Cruel Sacrifices

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Just hoping for a drag! Until this the time I’ve finally got one. It’s been such a warm and exhausting night. The huge and bodacious crowd cheered on. Knowing for the start, I’m gonna be the winner, cause tonight the luck is on my side. Ain’t nothing going wrong tonight.

We’re having a fine time at the drag-race and we’re getting so rowdy and crowded at the drag-race. It’s been such a blasted time at our fun-race, just looking at the chaos show at the drag-race. The drag-race is almost over. All the tension and excitement has been building up.

We’re gonna be right, straight, cool, and just plain crazy-cause tonight’s the night that we’re gonna be down-to-earth and just plain sleazy! While having the ball at the drag-race, the drag-race, the drag-race!”

The crowd roared the finale. Cheers and hoots went up everywhere. Shannon pumped her fists.

“Whoa, I’m so glad they shut up!” Andrea rolled her eyes.

“I know, it’s like half the school needs singing lessons!” Maria shouted over the noise.

Andrea turned her head and saw a familiar face. Lee was making his way over to where she and her friends sat at. Oh no, moaned Andrea. Did he have to come at this time? She saw Tony beat Dean.

The other boys, Pete and Josh giving him high fives and sticking out their chests to the crowd. Other racers started their challenges.

Does he see me? She thought. It seemed to her that he looked directly at her. He acknowledged it by waving at her. She briefly waved back.

“Who the hell is that Andrea waving at?” Tony asked Josh and Pete after they finished their macho dance to the crowd.

“I don’t know, man. Looks like another guy,” Josh said.

“Dude looks familiar. I’ve seen him somewhere before,” Pete comments.

The three boys continued to look up at the stand.

Lee sat right next to Andrea. She exchanged glances with the other girls. She saw Maria try to stifle a smirk. Shannon looked impressed. Andrea didn’t see Rebbie anywhere. The last she saw of her she was down on the track with the other boys.

“What’s up?” Lee greeted Andrea.

“Hi, what brings you by here?” Andrea replied.

“The tradition. This drag-race has been going on for years. I heard y’all already sang the theme.”

“Yeah, oh I almost forgot. Lee, these are my friends Maria Lopez and Shannon Robinson. And girls, this is Lee Robertson,” Andrea introduced them.

They nodded.

“Sooo, you’re the new friend?” Maria teased.

Andrea shot her a dirty look. Shannon threw back her hair. Andrea saw she had a bewildered look on her face.

“Yeah, that’s right. I used to come to this tradition every year. You know, people from other schools came to celebrate too,” Lee explained.

Did you have to come tonight too with my boyfriend and his friends giving us dirty looks down there? Andrea thought with a sigh. I just hope Tony doesn’t start shit. He’s already looking like he wants to go upside Lee’s head, Andrea thought worriedly.

She saw Tony, Josh, and Pete clustered around some more boys, she knew their faces around school but not their names. They all gave quick looks at the middle of the bleachers as they talk among themselves. Andrea saw two more figures coming toward them.

She jumped when she saw Rebbie holding hands with Shannon’s brother Cody. Rebbie was kissing him all over his face. Cody’s face was red as a tomato. He looked embarrassed and enjoying the attention at the same time.

Shannon looked at the two in surprise. Cody and Rebbie sat down near them. Andrea looked back down at the stand to see the other boys below smirking and laughing. Other students around them, it seemed everybody there was looking dumbfounded.

They couldn’t believe a gorgeous and popular girl like Rebbie could show any interest in a plain face nerd like Cody.

“What’s going on here?” Shannon asked, after looking like she stopped breathing for a moment.

“Cody and I are seeing each other,” Rebbie answered.

Shannon instantly looked disappointed and slightly upset.

“Cody, what’s up? You didn’t tell me you and Rebbie had gotten together, I mean it seems kind of sudden.”

“I-I was going to tell you, Shannon.”

“How long you two been dating?”

To Andrea, Shannon did not seem to like the arrangement at all.

“Only a few days now. I ask for his number a couple of days ago and we hit it off like that,” Rebbie told her.

“I’ll be right back,” Shannon announced, getting up quickly.

“Where are you going, Shannon?” Andrea called out to her.

Shannon turned toward her with a brief scowl on her face but she immediately brightened but not before Andrea caught the previous expression.

“I’m going to the restroom, I’ll be right back.”

Andrea gave Rebbie a dirty look as if to say, “Now, see what you guys did!”

Lee looked at Andrea. “What happened?”

“Uh, nothing really.”

“Cody, you wanna walk around for a while?” Rebbie sweetly suggested.

“Sure, why not.”

Rebbie reached for his hand as they walked down the stand. Maria shrugged her shoulders.

“Maria, why don’t you go and check on Shannon, ya know to see if she is all right,” Andrea suggested.

“Uh sure,” Maria gave Andrea a quizzical look.

Andrea gave her another look as if to say silently, While I get rid of Lee before Tony makes a fool of himself!

Maria walked off.

“I just dropped by to see how you were doing, Andrea.”

“Thanks, Lee. Next time, can you call me in advance before you come?”

“Sure, I’m sorry. Is that your boyfriend down there giving us looks?”

They both looked down to see Tony and his friends giving them looks every ten seconds. Just as Andrea was counting down the time it would take Tony to run up to them, he instantly broke into a jog.

“Uh-oh. Maybe you should go, Lee.”

“What and miss the show. I’m not scared of some little high school boys,” he laughed.

Tony sat on the other side of Andrea. Josh and Pete remained at the bottom. I’m surprised he didn’t bring his friends, Andrea thought.

