My Experiment

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Alice Smith is a lonely billionaire who owns plenty company. In the eyes of everyone, she is the sweetest person but behind closed doors, she is a predator that takes anyone she lays her eyes, abduct them and experiment on them. She said she's bored but what happens when someone comes into her life?

Horror / Erotica
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Alice smiled to herself when she saw another helpless child to save. From a distance, she looked 18-19, naïve, and was either kicked out by her step-father or she ran away from home. Alice then plastered on a caring face and put on a caring act. She walked over to her. “Hey sweetheart”, she said, “What is your name? What are you doing out here all by yourself? Where are your parents?”. Surprised the girl looked up. “My name is Gina and my step-father kicked me out of the house”, the girl sniffled, “and I have nowhere else to go”. “Just as I expected”, Alice thought to herself. “Hey, how about I take you somewhere to eat and then we decide where to go next?”, she suggested. “O-okay, Miss”, Gina said. “No miss anything, call me Alice”, Alice said. Just like that she thought, way too easy. “I know a place that sells awesome burgers, let’s just take my vehicle”, Alice said.

They went into a café which was usually empty at night. She ordered Gina a burger with a coke and fries. She watched her ate hungrily. When she was finished, Alice told her that she would take her to a hotel for the night and then in the morning, she would take her somewhere ‘safe’. Just like the fool, naïve girl she is, she believed me.

“Thank you very much Alice”, exclaimed Gina while we were on our way to the hotel. “No problem, if we females don’t help each other out, then who will?”, Alice chuckled. “So where is this hotel anyways?”, Gina asked. “It’s around”, Alice replied, “if you look on your right, you will see it”. “I don’t see iiiittt”, Gina gasped, “wha-at did you dooo?”. “Nothing much”, Alice replied, “I just gave you a serum that not only makes you knock out for a day but it also messes with your memory a little bit”. Then Gina collapsed.

“Okay, good. Now you’re asleep”, Alice said as she stopped the car to the side of the road. Alice then carried her to the back seat of the car and stripped her naked. She laid her down on the seat, spread her legs as far as it could, and stuck her finger in Gina's pussy. “Ah, just what I need, a tight fresh pussy”, Alice laughed to herself, “now to carry out my experiment”.

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