The start of the ending

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Chapter 1: The beginning


"Alright class, stay calm it's just a flat tire I'm sure." Mr. Nash says as he stands at the front of the rows instructing everyone to grab their bags from the shelves above our seats. "We could go to the near by motel and stay there while we get this fixed" he suggested. After we grabbed our bags we went to 'Treehouse motel' and he assigned us groups of 6. "Rain, Lindsey, Chase, Brent, Gianna, Benjamin you guys are a group." He says. I smile slightly at him and went to grab the rooms keys. After grabbing the keys, our silent group went up to our room. "Give me the keys I'll open it." Brent, the muscular brunette says. I nod and hand him over the rusted key. When we enter the room a strange odor greets us as we walk in. "Rain you are new right?" Gianna the skinny girl with dark hair asks. "Guilty" I smile and walk to one of the three rooms. Gianna follows. "Why did you move to maine?" She asks. Jesus she is curious. "Moms job" I shrug and I lay my light blue bag down. "Oh well I moved here three years ago. It will take getting used to." She nods and sets her bright pink bag down. Since we were done talking, I walk to the cabinet in the kitchen to see if they have Odo-Ban spray to spray my bag down with. Unfortunately, they had none. I spun around and let out a loud scream. "Brent, sorry" I sigh and walk past him. "Rain wait." He stops me by pressing on my wrist. "Stop" I walk quickly away from him. From the person I used to be. I hated Brent. I hated Maine. I hated heartbreak.
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