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The Witch

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Alex Gradan comes home with his two younger siblings, They run away from their strict and Evil Dad who knows nothing but to humiliate him. Aftee being tired of his Cruelty, He decided to go back to the place where their mother raised them. To a place where his Nightmares will come to life... He'll meet most of his childhood friends with their crimes slowly unfolding death after death. brutal killings and madness was caused by a witch who's rage is far more immeasurable and to stop this witch there is only one thing that alex can do... He must find her.

Horror / Romance
Azean Sky
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"Are we going to bring teddy with us?"

My Six years old sister asked me while packing her things. It's not that much but she owns a bunch of Fluppy teddy bears.

She loves them all that's why weren't allowed to leave one of them---I have no choice then...but to bring all of those chubby bears.

we'll leave it or my sister will hate me for the rest of her fancy childhood life.

I blew out a deep breath before giving her my weak smile.

"You can bring them all." because I have no choice.

she cheered and began packing her things while I help her to make the whole process a lot more easier. I don't wanna spend another night in this Hell.

I would rather raised my siblings to that old province than to stay with that sick bastard. He may be our father but ever since the day my mom died---He became no one to my life.

he's no longer the man whom I looked up, I despise him for hurting me and my siblings, For taking away our own freedom and for making us feel that we're unvaluable.

He's not a good nor quite good father because as a matter of fact he never sees himself as a father.

for him, He's just an old man who loves making money, Traveling aroung the world and whoring with his mistresses.

"You have only one bag, Is it enough for you?"

I stop packing Jane's things and sigh.

I don't really have enough clothes to wear because I only bought one whenever I can't no longer wear the other my favorite one.

I guess i have only six shirts and four Polos with three Shorts and pants. My boxers and Underwear are not included. Which is by the way I have five pairs.

Yes, We're wealthy but we're not part of that wealth. That's just for my father and his women.

a lots of women...

I'm not even shock when I heard the news that we have Six more siblings to different women.

"Did you already packed your things avril?" I asked the middle child who's temper is bad as mine.

She rolled her eyes and walk towards to Jane who's possessively hugging her favorite bear.

"I just finished mine last night and here you are still packing her things."

she lazily said , kneeling down besides our little sister who's now looking at her bags with amusement plastered on her chubby face.

Maybe she's glad that all her chubbys will be with us.

but I hope she understand the things about extra baggages...and the perks of bringing them all cause i have enough.

after making sure that everything is okay and we're ready to leave. I leave a heart melting letter to our dear father.

I hope he'll be fine after his trip in Vegas and I hope that he'll comes across to a madman and snatch his wallet away so that he'll experience to walk with nothing in the middle of the night.

I blow out an air before walking out to the house where i spend 10 years of being a battered son. My memories here are bullshits but hey at least we have a wifi and phone to ease the hell like atmosphere.

"Ready for the long trip guys?" i asked my younger siblings which they Happily replied with an energetic "Yeah!"

Looks like I'm not the only one who's tired on living in this place.

Maybe we'll find a better life on that province...After all that place is where my mom raised me and Avril.

I just don't know why she choose to leave that place and love with that sickening bastard.

Maybe if she consider living on that place, Maybe things get better...or maybe she's still alive.

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