can I phrase dis, uh lollipop lol

Andie: lol oh my god r u serious. Tell me right now r u dat freaky or

Lee: or what you’ll stop tlkin 2 me

Andie: lol imho i’m not like dat. I have friends dat do dat

Lee: ok who r dey

Andie: sum girls name maria & rebbie, hav u heard of dem

Lee: no

Andie: anyway, der high school, & u probably don’t do high school, whoops did I say dat! lol

Lee: hey sweetie, i’ma hav 2 get off, wht bout if we make dat date tomorrow nite @ 8, cool enuf 4 u

Andie: yeah dats sweet. Well good nite lee

Lee: yeah good nite 2 u 2 andrea

Yesterday was just so unusual

I felt so bad and my mind was too blank

I tried to ask for help, but it just wouldn’t come out.

Even though they couldn’t read my mind,

only they knew what I wanted.

So as I went out to the drag-race and hoping for a drag

...a drag...a drag...

The crowd sang on and on at Riverdale’s student body drag-race get-together. Andrea and her friends were there along with half the school celebrating the 50th anniversary of the tradition that was discreetly started by students decades ago.

There also were dozens of other students from nearby schools too. Throughout its inception, the students meet at a close-off clearing, where they had drag-races, parties, challenges. They also acted ruthless and loud.

The most popular students made the rules. Andrea watched along with Maria, and Shannon as Tony prepared to race his ride along with his nemesis Dean Parkston, another popular senior at Riverdale. Rebbie stood in the middle of both rides, counting down for the boys to race.

The dusk had fallen quickly. The sun had already set hours ago. A clear moonlit the path, littered with stars looking like broken pieces of shiny glass. Maria rooted the boys on with the rest of the crowd.

The drag-race song was as old as the school itself. Andrea thought it was a silly song but fun. The song can stand to be updated along with the times. Who even sings songs at drag-races? She thought lamely.

“What if the fuzz shows up?” Shannon asked her.

“If so we’ll just haul ass out of here. The cops rarely show up on this side of town,” Andrea informed her. “They show up only a handful of times over the years.”

The two vehicles took off leaving a trail of exhaust behind them.

“Yeah show that dickweed off, Tony!” Josh hollered.

Pete and half of the crowd roared their approval. While the other half stamp its feet and gave thumbs down. Andrea shook her head. Tony and Dean were racing side by side, kicking up dirt and debris along the way. Both boys were concentrating hard on the race.

Pete and some other insiders were jumping up and down all over the place instigating the action. Chairs were prop up from one end to the next. Most of the crowd sat in the bleachers stand.

The crowd had pause singing the theme song of the show. They resumed singing the rest. They also had a teleprompter showing the lyrics if anybody forgot them.

Just wishing for a drag! While it been such a warm winter evening.

Early this evening-with my spoiled and stubbornness, I wanted to get up to move about, to shout, toughen in an outspoken Way-hey mister, I wanted to play.

“Y’all come out and joined me!” That’s what I yelled at my friends.

I pulled beside the young man with the fiery eyes and aflame hair.

He threw me a dirty look and I threw one right back at him.

Then he asks me this: “Are you ready to lose?”

I knew I had to say something back. I said: “Are you?”

Then that’s when we took off. All of a sudden we were speeding through the tunnels of the streetlights!

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