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A Convincing Case

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A short but convincing request for help.

Horror / Mystery
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A Convincing Case

Did you know that mathematics is the foundation of life?

Throughout the ages, man has competed with one another. But they have not killed just on the battlefield for the tangible fruits of this earth like precious metals or resources. They have battled too for our souls, our minds, our obedience. Because of course without those, how can they convince us to wage war on one another. This has been the paradigm of the struggle the human race wages on itself and on it’s host, Mother Earth. From the drowning of witches to the religious wars waged in Europe in the 16th, 17th and 18th century, to even the industrial revolution and the religion that is science, mankind has waged war on it’s soul for the control what it can feel, see, smell and most importantly, eat.

But mathematics has been winning of late. Or should I say science, the religion of science. Complexity Theory lies at the basis of scientific theory, along with Chaos Theory. Complexity Theory explains to us the unpredictability of our world, but it also tells us the world is explained by order constraining rules. Is this a paradox? Not at all. The popular screen saver called Life is based on order constraining rules, and yet it produces an apparently unpredictable ever changing image. Mathematics and science have brought us nuclear weapons and the potential for mutual destruction. They have brought advances in medical technology. They have brought us global warming. They have brought us the internet and social media.
Their foe is on the retreat. Younger generations now reject the paradigm of a higher being, religions and the power they hold over populations are on the wane. Younger generations now worship at a different alter. Normative moral relativism tells us no one is truly right or wrong now, we must tolerate and understand. We may not agree, but we must not condemn.
And I and you,, you and I, we are a product of this battle. You are reading this now, having accessed it from the internet. You are reading this now on a portable electronic device most likely. Mathematics is not only winning, it’s facilitating the propagation of the message that it is winning. I have embraced it just as you do now.
I understand now my nature. I understand now why I have the urges I do. I understand where my hunger comes from. I am a byproduct of the butterfly who flicks their wings in the Amazonian jungle. Have I got your attention? Do you agree? Have I convinced you? Then you must read on. Because my needs arise from something so minute, so innocent. They are neither right or wrong. You must not condemn, you cannot condemn.
My needs are real, visceral in every sense of the words. They don’t come from Darwinian elements. My canine incisors do come from there, but my desires for their use come from somewhere else. Somewhere chaotic but rules based. Will you embrace your desires with me?
Will you allow me to feed?
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