Fatal Screams

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This is a story about a girl named Marnie . one day she falls asleep on the bus. And wakes up and everyone is gone the bus is stopped and no one is around but she hears a blood curdling scream in a nearby forest but there lurks a creature thirsty for blood. Maybe with some luck she will make it out alive.

Horror / Adventure
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Chapter one

Beep...Beep...Beep. It was Monday morning Marnies mom bursed threw the door urging her to get up. Apparently Marnie slep threw her alarm 5 times. Marnie started to argue saying that she just heard it. then her mom argued back and said that it was 6:27 and that the bus to pick her up will be here in like 10 minutes. WHAT Marnie yelled she checked her phone at that exact moment it turned 6:28. Marnie practecly jumped out of bed. She ran to her closet to get ready. At that moment her mom just rolled her eyes and walked out closing Marnies door behind her. Marnie started to rush she threw off her pajamas and put on her school uniform. Her school uniform was black nylons with a red skirt and black embroidery and a black top with deep red cuffs and deep red bottons. When she was done changing she threw her long dirty blonde hair in a loose ponytail then ran downstairs for breakfast. By that time she only had 3 minutes left to eat so she just had a yogurt. While her younger brother caleb had froot loops and milk. Caleb was 7 and went to the elementary school across town so he was drivin to school every day. Her mom was nice enough to pack Marnies lunch so Marnie thanked her mom then ran out the door. Marnie was just in time for the bus. Then when she got on she sat down. But to her suprise Andrew was in the seat next to her. See Andrew is a complete jerk to Marnie doesent matter how well she dresses he always finds a way to make fun of her. Andrew is a year older then Marnie but marnie is 1 year more mature then Andrew. Anyways this tims Andrew had the "awesome" insult of (HeY NErD). But this time Marnie also had an insult her insult was (Aho baka yarou). That means stupid idiot in japaneese. But he thought it was a compliment. So Marnie just smirked, rolled her eyes then turned to the window. Marnie closed her eyes and after a little bit she started to drift off into a nap. By the time she woke up she was no longer in a familiar setting. She couldent identifi where she was but she was alone she was vulnerable. Moments later she heard a blood curdleing scream. The screan came from a dingy looking forest in the middle of nowhere. Yet again Marnie heard a another blood curdling scream. The scream sounded like a child without comfort a child without love and warmth. A child lost in sadness and darkness. It dawned on Marnie that she should give the comfort, love and warmth that the child deserved. No child should live in darkness and sadness. That only leads to depression. Marnie stood up and went to the front of the bus leaving her lunch behind her. She dident feel hungery anyways. She just stood at the front of the bus. Still hearing screams of hurt and sadness. After a while she finealy found the courage to find whatever was in the forest. She dident know what she whould find. Good or bad she was determined to figure out what or who was in pain
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