The most wonderful summer ever

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Max is a shy boy he does not talk much he lives with his mom and baby brother Jack til one summer when Max's life changes forever

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Max's Pov

Hi my name name is Max I am 16 years old I live with my mom and my little brother Jack he is ten years old so a few things you should know about me my dad dead when I was ten in a car crash some idiot on his phone and was not watching where he was going I am also very shy I only talk to my mom and Jack my mom is sweet and loving but she can be a demon if you hurt me or my brother my brother is funny likes to talk a lot and is very happy so today I start school and I am nervous. "Hey are you new here if you are then hi my name is Teddy and welcome"said Teddy. "Hi my name is Max"I say. "Hi Max don't worry if you need anything just ask"said Teddy. "Thanks I will"I say. I think I am going to be fine here I hope so.
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