“What’s going on up here?” Tony asked.

“Nothing,” Andrea replied, looking tense.

Lee shot Tony a quick look and then stared straight ahead.

“It sure doesn’t look like nothing. Man, are you trying to come on to my girl?”

Lee looked at Tony again. “Excuse me,” he replied coolly and smoothly.

“You heard me. I didn’t stutter.”

“Shut up, all right,” Andrea snapped at Tony.

“Nah, you don’t tell me what to do.”

“Hey, Lee, can you come here?” Another voice yelled.

Lee looked up. He got up quickly and turned toward Andrea.

“I’ma have to leave. Someone wants to see me,” Lee told her.


Andrea saw that the voice belonged to a college-age guy who strongly resembled Lee. He was tall, broad-shouldered and had closely cropped, dark hair.

“That’s my brother. I’ll see you later.”

“We’ll see about that,” Tony continued to taunt.

Lee ignored him and walked toward his brother.

“What the hell is the matter with you?!” Andrea scolded Tony.

“What’s the matter is you cheating behind my back!”

“I never cheated on you.”

“So why were you and that guy all bunch up together then?”

“We weren’t. We are only friends.”

“Yeah right.” Tony got up.

“Where are you headed to?” Andrea asked him.

But before he could answer, Maria came back running toward them. “Guys, Shannon drove off!” Maria breathlessly panted.

“Why she do that?” Andrea looked puzzled.

Tony was interested too. “She went home?” he wanted to know.

“I don’t know. When I went to see how she was doing in the restroom, she was crying. She saw me and took off running to her car. I called out to her but she only told me she was tired and was going away for a minute. That was about fifteen minutes ago.”

“I’ll tell you why she’s upset. She’s pissed about that prank you pulled on her brother,” Andrea stated.

Tony rolled his eyes.

“She knows, like anybody, that all of a sudden a girl like Rebbie being interested in her brother is strange and has got to be a joke,” she finished.

Pete and Josh walked up to them.

“Hey, Andrea, who was blondie?!” Josh joked.

Andrea only smirked at him.

“Yeah, that’s what I want to know. You were interested in that?”

Andrea didn’t answer them.

Maria spoke up. “Leave Andie alone. She knows what she wants to do.”

“Thank you, Maria. Tell them. I have to go home. It’s getting late.”

“You off to plan a date with that guy?” Tony snapped.

Andrea only looked at him for a long moment then said, “We’ll talk later tonight, Tony. Bye, everyone.”

Andrea walked away from them with Maria by her side.

“Damn, girl, you are walking fast! Slow down, honey!” Maria remarked.

“I’m in a hurry. I am ready to leave. I mean all this drama tonight. The drag-racing. We must have seen twenty rides, singing, dancing, loud music, arguments, pranks, ugh!” Andrea sighed in disgust.

“I’m with you right there.”

The two girls walked to Andrea’s car. A couple of tough-looking guys nodded their way. Andrea and Maria’s eyes lingered on them for a second as they reached the car.

“What you think Rebbie and the guys have planned for Cody?” Maria asked her.

“I really don’t know. Who knows?” Andrea sighed again.

They got into the car. Andrea speeded from town to town. She dropped Maria off at her place. They said goodbye. Andrea took off for her own place. She parked her ride in the garage. She ran up to her dark room, kicked off her shoes and bopped down fully dressed, instantaneously going to sleep.


Shit, I got the worst headache! It looks like I’ma have to kill again and again! I typed in the blog online. The Murders of Summerville, hmm I like it. These assholes never get it. First, in the town of Bates Hodges in Louisiana. Now, here in Arkansas.

How dare they treat me that way! Cruel to me for no apparent reason! How dare they all mess with me that way! The bastards! Brittany, Kelse, Danny, Robert, what jerks they were!

I stepped away from the PC for a minute to down an Aleve tablet with water. Then return back to the digital diary. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, they think I’m crazy. I’ll show them!

The police will never catch me. I’m too good for them. Just wait until they get my threats. Then they’ll be willing to give me money and everything else they own to spare their lives.

But I won’t accept it. I already have what they have. There comes a time in everyone’s lives that valuables will not be worth it and they can’t save you. I sighed sadly. I thought for a moment before continuing on. The phone interrupted my pace. Argh!

“Hello...yeah, hold on for a second baby...” I logged out of the journal. “I’m back sweetie... I know...I love you too...Right now...I’m busy babe. Very very busy... I do want to make love to you...OK, just give me a second and I’ll let you come over... You can come now...” I hung up the phone and began to shut down the computer. This is for my eyes only.

No one can see this until it is ready, I thought. Oh, sweetheart, sometimes you just have to call me at the last minute, now I got to get the place ready for you. My iPhone rang loudly, playing Dirty Vegas’s “Days Go By.”

I picked up the container labeled victims’ jewelry and move it to the bottom of the file cabinet. Oh, crap, now who the hell is this? I groaned and saw the word brother on the screen display.


“Michael, when are you gonna stop getting into trouble?!” Lee scolded his brother.

“Look, why are you snapping at me for! I came to get your advice!” Michael yelled back. “I’m in serious trouble, Lee. I don’t need an ‘I told you so’ lecture right now. And by the way, who can you talk about? I’m not the one messing around with a seventeen-year-old girl! You can simply get fried for jail-bait, man.”

“I like her a lot. The law says she’s old enough to give consent. And don’t turn the tables on me, kiddo. You are the one asking for my advice here, remember?” Lee got back at him.

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