The start of the ending

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The morning


I woke up at about 6am and did some extra credit homework. Now, I am sitting in the living room looking at pictures of Rain on Instagram. I'm not a stalker. She moved here three years ago but just moved into the High school. I look up and see Rain looking for some food in the cabinets. "Do you have any food?" She asked looking at me. "I think I have some cereal in my bag" I tell her. She nods and walks away taking my bag with her. Her six month bump was now very noticable. Yes, I was a father to an unborn baby girl. Rain hates me for impregnating her so were pretty much not on great terms. I get up and walk to Rain. "Rain." She looks up and frowns putting her hand on her stomach. "Mr.Nash hasn't come to check." "Its 6AM nobody us awake." She looks over at sleeping Gianna and her frown deepens. "I'm still hungry." She growls and walks back to the large kitchen.
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