The start of the ending

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All awake-or not


It is now 10AM and my whole group and I are awake. Gianna and Lindsey are looking at magazines while Chase, Brent, and Benjamin are on their fully charged phones. I however, I am on my laptop looking at reported "zombie attacks." Brent comes over to me and smiles. God I love him. "I'm sorry I know it's tough but I'm going to be there for you no matter what" he expresses placing his hand on my bump. "Why isn't the teacher here to get us?" I asked removing his hand. "I dont know maybe we should go see?" He asked. Lindsey, who I have not talked to yet came up to us and showed a shy smile. "Gianna wants to know the gender if that's okay with you to let her know." This girl had a problem with wording things. "Its a girl." I already picked her name and I dont give a fuck what Brent thinks about it. "What is her name if you know?" I smile because she obviously has anxiety. "Sienna." She smiles and Gianna claps. "If you dont mind me asking is Brent the father. You dont have to answer I'm just curious" she shyly explains. "Yes." "Your so lucky! I mean look at him!" She excitedly says. I shrug and walk towards to door. "Anyone coming? I'm looking for Mr. Nash."
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